Ritual Master

Embarking on the Path of the Warrior

The Ritual Master path is a completely transformational and enlightening spiritual journey! It will take your self-knowledge, knowledge of the world and knowledge of magick to the greatest heights.

This spiritual path is the path of the warrior who fights evil in the world by confronting the evil within, while bringing good to the world by developing the good within. The Ritual Master program is for those seeking to overcome the negative ego and be in service to humanity to change the world for the better.

This path is not for the faint of heart. It is not easy, nor is it meant to be. It is a path with many obstacles and challenges, testing your resolve while eliminating the negative ego and the shadows of where you may block the light in your own life. The greatest struggle encountered on this path is one where the negative ego battles our own divine nature, and it is in the releasing of that pain that we receive such great revelation.

For thousands of years, this path has been kept secret from the masses, offered only to a select few who were ready to hear the calling to become a Warrior of Light. But now, as the human consciousness is awakening more and more, the opportunity to step on to this path is present to all those who feel they are ready to change the world.

Ceremonial magick is an important component of Ritual Mastery. It is the art of summoning, controlling, working with and doing service to the powers of the universe! This is the art of mastering Life, Light and Magick, High Magick, for the benefit of humanity.

As a Ritual Master one must have the authority and lineage to call upon the powers of heaven and thus be in line to work with the powers of the universe.

The Ritual Master is taught the some of the highest and most secretive rituals and magick known to man. These teachings have over 3000 years plus, of history. The teachings include the highly guarded knowledge of King Salomon the Wise, one of the greatest Ritual Masters that ever walked the earth.

How Does One Become A Ritual Master?

One must be an Adept Initiate and Healers Academy graduate in order to be considered. There is an application process, where the applicant is required to fill out a form that asks about their service to God and humanity up to this point, why they want to be a Ritual Master, as well as other pertinent information.

The application is then considered by a Ritual Master Teacher, who will consult with the Hierarchy of Light and the High Council of GOR.

For more information on the Ritual Master path, how to apply and its prerequisite courses, please contact your Guide or the Modern Mystery School.

Learn more information about the initiations, areas of study and services that a Ritual Master can provide.

Recommend reading and movies to watch for Ritual Masters.

We ask all Ritual Masters embarking on this journey to commit to an agreement and informed consent document to acknowledge the level of participation necessary for the RM path of initiation.

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