The Final Step

The Guide initiation is the highest initiation in the Modern Mystery School lineage and tradition. It is the final initiation along the path of the Healer and perhaps the most difficult because of the immensity of the responsibility of a Guide. It requires continual and constant service, 100 per cent of the time, always seeing the Light in others. While we can understand this conceptually, the Guide must have the courage to act and live this principle for the whole of their life.

The Guide initiation is a high honour that is not to be taken lightly. A Guide accepts the contract with God to perpetuate the Great Work through the administration of the Light to those who seek it through the path of initiation.

It requires the utmost commitment as Guides are in service to God and the Hierarchy of Light to serve the student, help them to grow spiritually. As the Guide is given the authority and power to initiate Adepts through the Empower Thyself program.

A Guide conducts his or her life to the highest standards, lives in alignment and in integrity with the path, leading a good example for those seeking truth and enlightenment through the path of initiation.

They are here to provide guidance on the life journey of others, while still being mindful and respecting the agency of free will as part of the life experience. While a Guide can point the way, it is always up to the individual to ultimate decide what path to take.

Guides are continually called to do their own self-work to expand and better themselves, and to carry out the organizational work of the Hierarchy of Light, while always remaining positive in thought in action. A Guide accepts all who come to them seeking the Light. The Guide is trained to love and respect all with out exception or judgment.

What Can A Guide Do?

The Guide has the honour of providing many sacred services that include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Present the Empower Thyself Program

  • Initiate Adepts into the lineage of King Salomon and the Brother and Sisterhood of Light

  • Initiate 2nd Step initiates (Life Activation Practitioners) at Healers Academy, however they must receive permission and invitation to do so

  • Teaching other various programs and workshops such as Sacred Geometry, Astral Travel, Journeys of the Spirit, and more

  • Healings and specialty services that only a Guide-level initiate can provide and more

How Does One Become A Guide?

To become a Guide you must first become a Life Activation Practitioner with the MMS. You must be an active Life Activation Practitioner attend annual re-certifications, show continued diligence in service to others and dedication to the Light.

There is an application process, which it is rare to be approved upon your first request. You are chosen solely by the Hierarchy of Light through the lineage holders of the Modern Mystery School. It may take several attempts to be approved.

For more information on the Guide initiation and how to apply, please contact Modern Mystery School.


Teachers and Guides in the Modern Mystery School tradition are required to commit to a non-disclosure and non-compete document that ensures that the teachings and tools of the lineage are kept sacred and handed down with the utmost integrity and professionalism.

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