The Magick of Life Through Wicca

An Introduction to Wicca

There is a great deal of misconception surrounding the term “Wicca” or “Witchcraft” — an innate form of magick that exists in all cultures all over the world. We invite you to learn more about this powerful magick!

It is truly something that we can all connect to in some way, as it is about the magickal experience of life, the cycles of the earth, plants, animals, the sun, the moon and us as humans.
Magick is transformation and the MMS lineage teachings of Wicca provides the practical and experiential knowledge that can help you manifest and change your life!

Gaia Awakening Series: A Five-Part Series in Elemental Magick!

Earth Energy


Ground into the Element of Earth to create stability, manifestation and abundance in your life!

Working with the creative powers of this ancient craft, you too can learn to work with the magick of herbs and crystals, harnessing these gifts of the earth and directing their energy towards your goals and desires!

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Awaken the element of Water in your life to cleanse emotions and tap into the Universal flow!

The power of water can bring healing, cleansing, clarity and flow to your life! Working with this ancient craft in the Wiccan tradition, you too can harness the potent magick of water to accomplish your goals and desires!



Awaken the element of air in your life and expand your consciousness!

The power of Air has been known to lift spirits and raise vibratory frequencies through the power of scent and smoke. Essential oils hold the mysteries of the earth in their sweet fragrance, and help us to unlock psychic energies within us. While burning distinctive herbs and resins as “smudging” or “censing” is an ancient and potent way of purifying and healing oneself.

Learn more about working with essential oils, herbs and resins in the Wiccan tradition and create Air magick in your life!



Awaken the element of fire and ignite your passion!
Fire has been integral part of spiritual ceremony since the very beginning. It is considered the highest vibrational earthy element and it’s presence in our lives is vital our passion, motivation and creativity.

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The source of all, the sacred essence of life, the true power of creation!

*Must have completed Earth, Water, Air & Fire Awakening classes before attending Spirit Awakening.

Spirit Awakening is a culmination of working with all the elements, adding the 5th and most vital element: Spirit. In this workshop you are taught the sacred art of working with the cauldron. Ideal for those who plan to pursue their magickal studies either as a solitary practitioner or who plan to join a coven and progress through priest/priestess initiations. This course is a minimum requirement for being a part of the MMS Wicca Coven.

Wicca Priest and Priestess Initiations

For those who desire to take their magickal abilities to the next level and in turn serve others through ritual and ceremony.

Must have completed entire Gaia Awakening Series and be an active member of the MMS Wicca Coven. Serious applicants only. For more information, contact Modern Mystery School.

**Please note that this is a baseline price based on an international index and does not include taxes. Individual practitioners may charge more for this service.

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