Free introduction presentation: Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah.


Free introduction presentation: Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah. with Ipsissima Theresa and Martina Coogan

Learn about the pattern of manifestation that comes from the Divine. Initiates have been using the Tree of Life for millennia to harness their full potential and effectively manifest, whilst removing what blocks us from embodying our Divinity. Through this powerful ascension process we are reminded how to live life alive, to live in Joy, and to break habits/triggers from old programming that stop us from achieving OUR greatness.

Higher initiates have used this accession process for thousands of years to help them accomplish the Great Work and to ‘Know Thyself’. Is this you ?

If you are curious to hear more about this 10 month journey that will start in Dec in the UK, then come join Ipsissima Theresa (Ipsissimus of Kabbalah) and Martina Coogan (Senior Kabbalah teacher) to find out more and delve deeper into what Kabbalah can do for you.

They will cover just what this 10 month accession process entails and how it benefits your life, as well as the way in which this journey and community can aid you in your quest of the Great Work.

Watch the video interview below or follow our podcast.

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