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the cult dimistified


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Today we share an amazing video from the heart of our team in South Africa, where you will meet warm and kind individuals talking about the Path of Progression.  Their aim in this video? To demystify concepts around ‘cults’ and especially how the ancient Mystery Schools have been associated with negative aspects of cults.

Throughout the ages, the seven ancient Mystery Schools have been safeguarding tools of personal empowerment for all humans to progress in difficult times. For thousands of years, initiates have been passing the torch from initiate to initiate so we have the chance to build Shamballah today.

Like every Wednesday, tonight we have CHI DO, available for all, and free on Zoom.

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‘The Cult’ The Modern Mystery School Demystified


Today we feature a documentary produced by the Modern Mystery School South Africa team that demystifies cults. Caroline Latour, a Ritual Master in London, shares her takeaways from the documentary and showcases impactful quotes from the production…

What I love about this documentary video is that you can see clearly the individuality that is encouraged in the Modern Mystery School.
 You hear so many different voices and see so many faces of Initiates and Ritual Masters, all very different and unique in their own way. They are all different! No one has told them how to dress, what to eat, how to act, or what to say. You can truly feel each person speaking from their individuality. 

The Mystery School supports individuality and empowers you to be the highest version of yourself in your unique way. Everybody has unique gifts, and these are not pushed away, but rather highlighted and encouraged. The teachers, Guides, and Healers in the Modern Mystery School create a container that encourages self-discovery and exploring your own unique gifts, so that you can express your true nature as a God or Goddess.

I have to giggle a little to myself when people accuse the Modern Mystery School of being a cult. Once by accident, I did spend a night in a real cult, and believe me, it was very hard to leave. In the Mystery School, I have experienced the exact opposite.  After you’ve come to the school and learned, you get sent back home with new tools and knowledge to integrate into your life. The energy of it feels to me like, “Good luck, enjoy, and come back if you’re ready for more!” I do come back, but always in my own time and with my own free will.

Here are a few highlights from our fellow Initiates in South Africa who have been affected by years of negtive publicity:


“My understanding of what a cult is is that you don’t have a choice. But in the Mystery School tradition, we teach that the core of lightwork is that you do have a choice. And most of the tools are designed for us to learn better discernment so that we can make better choices.” – Carissa Geyser, 3rd step Ritual Master, Healer & Guide

“The Modern Mystery School is what its name says that it is. It is a School of Metaphysics. It’s a university where people come to take classes and to learn about Metaphysics” – Sanet Kirstein, 2.5 step Ritual Master, Healer & Teacher

“People ask me if we are a cult, and I say no, we are the opposite to that. In a cult you can’t think, you are told what to think, you’re punished if you don’t think that way, speak that way or do whatever the leader wants. In the Mystery School it’s completely opposite. You are told to think. And nobody is going to tell you that you are wrong. You are going to find out through life.” – Marianna Smit, 2nd step Ritual Master & Healer

“I don’t really understand the accusations that are being made out there. In my 13 years I have never been forced to say something or to stay somewhere. I’ve been encouraged to think for myself. I’ve been encouraged to express myself in my own unique way. I’ve never been exposed to any form of sexual misconduct and I’ve never observed any sexual misconduct in the school.” – Marda Hull, 3rd Step Ritual Master, Healer & Guide

“One thing that is very important on this path of getting to Know Thyself and becoming part of the greater community is taking responsibility. It’s important that everyone is taking responsibility for their own actions or their own choices. And sometimes that is a little bit difficult. I have seen on occasion that people shy away from their responsibility. They make choices that don’t necessarily serve them and then ‘it is the school’s fault, it is the school’s responsibility, the school did this to me or they did this to me.’” – Divina Rita van den Berg, CEO Modern Mystery School South Africa

From what I’ve learned, to have the tallest building in town, you can either build your own building to be the tallest or you tear all the others down.

An institution or individual who is truly authentic, working to help others, and stands strong in the light will always receive criticism and attempts to tear them down. Others may see this as easier than building their own building higher. They then choose to act from the ego, and to diminish others to feel or look superior.

Especially in these times of social media, with words and judgments being spread so quickly, it is important that we learn to discern for ourselves what is true and false, and to keep using discernment as our guiding tool.

— Caroline Latour, Ritual Master Apprentice & Life Activation Practitioner


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