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Dear Community,

A warm welcome to all of you Globe-Trotters and Astral Travelers!

The Toronto International Programs have wrapped up, and our jet-setters are returning home. Get ready for the inside scoop on the international classes – we’ve got updates, transformative tales, and a sprinkle of Toronto magick coming your way!

Class Chronicles: Curious about the classes that were offered? From mastering service in Healers Academy 1 and 2, to decoding Etheric Reconstruction with grace and humility, we’ve got the lowdown on the classes that left our globe-trotters both enlightened, enlivened and entertained. Because who said learning can’t be joyous?

We welcome you to step into the festive rhythm of the Royal City in December! Whether it’s ascending the Tree of Life for the first, second or 17th time, traverse through the spheres, expanding your understanding of Sacred Geometry, learning how to Build Wealth, you can expect friendly faces and a warm welcome.

Spoiler alert: London in December is pure magick!  Your passport to progression awaits – let the adventure begin!

With Love, In Light

Modern Mystery School UK & EU Team


A Round Up of The Incredible International Programs in Toronto

Toronto, Beacon of Light!


November was full to the brim with classes for International Programs including Sacred Geometry 11Special Training for Ritual MastersSchool of the MageKing Saloman Healing Modality Practitioner TrainingKabbalistic & Enochian HealingEtheric Reconstruction, How to Life a Hermetic Life and the Hermetic Communication between the Divine Masculine & Feminine. There was also Healers Academy 1 and 2Ritual Master Apprentice with Enochian 3 & 4 training, classes for those stepping forward to become Guides in our lineage (Aeternus Omnipotent & Ad Initio).

Initiates of all levels from the UK and EU made the trip and we’ve collated some of their reflections.  We hope to see your names here in the near future as the beacon of light that is Modern Mystery School UK EU team continues to grow and shine!

When these classes appear on the schedule they get booked up FAST, and after reading these testimonials we are sure you will be eagerly awaiting your next (or first) trip to Toronto, too!

Ritual Master 2.0 Apprentice

“I am grateful to have attended RM 2. It feels as if I know myself on a new level, and with that new level of self-knowledge has come a new level of empowerment and personal power. RM 2 has helped me discover my purpose to serve others and the joy that accompanies that. Thank you, Sovereign Ipsissimus Dave for this huge gift.”

~ Raisa Reyes, New York & London

Ritual Master Path

Healers Academy 2

Healers Academy 2 is life-changing – like every single step that I have taken on this path…
I learned so many things, first about me. This amazing knowledge is touching every single cell in my whole being and is starting to transform. I realized one more time that healing is a continuous process.
It was amazing to receive so much healing myself and I’m really excited to offer all these 10 healings to people who are starting to understand that the world is changing through you.
” ~ Ionela Crăciun, London

Healers Academy 


Sacred Geometry 11

“The Sacred Geometry 11 class is about The Holy Merkabah, so profound – very grateful to receive this sacred handing down to further expand my consciousness to higher dimensions.” ~ Kodo Zhang, London

Sacred Geometry Series

Kabbalistic & Enochian Healing Series

“I am so grateful for the timing of learning the Kabbalistic & Enochian healing series. The discipline of working with these energies for quite a few years can now be utilized to serve people exactly when this is needed. I just love the scope of King Salomon healings which offer sessions that are like bread & butter for everyone, sessions that are needed for many, sessions that are needed for specific experiences & then sessions that are needed for rarer situations but that are perfect for that job. This is one of those rarer healings with a very high frequency that elevates you & takes you to whole new level of light & joy.” ~ Julia Tiffin, London


King Saloman Healing Modality Practitioner Training

King Salomon Healing Modality Practitioner training Week 2 has been extraordinary to me as a practitioner, reminding me of the importance of self-healing and empowering my clients to achieve their eternal, divine, galactic nature. These teachings bring a huge number of shifts to the individual and I’m honoured to be able to receive these core, holy teachings from the teaching panel.” ~ Yadiksha Hari, London


Kabbalistic & Enochian Healing Series

“I am so glad I stayed in Toronto and learned the Kabbalistic and Enochian Healing series. After receiving the healings I felt an immediate shift into more joy and lightness. I feel more in tune with my passion for life and find it easier to pace myself so I don’t overwork as I usually do!” ~ Cecile George, London


Special Ritual Master Training, Healers Academy 2 & Etheric Re-construction

It has been an amazing program at the MMS INT this November, meeting my spiritual family and friends from around the world. It is an incredible joy and privilege as some of the connections are like we have known each other forever, through aeons of time. I am super grateful for this each time we meet.

It started with the great privilege of studying with Founder Gudni and receiving special Ritual Master training.

I was honoured to serve in Healers Academy 2. Here students received 10 new healing sessions and transformed themselves in the Healing Temple. It was so nurturing to be in this energy, to heal and to drop deeper into my heart. I love sharing the Full Spirit Activation with my clients.

I also received Etheric Reconstruction training which is an advanced healing session that helps reconnect us to our celestial code. The session heals the core of an issue, releasing it for good!  ~ Kasia Mikolajczyk


King Saloman Healing Modality

Being trained as a King Salomon Healing Modality Healer requires the highest standards & the strictest requirements to achieve the best results for anyone receiving this modality.

It is fit for a king/Queen & the total 12 sessions clear out issues from the core, leaving you squeaky clean and joyful inside and out. It enables you to align with your true divine essence & your galactic nature, so you have a clear understanding of your purpose & living in joy.

Grab the opportunity to receive it because you are worth it. ~ Jin Zhi, London


Etheric Reconstruction

I worked for years and years trying to process all of my addiction to suffering and drama. I accomplished a lot but the trigger was still there. After the first session of Etheric Reconstruction, I felt like I had access to a higher power that could put all of that to silence. It was like I had a divine plugin to a much higher perspective and especially a highway to my real self, my blueprint.

~ Roxana Ioana GaborIliescu, Romania


How to Life a Hermetic Life & Hermetic Communication of the Divine Masculine & Feminine

The Hermetics classes feel nourishing. We move through concepts, principles, and practices that help to make everything in the world make more sense. What’s covered is foundational to the way we live our lives, so while some things resonate immediately and others require more consideration/exploration (at least for me), I left feeling empowered – with a deeper perspective and new tools; grateful, and motivated. ~ Emily Ujifusa, Minneapolis


Aeternus Omnipotent Guide Training

Becoming a Guide in the lineage of King Salomon this week has brought together all aspects of my life and given them meaning and purpose. All things have led me here, to this moment in time… it’s a truly magical feeling! It is my true honour to serve as Guide in my country Australia. ~ Cassandra Cooper, Hobart, Tasmania

Guide Training


Don’t Forget To Book Your Classes for December!

Learn to Build Wealth on YouTube

Building Wealth Class

Kabbalah for First-Timers

Kabbalah for Kabbalists

Sacred Geometry 4

Sacred Geometry 5


Initiate Insight with Philipp Schardt

Why should Chi-Do be a regular practice?

No matter if you are a HealerInitiate or none of these, CHI-DO is the WAY TO GO to SUPERCHARGE and ACCELERATE your LIFE!

The name of this moving meditation literally means the “WAY OF LIFE FORCE” – YOUR Life Force! This means that the better you become at CHI-DO, the better you become at directing your LIFE FORCE Energy in every moment towards the physical manifestation of your DREAMS!

Practising CHI-DO on a regular basis is EMPOWERING and will help you in the greatest way to GROUND your SPIRIT’S POTENTIAL and ALIGNING yourself to the WILL OF GOD, the UNIVERSE and your own true self!

CHI-DO purifies your Aura and helps you to move through and let go of stuck emotional energy while increasing the magnetism of your being to draw in the things you truly desire.

In CHI-DO we work with the four directions, our breath and our intention to make the most of this eternal moment.

Trust me, it doesn’t get any better than that.

See you at your next CHI-DO Class!

Yours Truly,

Philipp Schardt
Chief Chi-Do Instructor in Charge, Guide

You can join Philipp and our other Chi-Do leaders on Wednesdays at 7:30pm GMT to uplift your energy, magnetise your desires to you, and have some fun!


Password : peace

Calculate the time for Chi-Do in your time zone here.

email: [email protected]

phone: +447535485082


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