Teachers Academy

Teachers Academy Level 1

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Teachers Academy is designed for Life Activation Practitioners (graduates of the Healers Academy program) who have a calling to share the wisdom and knowledge of the Mystery School tradition.

The tools available the classes handed down to teach at Teachers Academy 1 are designed to reach any and everyone — they are open the public, important and powerful spiritual tools that can change people’s lives!

This Academy is designed to Teach 2nd step initiates how to teach and facilitate the energies around the following class:

  • Sacred Geometry 1

  • Astral Travel 1

  • Spiritual Intuition

  • Stress Rescue

  • 7 Mystery Schools

  • Awaken Thyself

  • Sanctuary Meditation

REQUIRED LEVEL OF INITIATION: Certified Life Activation Practitioner
PRE-REQUISITES: Certified Healers Academy Week 1 Graduate

Contact the Modern Mystery School to find out when the next Teachers Academy Level 1 is being offered.

Teachers Academy Level 2


Building upon the skills and knowledge acquired in Teachers Academy 1, you will receive further training and guidance that you need to assist others on the path to divine knowledge.

With greater experience, understanding and knowledge, you will be able to teach students further along the path of progression and offer the following classes:

  • 12 Races of the Earth

  • Journeys of the Spirit

  • Advanced Astral Travel

  • Sacred Geometry 2

  • Spiritual Intuition Part 2

  • Introduction to the Path of the Initiate

  • Introduction to the Life Activation

  • Introduction to Healers Academy

PREREQUISITES: Teachers Academy 1, Certified Junior or Senior Guide

Contact The Modern Mystery School to find out when the next Teachers Academy Level 2 is being offered.

Teachers and Guides in the Modern Mystery School tradition are required to commit to a non-disclosure and non-compete document that ensures that the teachings and tools of the lineage are kept sacred and handed down with the utmost integrity and professionalism.

Guide: The Final Step