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At the last programs in London, there was a very special healing on offer by Ipississima Divina Theresa Bullard Whyke, the Chronos Healing! We don’t often feature speciality training and sessions available, so this is a magickal treat!

Grace Hui shares her experience and understanding of Chronos, giving us a taste of the infinite multiverse!

Chi Do is back this week!! The mid-week boost we all need. It’s available for all, and free on Zoom.

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The Mysteries of Chronos


The Chronos is Eternity who “sees all things forever”. It is also the “Machinery of the Universe” that governs all physical materia and densities in the realms of manifestation. In Chronos, the Flow of Nature and the Universe works in Perfect Order. Eternity is our ESSENCE, the very foundation to our Eternal Being.

As a child and teenager, I was always drawn to the word “Chronos”. It sounds mysterious, full of knowing and yet incomprehensible to the human mind all at the same time. As an adult, I reduced “Chronos” to mean simply “time” as humans understand it. But of course, as I continue my journey in this profound and yet deeply empowering path with the Modern Mystery School, there are layers to everything – more to unpack, more to get to know – the invitation to continuously live life alive is ever there.

In my day to day life, “Chronos” has become confused with the concept of “Chronology”, which is a very linear way of looking at things. Yet, it also speaks of order and organisation. But is that what Chronos truly is?

When I found out about the Chronos Healing, I signed up straight away. I didn’t know what it was about or why I needed it. I just felt I needed to be present for it. I don’t have a particularly bad relationship with time. But I do have an attachment to its passing, to see loved ones age, to see things change over time and deep down, I carried a lot of pain connected to the linear passage of time, that once passed, is lost forever.

Yet, Chronos is anything but that – across time and space, it is multi-dimensional and a force of eternity. I needed to heal my relationship with time. I won’t pretend that my human mind understands the sheer expansiveness of this concept or healing and the truth of the matter is that I don’t have to. This is an alchemical infusion to vibrationally attune your being to universal frequencies of the Chronos and your own Eternal Nature. My human mind does not have to understand it. Spirit does and that is all that matters in our eternal nature.

It was a journey though the most amazing and out of this world sounds. There were tunes and bells and things I have never heard in my life. I resisted the urge to open my eyes and just allowed my entire being to soak up the sounds and vibrations. The room was charged with an energy that felt at once ancient, all encompassing and immense. I really felt that I was part of all things across all time and space. It is the first and only time that I felt lost in time but also perfectly safe, that deep in my heart, my spirit knew exactly where I was meant to be and that in that moment, it was OK to let my humanness go.

I cannot explain fully in words the enormity of that experience. All I can say is that it was “out of this world”. I feel so grateful to have been there, so grateful to Ipsissima Theresa for holding the space and so much gratitude to the Chronos energy that was palpably and illogically there.

I am excited to continue to connect with the ancient force of the multiverse.

–Grace Hui, Life Activation Practitioner & Ritual Master Apprentice


Are You Ready for Your Wand?


Wands aren’t just for magicians in the movies. They’re for humans like you, too!

Receiving your very own (working) magickal wand is an experience like coming home. Parts of you unlock and open in a way that you didn’t know were missing. You become more YOU, and that, after all, is the journey.

Join your fellow Initiates this September and embark on the most magickal journey of a lifetime… the one where the wand chooses YOU.

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Galactic Activation 1 (Open to Certified Life Activation Practitioners or to those attending Healers Academy 16-20 Sept 2024) 14-15 September 2024

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Healers Academy 1 (Open to Adept Initiates – those who have done Empower Thyself!) 16-20 September 2024

Ritual Master Novice (RM 1: Open to Certified Life Activation Practitioners) 17-18 September 2024

Magick of the Ritual Master (Open to Certified Ritual Masters) 19 September 2024

Temple (Open to Certified Ritual Masters) 20 September 2024

How to Live a Hermetic Life (Open to Certified Ritual Masters. Certified Life Activation Practitioners may apply.) 21 September 2024

Hermetic Joy (Open to Adepts – those who have done Empower Thyself!) 22 September 2024

Enochian Magick 1 (Open to Certified Ritual Masters) 23 September 2024

Enochian Magick 2 (Open to Certified Ritual Masters) 24 September 2024


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