Martina – What is joy and why do we need it in our life


Martina – What is joy and why do we need it in our life

Martina Coogan an International Instructor, Teacher, Guide and Healer in the Ancient Lineage of King Salomon and trains lightworkers globally for the past 20 years. Martina found this path in 2000 and has a heartfelt desire and willingness to share core Mystery School teachings in the simplest and clearest manner to people from all walks of life so they can clear their mindsets, open their hearts and find the divine within oneself. In 2007 she had opened practice bringing advanced trainings and teaching to individuals wanting to transform their lives and today is practices in the heart of London, England.

Since 2011 Martina has been a Universal Kabbalah Teacher, sharing her wisdom and knowledge to individuals in the United Kingdom and United States. She believes to understand yourself is the keystone to unlocking your full potential. Through understanding the Tree of Life, we can understand its counterparts in the wider world, and gain a deeper wisdom. The answers you seek are within you already – you just need the right set of eyes to see them. Martina will lead you on a journey to self-discovery and awaken the dormant powers within you. She leaves all whom she encounters with the unique energy from her presence and teachings, along with a true example of how to live the teachings she conveys.

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