The healing frequency of sound-including a special playlist just for you!

The Healing frequency of Sound.

Dear Community,

Today Sasha is sharing her wisdom on sound, healing frequencies and has compiled a special 

playlist for us! 


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Hi Everyone,

Amidst the fear and uncertainly of these times it can be a challenge to keep our vibration high.

Many of us may even have felt guilty about being joyful at a time when so many are suffering.


But staying in a frequency of JOY and LOVE is one of the most powerful things we can do to ‘help’ those around us as well as the global situation. 

And one of the greatest tools we have for keeping our vibration high is: SOUND, particularly soundscapes imbued with healing frequencies.

So, this week we have curated a special playlist of music for you, tracks which you can play while you rest, meditate, do some stretches, create and express, prepare dinner 😉 .

Some of these tracks have been recorded at the so-called ‘Love Frequency’ of 432hz and 528hz. These healing frequencies have been said to assist the nervous system and limbic system in entraining into a state of Love! 

Other tracks contain mantra and holy words which are sonic expressions of sacred geometries and remind us of our Holy Blueprint. 

Countless studies have shown how music employing certain healing tones can have huge impact on physical, emotional and mental health and recovery. 

So not only will these tracks assist you in maintaining a more elevated and positive state, they could also boost your immune system which is KEY at the moment!

Together, let’s transform the harm of this world into harmony!



About Sasha Siem.

Sasha is a Musician and Healer

She is passionate about the power of SOUND and the EXPRESSION of our true VOICE to create HARMONY, thereby bringing us closer to realising World Peace. 

She studied Music at Cambridge and Harvard Universities and has released several albums and performed at venues around the world. She is co-founder of Sound Sanctum Records and Sound Sanctum Retreats as well as being a Guide and Ritual Master in the Lineage of King Solomon. Sasha is a Mother and lives in London. 

If you would like to learn more about the power of sound, its relationship to the universe and its potency in assisting transformation, healing and empowerment or for techniques to find your own unique voice and become ‘in tune’ with your original essence, please visit

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