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Now for the fun stuff. We are totally spoiled this week with an article from the art and metaphysics master herself, Julia Tiffin. This one’s deep, fascinating and it may just unlock a few things inside you… I know it did for me!

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Arts & Knowing Thyself

The Arts have enjoyed elevation since the 1400s in Europe and this gives us a great reference point to explore the Arts and Spirituality … and Knowing Thyself! While the Arts have continued to flourish, something peculiar has happened since the Scientific Revolution emerged in the mid 1500s.

Science prompted a shift away from a highly superstitious and religious culture towards a fact-driven, science-orientated way of thinking where science began to trump ‘faith’. Today, a once highly religious Europe has become more pragmatic, with a rise in atheism or agnosticism, and a strong focus on improving material livelihood. As the relevance of religion started to erode in Europe it seemed many people rejected spirituality too – like ‘throwing the baby out with the bath water’. With this downgrading of Spirituality versus the Sciences, the Arts have also been sidelined in favour of technology, business, science and finance. Today, many schools have done away with the Arts altogether or made this an ‘extracurricular’ activity. Nonetheless, there is a crucial connection between the Arts and Spirituality and the loss of prestige surrounding these two in today’s times.

First, it must be stated that Science is not ‘the bad guy’ – in fact the progress in Science has led to massive global leaps in technology, engineering, medicine, and industry, and the world has transformed in leaps and bounds especially since the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century. However, the science-heavy worldview has created an imbalance in our society: today we have huge challenges in mental health issues, and I would argue that the denegation of the Arts & Spirituality is connected to this!

If we look at metaphysical teachings from the Modern Mystery School: meta meaning the ‘science beyond the physical’ we find some interesting data. The metaphysical teachings of the Mystery Schools have roots in a Hermetic Lineage of over 8000 years old (tested and re-tested over the course of time) and according to metaphysics, the structure of humans is not only a Body and the measurable energy field around humans (often referred to as the Aura). We also have a Spirit and a Soul! The Soul is a large structure (150m in diameter) and is a connecting bridge between the infinite (yes, I said infinite) Spirit and the Body!

Why is this relevant? Well, because the field of the Mind is much larger than just a brain and in fact is located in the Soul; the more we are connected to the Soul, the more our Mind expands and the healthier our Mind is! 

The many mental health issues and addictions that we deal with today are often rooted in the disconnect & neglect of the Soul & Spirit. To heal the mind, we need tools that connect us to the core of who we are, the fullness of us, and that leads to true fulfilment in life & true healing.

Art is one crucial tool that sets the Soul on Fire. Have you ever experienced a music gig, exhibition, dance performance, or theatre production that totally inspired you? Have you ever been in a creative flow that you could not switch off? Did it make you feel totally alive? Wasn’t it the total opposite of being depressed, or any other negative mental state you have felt?

When your Soul is on Fire it more successfully connects your Body to your Spirit. The Spirit contains all the holy keys of who you are, and your secret keys to joy! You definitely want to be connected to that. When you are conversely focussed on material goals, or even physical survival only, you are working only with the lower mind, operating in the realm of the physical Body, in limitation with limited priorities and potential, and living a one-dimensional life!

After exploring the developments of AI in the form of Chat GPT and Midjourney, there are no doubt huge payoffs in using these tools to be more efficient and more productive! It is quite mind blowing what AI offers us! However there is something missing…

A computer does not have a Soul.

The Soul is a unique structure of humans, and when we are looking at an Art form that is produced by a human who was ‘on Fire’, creating something inspired from their own Soul, it has the potential to awaken something in another Soul. Artists by nature keep the channels to their Souls open, and can ignite the Soul through their Art. This is felt by those who then experience the Art!

For many artists, the very act of creating IS a spiritual act, as the Arts ignite the Soul and give you a heightened access to the profound energy of the Spirit that is filled with wisdom and something greater that you can’t quite put your finger on.

The Soul itself is like a treasure trove of qualities of your holy keys, the special qualities that make you uniquely you! It has become a common teaching amongst relationship experts that the only way to have a successful relationship is to have a good relationship with yourself. To do this we must be connected to the Soul, which acts as a gateway to connect to your Spirit where the vastness of you exists. The arts can inspire the Soul to open!

It is also interesting to note that the Archangel in charge of both the Arts & Metaphysics is the same Archangel – Archangel Haniel! Whilst metaphysics holds all the tools, teachings and steps imaginable to access your multidimensional Self, the Arts is something each of us can explore to connect with your inner expression to help you to connect with your Soul and light up your passion. In the Universal Kabbalah one of the places we can find the energy of the Arts is in Netzach, and there is a direct connection between letting go of the concepts, experiences, beliefs, energies that keep you attached and limited and how cutting these energies unlocks your creative flow. However it is important to note that there are 10 Spheres on the Tree of Life, so there are many other hidden concepts, tools and journeys to unlock more of who we are! The Arts are a piece of this puzzle.

As you contemplate how to bring the Arts more into your life, know that it is through both creating AND viewing Art that lights us up! There are SO many ways to participate in the arts & I invite you to have fun with dance, drawing, fashion, music, theatre, writing, and all the other joys that art has to offer.

–Julia Tiffin, International Specialty Teacher, Guide



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