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This week, you can take a journey through the Tree of Life, learn keys to build your wealth (financially and beyond) and about the many benefits of Chi-Do.

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A Quick Guide to the Tree of Life


The Tree of Life is like the ultimate filing system to organise all aspects of your life! And we really mean ALL aspects. The Kabbalah Ascension program re-organises your mind so that the different aspects of your life not only function better but are sprinkled with delicious toppings of joy! It is definitely not possible to express all of what the Tree of Life can do for you in one sentence, but as with any organisation, there are ways to optimise your efficiency by considering where to start, which approach to take, and so on. The ascension into the Tree of Life through the 10-month Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah aligns your life to a Divine structure so you can find the flow in your life and be more you!

Let’s look at *just some* of the key points that you can learn and discover in each ‘stop’ as you climb or ascend the Tree of Life. Each of these stops is called a Sephira.

10 Malkuth – As you enter into this Sephira, you can see more – more than you could see before! Discerning the difference between what REALLY serves you and what doesn’t is a game changer. Access to this inner compass to see much deeper starts a process of Divine realignment. During the first three months of starting your journey up the Tree of Life, we might go through processes of letting go, decluttering, changing your diet and finding new ways to take care of your health.

9 Yesod shines light onto the foundation upon which you’ve built your life. What does this mean? You build your life upon certain beliefs and ideas. Do these foster strength, have you chosen them yourself, or have you built your life upon someone else’s beliefs or even illusions? Here you can construct your life from concepts and ideas to create a life of strength and positivity.

8 Hod and 7 Netzach create a space to balance your thoughts and your emotions. Here you get a clear view into where you are stuck in your mind, see the world in an overly rational way, where you disconnect from emotions, become too emotional or are unable to assess situations with a clear mind. Through fine-tuning the application of the mind and emotions, you create a beautiful dance between both aspects of the self. This calibration creates balance, clarity and passion to drive your life in the direction of your dreams.

6 Tiphareth is a space where you learn to access the beauty of the Self and experience deep healing. Prior wounding can be healed and move you into maturity within your heart. From this place you can trust, love and overcome any obstacle with a loving heart.

5 Geburah and 4 Chesed – Here you will face what you have not yet been able to overcome and learn how to step into your personal power. Mercy and strength will safely guide you to overcome what you fear so you can access this inner power.

Geburah and Chesed purify your being so you can receive the last ascension into the Upper Triad that includes 3 Chokmah, 2 Binah and 1 Kether. Here you will reclaim the crown of self-knowledge.

These 10 months of preparation, healing, transformation, letting go and embracing your gifts are an amazing alchemical process. In the last ascension into the Upper Triad, you get ready to connect to the divine feminine and masculine and access the highest version of your Self.

From this beautiful new place you can continue to build your life as the Upper Triad of this Tree becomes the new foundation upon which you build your life moving forwards. Once you are ascended into the Tree of Life, you will continue building your life with magick and from a higher vantage point!

Click on the links below if you feel the calling to join the Tree!

-Kasia Mikolajczyk, Guide & Julia Tiffin, International Specialty Teacher

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True Wealth, Coming Your Way


Ever heard someone in your life say “money is the root of all evil” or “money doesn’t grow on trees”?

Last week live on the Modern Mystery School UK EU’s YouTube channel we were gifted some seriously powerful nuggets to Building Wealth.  Ambassador Eric Thompson and Divina Kate Bartram-Brown got together for a quick and jam-packed 15 minutes where Ambassador Eric Thompson gave us a taste of the true keys to living in wealth.

“But I already have money,” you may say.

That is fantastic, congratulations! But do you flow with money? Do you flow with abundance in other areas of your life, like love, relationships, and joy?

Most people seek to obtain the finances, the feelings and the situations that they are looking for only when they ‘need’ them. You can imagine this like taking a walk down to the river when you need a fish to eat for dinner. But what if you rerouted a small channel and had fish always available for you in your garden? That would be true wealth (in fish).

The more we can expand, the more we can hold.

This is a truly inspiring 15 minutes, which you can watch here, but why not join us for a full day of keys to Building Wealth in your life? 

Building Wealth (the class) is coming to London on 5 December 2023! Check out the links below if you may like to join.

Oh, and P.S. this class only requires a Life Activation as a pre-requisite.  Yahooooo!

LIVE YouTube Stream

Building Wealth Class


Replenishing Chi During This Astrological Season


How can you gain abundance and passion through eclipse season and astrological events until the end of the year? Dogma and apathy are energies that affect us during this time, but by connecting with ourselves through Chi Do, a powerful moving meditation, we can SHIFT funky energies, harness them into a positive flow, and release negativity through breath and movement.

Because when you move, you flow.

Good news! You can join Chi Do today, hosted LIVE from Toronto. Join via the link below.



Tonight @ 7:30pm (London GMT+1) | Online Moving Meditation – Chi-Do

Link to join us online:

Password : peace

Calculate the time for Chi Do in your time zone here

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