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Law of Attraction – Demystifying LOA

What is the Law of Attraction? Many would no doubt have heard of the Law of Attraction. It is a phrase that has gone pretty mainstream and is widely quoted…

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Post-COVID Stress Management

Divina Dr. Ann Donnelly shares with us her expert advice when considering stress management post-COVID. Coping with COVID-related anxiety as we emerge into an adapting new world. One of the…

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My Journey with The Modern Mystery School, Part 1

Over 50, 000 people’s lives have changed for better and greater since the Modern Mystery School since it opened its door to general public in 07/July/1997. More people are sharing…

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The Communication Conundrum

There are many, many barriers to clear communication. It seems even more significant today when our conversations are over so many devices and they are compounded by masks & PPE.…

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Charity Means We Care

This year we continued our support for the Refugees that are being homed in the Midlands area. This effort is run by Johanna Dyer and is purely community-based – all…

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Kabbalah and How it Works in Your Life

Learn from High Initiate Martina Coogan how Kabbalah can help you manifest your goals into the physical.

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Beliefs of the Modern Mystery School: Questions and Answers with Dave Lanyon


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About the Modern Mystery School: Questions and Answers with Dave Lanyon

On the Modern Mystery School website, we several pages of resources …. About the Modern Mystery School, our mission, the path of initiation, countless articles written by teachers and practitioners,…

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Education with Archetypes.

  Transcript of the Interview with Vila Loukas 27/April/2021 I’m Greek, I’m immediately predisposed to the world of archetypes. coming from that world of Greek mythology, all those standardised patterns…

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