Why We Heal Ep 6 with Dr Kate Bartram Brown


Why We Heal is breaking down all things healing. With exciting and wise guests, Zuyapa dives into all the ways healing can and should happen while having fun and inspiring conversations with her friends, peers, teachers, clients and the people she sees for her own healing.

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The podcast is presented in partnership with Orenda Temple, a healing and spiritual center based in New Orleans, La

In this episode Zuyapa sits down with Dr Kate Bartram Brown to give you an inside look at healing with the time tested, ancient healing and highly effective modality Life Activation, what it’s like to attend Healer’s Academy and be a healer with the Modern Mystery school, distance/remote healing, being a Lightworker and what it truly means to heal for the benefit of our body, soul, and mind.

About Zuyapa

Zuyapa is dedicated to making energy care a way of life.

She is a Spiritual Guide, Energy Healer, Mentor and Teacher based in New Orleans, La. For almost 20 years she has been dedicated to helping people to live happier and more fulfilled lives. Her work is centered in helping others access the unspoken desires in their heart and soul to achieve their highest personal levels of success while living a fulfilled life. It is Zuyapa’s mission to inspire and help people to feel more light in their hearts, minds and souls. Her vision of world peace has compassion, understanding between each other, energy healing and metaphysics as a normal way of life.

You can read her book Energy Matters: A guidebook (link below) and see her for 1:1 sessions and classes in her office and virtually. Zuyapa is also available for guest speaking and teaching both virtually and in person.

About Dr. Kate Bartram Brown

She is the Head of Modern Mystery School in the UK & Europe, is a member of the council of 12 Women that form part of the leadership team which see to the day to day running of the Mystery School worldwide. She is also Co-Leader of the Western World Healers Academy. She has a PhD In Natural Medicine and is also the CEO of globally successful award-winning business Mini Me Yoga that has been running for over 10 years and is now in over 40 countries worldwide. She loves blending her passions and skills teaching healing methods in the Modern Mystery School, to shift illness or blocks that may appear in our life, having transformed her own health when she was diagnosed with cancer at just 28 and using these techniques to overcome mindset negativity such as; self-sabotage and low self-esteem issues. As the Head of Modern Mystery School UK & Europe, Dr Kate now oversees all the Practitioners in UK & Europe and travels all over the globe with work to share these powerful methods and techniques with others.

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