Is the TREE Calling You? … and LAST CALL for Samhain themed Full Moon Meditation Tonight



Dearest Community,

We are super excited to see you for our Samhain themed Full Moon Meditation tonight in London – please note the correction – DOORS open at 7pm and our event ends at 9.30pm. See updated information below!

Today is the final day of our October Modern Mystery School International Programs in London, which have been aligning us to movement and the flow of growth, with an increased directed movement towards joy!

Below we have included photos of our International Programs and also an invitation to join the Tree of Life to study The Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah Ascension program. Alternatively, for seasoned Kabbalists, you can join The Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah for Kabbalists program.

To celebrate the closing of this incredible and jam-packed program, we have a special Samhain themed Full Moon Meditation TONIGHT Wednesday 25 October in London at The Columbia Hotel. We are feeling the magick of Samhain in the air!.

Below we have some words from our Wiccan Plate Holder for the UK & Europe, Martina Coogan, shedding light on the significance of this time of the year!

Last but not least, please join us for Chi-Do tonight if you are not local to London. You can join via the link at the bottom of this email.

Love & light (seriously!),

 Modern Mystery School UK & EU Team


The power of Kabbalah to create anew!


The foundation of so many world teachings refers to and rests upon something called THE TREE OF LIFE.

Wherever you look, you see this reference: it is integrated into the symbolism and studies of so many cultures, religions and Shamanic traditions. It is the Tree of Life. The Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah distills the essence of the teachings so you can utilise core teachings and apply them to a transformed inner and outer life.

More than ever before we need change in our world. The good news for you is that global change is forged by one person changing at a time. This could be you!

Both for first time tree climbers on the The Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah Ascension Program and in the advanced Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah for Kabbalists Program, a group ascension process will attune your structure to meet a higher version of you, then materialise this ‘you’ into the physical. 

Through Kabbalah, you will see your life shift to one where you can experience inner changes reflected in your outer life. The group ascension additionally affects everyone around you while you make huge changes within, so that you all grow and transform together.

This program has not come around since 2021, so be sure to be a part of the union of Europe and the UK happening with this tree while you can. If you can feel the Tree calling you, answer its call! (This program will not be offered locally in your area in Europe, so this is your chance!)

Click on the links below to learn more information about both of these 10-month training programs. These ascensions are a spiritual and alchemical transformation that will change your life forever, allowing you to come into awareness of our divine nature and therefore coming into a deeper connection with God.


I’m a first-time Kabbalist  

I’m a seasoned Kabbalist


End of Program Celebration with a Samhain themed Full Moon Meditation!

Celebrate the Turning of the Wheel


Tonight offers you an opportunity to reach beyond the veil in a seriously magickal evening! 

Wiccan High Priestess and Wiccan Plate Holder for the UK & EU Martina Coogan shares an insider look into the magick of this evening: 

We’re here in a very auspicious time of the year. We’re about to turn the wheel, and this time of the year we are entering a time of the year called Samhain, where the veils get very, very thin. We’re here in the physical today, but we have an ancestral DNA and our ancestors were here before us, so this time where the veil is thin is one where our ancestors get to come and look at us, be with us, and ‘touch us’ in a way. The thin veils allow our ancestors to enter into this realm that we have the privilege of being in: the physical.

We have the light of a very powerful moon coming in, and as a community we are coming together to give thanks and recognize the light within. It’s the final harvest of the year, so we give thanks for the year and set our intention for the season ahead and in a way, for the new year.

We’re going to go into stillness and quietness with the light we have within us. We will share the foods we have gathered. So we’re very excited to do this in a ceremonial way. We will have an opportunity to give thanks, to release, and to share light with gratitude for those who came before us and, at the same time, set our intention for the season ahead and for all the times that we will have moments to share the goodness of our lives with those we love throughout the winter to come.

Tonight, we will come together to celebrate the Full Moon and look at Samhain, a turn of the Wiccan wheel when the last harvest is picked, the summertime ends and we head into a season of new beginnings and creating a foundation for the light to flow within in our lives.

Please join us for this event and bring your family, your friends and your colleagues – everyone is welcome! We will be coming off of a long and magickal program, and we can end beautifully with a deep night of celebration and healing. Let’s share the light that we will have created in these coming weeks and spread it into the world!

Doors open: 7pm Wednesday 25 October 2023

Ceremony ends 9.30pm

Energy Exchange: £25 in advance (pay on link below) or £30 at the door. Free for children under 12.

Location: Live Room (Ground Floor past the restuarant), Columbia Hotel, 95-99 Lancaster Gate, London W2 3NS

Click on the link to reserve your spot

I have to go to Full Moon Meditation now!

New Wands at the Ready!


Self-Healing is such an important part of our contract here on earth. Life is full of challenges, but what we choose to do with them shows our true potential. As the famous Maya Angelou once said,

“As soon as healing takes place, go out and heal somebody else.”

A magickal and sacred, heart-filled week of Healer’s Academy has just come to a close, and we were so honoured to send dozens of new Life Activation Practitioners out into the world to light it up, one Life Activation at a time.

Congratulations, new Life Activation Practitioners!

We are delighted to share this mission with such beautiful souls!

New Warriors on the Path for the Light



This past week, we celebrated the first and second step Ritual Master initiation several dedicated lightworkers, who have taken their next steps forward to serve humanity on a global scale! 

The Ritual Master path is the path of the warrior – the warrior of light! These are people who choose to stand up against negativity in the world. It is a path of magick, knowledge and strength. For centuries, people served on this path behind closed doors, which has changed since one of the 7 Ancient Mystery Schools (that’s us!) opened their doors to the public. Now, every year we have more and more Warriors for the Light.

Are you curious to find out more about how you can serve humanity on a bigger scale? Contact us for more information!

Need some money, honey?

We’ve been keeping a huge surprise under wraps … not only do we have Kabbalah coming to London in December, we also have:

If you want to understand the energy of money and how to flow this in your life, this is your class! More info will follow next week, but grab your seat while you can as this class is OPEN TO ALL!

For those looking to take their next steps as Life Activation Practitioners and Ritual Masters, we have some more classes in December:




Tonight @ 7:30pm (London GMT+1) | Online Moving Meditation – Chi-Do

Link to join us online:

Password : peace

Calculate the time for Chi Do in your time zone here

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