Elemental Magick

Dragon Magick

The most ancient beings on the planet have aided humanity since the dawn of time. Their wisdom is unparalleled and can over us massive guidance to our own human evolution. In this workshop you will learn the secrets of the dragons and how to access their magick in your daily life.

Fairy & Elvin Magick

There is a great deal of popular lore surrounding the fairies and elves, and well, a great deal about them is true! These beautiful and magickal beings share our planet from beyond the veil and have a great deal of joy and wisdom to share with us.

In this workshop, you will receive rituals and ways to connect with our elemental brothers and sisters, access their source of Light and bring in this heightened sense of wonder and beauty into your life.

Unicorn Magick

Unicorns are here as a part of creating Light for Humans & can help us cut through the difficulties in our lives.

In this unique seminar you will learn:

  • The true history of these amazing beings

  • What their magick is and how to use it in your own life to unite the world in peace and love

  • Some magickal Unicorn words in a magickal text

  • Experience the power of their horn, which is real, to cut away ignorance and bring truth and light

The Unicorns are an important part of the New Paradigm and helping us to evolve and unify so that we can embrace the new energies with grace and joy. They provide a bridge between us and the other races and magickal beings. Join us for a light-filled day of introduction to the Unicorns.

Mermaid Magick

Would you like more passion in your life?

Mermaids have been in our fairy tales for a long time. Yet do we believe they are real?

What if they are not only more than real but can offer deep teachings to enhance our lives and help us live a more deeply fulfilled life?

At this time, these lost teachings are returning so we can be more fulfilled Mermaids are the source of passion for the planet. Learn to work with these ancient and magical beings to heal the planet with this passion and to bring it to all the areas of your life.

Passion is the energy that heals all apathy and disease and fills us with the energy to create our lives as we dream.
Get to experience their energy and answer the mysterious and alluring call of the deep through their ancient and magical practices.

Slyph Magick

Just as Earth has Fairies, air has the Sylphs…

Sylphs are powerful beings we can learn to connect and work with to create momentum and flow in our daily lives.
In this amazing day, you will learn how these beings of air help us work with and cleanse the mind to enable us to work with much higher force.

Sylph power is enormous & extremely important for humans. Their purpose is to communicate all patterns into physical density.

In this unique seminar you will learn:

  • About these elusive, magickal beings

  • How to recognize them in their many forms

  • Their unique communication style – verbal communication without words

  • Awaken your 3rd eye and sacrum, freeing your energies for creation

  • How to “activate a Sylph” to assist you in your life work

The Sylphs are pure light. They can be any form they chose to take on. Sylphs love dance and you will learn how to dance them into your reality – fully unifying all forces around you. Join us for a light-filled day of introduction to the Sylphs and their magick.

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