Leah – my experience as a Ritual Master with the Modern Mystery School


Leah Isla Dela Cruz is a Guide, teacher, and healer of the Modern Mystery School. She shares ancient wisdom for modern living to help people accelerate their path to self-mastery to Know Thyself through energy modalities, metaphysical classes, and meditations.

Leah is also co-partner of ISLA/NOVA Creative Partners a boutique digital marketing agency. She spent 20 years in the fashion industry and was a design leader and VP at a Fortune 500 company. Feeling disconnected and like she was missing the key to life Leah sought knowledge that would accelerate her personal development and help her make a positive impact in the world. Through the mystery school teachings she discovered a whole realm of possibility that revealed unlimited growth and expansion to elevate her potential.

Her mission is to share the ancient lineage wisdom, principles, and practice with the world so that we as a collective can progress humanity and create Shamballah (peace on earth).

To create a better world the change starts from within, “As above, so below; as within, so without.” The Kybalion

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