Full Throttle at October 2023 International Program!


Dearest Community,

What an amazing couple of days it’s been! We are four days into our October programs and so much magick has already happened.  We are feeling ready to expand our awareness and learn even more with Ritual Master Novice initiation tonight, and Ritual Master Apprentice not far behind. Healer’s Academy is beginning today, and we have a full house!

We have shared below juuuuust a bit of the magick via stories and testimonies from our students live at programs, whose lives are transforming before their eyes! Have a peep at all the smiley happy faces below.

Don’t forget about Chi Do tonight with one of our German guides, Philipp Schardt– join us via the link below.

 Modern Mystery School UK & EU Team


Currently Gathering in the Lovely City of London!

Magickal Programs Will Go Out With a Bang at the Samhain Community Event


Our tri-annual international program is currently happening in London and we are thrilled to welcome so many friendly faces from all over the world to our city.  So much has happened with three big classes and Professional Integration Day already in the books, but rather than hearing it from us – see what those who attended have to say about their experiences below.

We must also humbly but very excitedly announce that we hosted our biggest Professional Integration Day in Europe ever this year with Life Activation Practitioners honing their skills and honouring their brethren with another Life Activation. 

As the Light weaves its magick, we witness before our eyes their knowledge, empowerment, light, momentum, insight, love and compassion grow.

On the final day of our programs, we’ll come together to celebrate Samhain, a turn of the Wiccan wheel when the last harvest is picked, the summertime ends and we head into a season of new beginnings and creating a foundation for the light to flow in our lives. Please join us for this event and bring your family, your friends and your colleagues- everyone is welcome! We will be coming off of a long and magickal program, and we can end beautifully with a deep night of celebration and healing. Let’s share the light that we will have created in these coming weeks and spread it into the world!


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“While we were meditating, I saw a vision. The next day in class Ipsissima Divina Theresa spoke about what I saw in the meditation! This class is very different from other classes, it’s super important to do Galactic Activation! If you want a higher frequency and grounding, you should do this! I feel like the activation is protecting my physical body. “

–Alexia Melina Jenschke, Germany

We had the biggest ever gathering of Life Activation Practitioners ever in the city of London for Professional Integration Day!

Professional Integration Day is a crucial (not to mention fun) day of honing our skills in the Life Activation! Practitioners from around the world traveled to the UK to recertify as practitioners who offer this sacred tool. They create magick together, see old friends and make new ones, too!

How to Live a Hermetic Life kicked off the October international program with three fundamental and many additional keys to living a joyful life in accordance with Hermetic principles.

This class was a hit, with students reflecting that they feel more focused and clear about how to continue growing into “Know Thyself”: 

“There was a lot to take away from this class. So many different keys are handed down. Something that stood out for me is that time is so important and we should not waste it. If you are thinking about taking this class, just take it. It is so insightful. Sovereign Ipsissimus Dave is such an exceptional teacher. I can take away his teachings and apply it to my life in my role as a leader, father or husband.”

–Erik Thomas, Norway

“Why am I doing this Hermetic Class? I’m doing it to expand my toolbox and to better myself so that I can stand in better service to my clients. I have tried many paths but the tools of the Modern Mystery School is different and powerful. I always return to this path because of the effectiveness and the potency of the tools on this path.”

–Jessica Putsman, Life Activation Practitioner

After learning foundational Hermetic keys to life, Sovereign Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon expanded on communication. Hermetic Communication of the Divine Masculine and Feminine is truly one of the most exciting classes to be offered in the Modern Mystery School. In the class, Sovereign Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon hands down keys about masculine and feminine energies, how they interact and how we can operate in the world to ensure best communication practices.

Please see these rave reviews from students who attended this class:

“This class was so amazing! Really amazing! It is so important to do everything we do in life with joy! And more consciously! You learn about things you think you already know, but you learn it from a different angle, with different insight! And you start to see things how it really is after the classes! 

If you come to this class your life will be easier. Your relationships will be better. You understand your friends, family everything better. Even though I used to be a very emotional person from childhood, I have learned that emotion does not have to drive us. “

–Ruxandra Serban, Romanian living in Paris


“The class made me reflect on my experiences with the masculine and feminine energies of my past and how I misunderstood things. It showed me what is more important for men to take care of and how to help woman. I learned that it is okay to sometimes disagree about some things in a relationship. If the path for us is getting to know ourselves, it is critical for us to understand the different energies behind our world. It is important to understand the feminine energies and ourselves in relation to this powerful energy. “

–Paul Gabor, Romania

Sovereign Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon is not only an incredibly gifted teacher and leader, he now can add “double author” to his impressive list of accomplishments. He has recently published two extremely insightful books, “You are Not Perfect the Way You Are: 12 Keys to Self-Mastery”, and “Principles for the Warrior of Light”, which give us deep opportunities for introspection and growth of self-knowledge.

His writing style is true to his character: practical, to the point and most of all: UPLIFTING! 

If you get the opportunity to get your hands on a copy of his books, do not miss it. You will not regret it!



Tonight @ 7:30pm (London GMT+1) | Online Moving Meditation – Chi-Do

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