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Embrace the Light: A Glimpse into December Classes

Dear Community, As we journey deeper into December we are preparing to bring you our “Season of Lights” series – our newsletter is aglow with pictures and words from those who…

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Stories From The Heart

Dear Community, A heartfelt welcome to the last newsletter in November and the first edition of our Stories from the Heart.  This series will shed light on the human stories our…

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Words from our Travellers to Toronto International Programs

Dear Community, A warm welcome to all of you Globe-Trotters and Astral Travelers! The Toronto International Programs have wrapped up, and our jet-setters are returning home. Get ready for the inside scoop…

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Healing With Sacred Geometry

Dear Community, Step into a world of enchantment in this week’s newsletter as we delve into the realms of Sacred Geometry and Healing with the grounded wisdom of Julia Tiffin,…

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Do you move to help your energy FLOW?

Dear Community, Welcome to another week’s newsletter bursting with exciting information and inspiration! This week, you can take a journey through the Tree of Life, learn keys to build your wealth (financially and…

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Building Wealth class with Ambassador Eric .. Intro Talk

It’s interesting that money seems to be the blockage point of us doing exactly what we want .. that and time .. wouldn’t you agree? So let’s talk about what…

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Are you ready to BUILD your WEALTH with Ambassador Eric?

Dear Community, Welcome to November’s first newsletter, and let me tell you, it’s an absolute treasure trove of exciting updates and opportunities! We are over the moon to introduce a very special YouTube…

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What does the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus mean for you personally ? With Aleks

Astrology is Aleksandra’s first love in life and since childhood, it has been her first and primary passion! From early childhood, Aleksandra read, studied and learned the sacred art of…

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Is the TREE Calling You? … and LAST CALL for Samhain themed Full Moon Meditation Tonight

  Dearest Community, We are super excited to see you for our Samhain themed Full Moon Meditation tonight in London – please note the correction – DOORS open at 7pm and our event ends…

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