Building Wealth class with Ambassador Eric .. Intro Talk


It’s interesting that money seems to be the blockage point of us doing exactly what we want .. that and time .. wouldn’t you agree?

So let’s talk about what money is..
How do you use it?
How can you amplify your life?
How can you amplify who you are?
What is real wealth? Why does the term elicit such a strong and unique response from different people?What the world has been taught about wealth has been distorted, corrupted, masked and hidden.The truth is everyone deserves and can attain wealth in their lives.
Financial freedom isn’t about a retirement plan or savings account, it’s about releasing the negative emotional attachments that are locked up all tied up all around money.
You can absolutely access this cash flow and bring more of it into your life!

– Do you desire to have more money in your life?
– Are you tired of struggling to get by, or having just enough?
– Do you want to thrive instead of just survive with you financial situation?
– Do you desire to succeed in creating more wealth for you, your family and friends?
– Do you want to know the secrets that the wealthiest individuals on the planet know?
How much is it going to cost you, to not know, the secrets of Building Wealth?
And yes, you can do it without cutting back on your spending, or the things you enjoy!

If you answered yes to any of the above,
then this class has something great for you,
including some very practical ways to generate more cash.
The Building Wealth workshop is about learning to make better decisions that can lead to true financial wealth and freedom!
– Explore your Limitless Potential of Abundance –

Watch the video interview below or follow our podcast.

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