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Step into a world of enchantment in this week’s newsletter as we delve into the realms of Sacred Geometry and Healing with the grounded wisdom of Julia Tiffin, an International Specialty Teacher.

Prepare to embark on a magical journey to London in December, where the air is thick with anticipation. Witness the unveiling of Sacred Geometry 4 and 5, Universal Hermetic Ray KabbalahKabbalah for Kabbalists, and the art of Building Wealth. The keys to these extraordinary experiences await you through the mystical links for registration provided below.

Cast aside the ordinary, for this Wednesday we are offering you another opportunity to connect with your true nature in Max Meditation™ (Chi Do to resume next week again).  The links are provided below, inviting you to bring harmony to your mind, body and soul.

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Magick abounds!

Sacred Geometry & Healing


How often have you looked for the answers ‘out there’ or ‘outside of you’, only to discover that you had the answer right under your nose, or that you already had what you needed? Often the clues for what you are looking for are right in front of you and Sacred Geometry is just like that. It’s a secret code to the building blocks of the universe. That’s right, everything is made of Sacred Geometries: you can see this clearly when looking at computer generated imagery, which is constructed from a series of triangles.

I had no idea when sitting in geometry classes at school, solving problems with numbers, angles, and lines that the sacred was hiding in plain sight. Once this magick was revealed to me, it was like going from eating microwave dinner to a Michelin 5-star restaurant experience! Working with Sacred Geometry is like opening dimensional portals to worlds beyond this physical reality, helping us to access the magick within the mundane.

Sacred Geometry teachings open the energy of the sacred realms hidden in our physical density. Helping you to return to living life in a sacred manner, Sacred Geometry classes help you to elevate your daily life. The tools and training you receive activate sacred energies in your body (your Temple) or uplift the container where you are living, working or sleeping.

Simply receiving ancient information about the sacred geometries brings your awareness to the magickal mesh hidden within the physical world and already elevates reality. Experiments have revealed how acknowledging plants ‘activates’ and empowers them to grow better and thrive in your space. Similarly, bringing awareness to how the world is constructed of these secret keys (geometries!) shifts your world. Of course, applying the ancient Sacred Geometry tools that have been passed down through lineage bring this power to a whole other level. These tools switch on and align Sacred Geometries within you to shift you into a whole new world.

When receiving ancient tools that activate the sacred in your physical spaces, they turn on the magick in the container where you are existing and create resonance with the sacred geometries within you, creating a perfect container (no pun intended) for your consciousness to elevate. Your understanding of life, inspiration for ideas, physical vitality, creativity, quality of your relationships and life, not to mention the happiness of your plants and animals, heightens when you elevate the energy of your physical space. These tools you learn in classes such as Sacred Geometry 1, 2 and 4.

But did you know that Sacred Geometries can also be used to heal you? Your Aura’s Sacred Geometries are impacted from stress and trauma in daily life–much like the molecular structure of water when sitting in a plastic container for too long. Realigning your Sacred Geometries has remarkable effects on healing your Body and Soul, which you can learn in Sacred Geometry 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7! Each healing is distinct but helps us to function better in Body, Mind, Heart, Soul and Spirit.

Are you curious about Sacred Geometry but never taken a class? Start with Sacred Geometry 1 and begin your journey!

For those more seasoned in Sacred Geometry, December brings an opportunity to learn Sacred Geometry 4 and 5. Sacred Geometry 4 trains you in three Temples which elevate all aspects of daily life to levels of joy, connection, love, and magick. Sacred Geometry 5 offers you very special training where you can offer a healing to others! The Sacred Geometry 5 healing infuses your structure with the geometries that awaken the sacred fire within you to fill you with passion and vitality for life!

Ooh, and just in case you haven’t yet noticed: the one and only Tree of Life is the ultimate Sacred Geometrical vehicle, so for those of you embarking on the journey of Kabbalah, you are unlocking the secret instruction manual for life hidden within this Sacred Geometrical structure to reach the highest realms of your potential. 

–Julia Tiffin, International Specialty Teacher


Links to December Classes

Learn to Build Wealth on YouTube

Building Wealth Class

Kabbalah for First-Timers

Kabbalah for Kabbalists

Sacred Geometry 4

Sacred Geometry 5



From The Editor’s Desk


Embarking on the enchanting journey through Sacred Geometry classes has been a soulful odyssey, a profound decoding of life’s celestial symphony. As I immerse myself in the teachings, particularly those emanating from Sacred Geometry 1 and Sacred Geometry 2 & Crystal Magick, it’s akin to unraveling the intricate notes of existence, a magickal journey where the melody of the universe becomes discernible.

Each tool from Sacred Geometry 1 and Sacred Geometry 2 & Crystal Magick serves as a sacred key, unlocking the mysteries of reality, revealing the harmonious tapestry woven by the cosmic architect. The tools bestowed upon me in this sacred exploration become conduits of transformation, shaping my reality with the precision of divine geometry. It’s a dance with the ethereal, a choreography of symbols that resonate with the very essence of creation.

Venturing into the realm of Sacred Geometry 3 elevates this mystical experience to unprecedented depths. As I wield the sacred tools not only for myself but also extend their impact to others, the changes I see are nothing short of profound.

In embracing Sacred Geometry, my journey has become a sacred pilgrimage, where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary, and the mundane notes of life harmonize into a magnum opus of cosmic significance.

With love and light,

Lisa J

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