Healing… What IS Healing?

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Hello Community of Light!

We have placed much focus in recent newsletters on the Ritual Master Path, but there are two core pillars in the Lineage of King Salomon: Healer & Warrior, and it is time to put a spotlight on the Healer Path! This month we will shine light on all things healing!

Guided by the experience and insight of International Specialty Teacher Julia Tiffin, we will take a deeper look at what healing is, and what we, as healing practitioners, can do to help our clients.  We also take a glance into some of the realms within this multi-faceted subject.  Let the adventure begin.

See you later tonight for Chi Do! The link is available below.

From our hearts to yours,

Modern Mystery School UK & EU Team


Healing… What is Healing?

Everyone is a Healer, so let’s explore the Healer Path.  It is important to understand why we all ‘need healing’ and why it’s such an honourable path to facilitate healing for others.

The root of the word ‘healing’ comes from the German word heilen which hints at making whole.  What could this mean?  Well, perhaps we are not currently whole and are disconnected from aspects of ourselves that are leading to dis-eases in the mind, heart and soul (and even the body!).  If we consider our current physical location (Earth), we are living on a giant rock, which, according to Mystery School teachings, is in the densest level of reality in the Universe and thus the furthest away from pure Light!

Living on the densest plane in the Universe is like being a car after driving on a dirt road full of potholes and rocks nonstop since the day you were born. You can imagine that after such a journey, you’ll have a lot of cracks in your chassis, misaligned axles, and be in dire need of a tune-up! Not to mention… it’d be time for a serious car wash! In other words, you might not be running optimally.

So who are you underneath all that mud and without all those cracks?  Think of life on this rock as the hardest off-road race in the Universe… and the prize for winning?  Finding yourself! The prize is finding that gold within you that you were not yet aware of in all of its fullness.  According to the teachings of the Holy Kabbalah, we are indeed made of the ingredients that make up Light and we are beings of Good & Beauty on a Path to own and embody this expression so that we are only Good and Beauty. This extreme off-road race is the path to knowing who you truly are.

Healing is, therefore, the reclaiming of those parts of you, healing the cracks that invite the outside in, that obscure who you are, and putting yourself back together, like Humpty Dumpty … or maybe a more beautiful reference is kintsugi (“to join with gold”),  the Japanese art of joining broken pieces of pottery together with gold.

The truth is that only you can heal yourself.  When you receive a healing, you are the healer, and if you need a process to bring together lost pieces, or to heal fractures, then the person trained to do this, is facilitating your healing.  There has to be desire, not know-how, but a desire to heal.  This is key.  There also has to be a willingness to move away from the past, to accept, to forgive – and this we will cover this later this month!

The tools from the lineage of King Salomon are vast.  King Salomon brought together 3000 tribes and tested every single healing on every single bloodline and tradition to commit to preserving the best healings that worked on everyone!  These healings are the bomb for the mind, heart, soul and spirit.  If we realise that physical healing is connected to issues in the emotions/mind/soul/spirit, genetics and environment, these tools are very helpful, because emotions/mind/soul/spirit and even genetics hugely support physical healing.  In fact, if the cause of the physical disease is solely from an imbalance in our Soul or Spirit, these tools will be the ones to help the most!

Lineage healings are aplenty, and here I share just some of the functions of these incredible tools:

  1. Unite scattered or fragmented parts which are split after trauma, negative experiences & stress
  2. Clean the Soul, Body & Aura from outside influences & energies
  3. Connect you to your Soul and Spirit so you can heal
  4. Cut away outside energies that are distorting your mind, heart and direction in life
  5. Repair damage from outside energies
  6. Connect you to the highest energies so you can heal imbalances & disconnect and navigate yourself back to you
  7. Align you to yourself, and to Good and Beauty in life
  8. Align sacred geometrical structures in your energy field to open pathways that connect you to your magick
  9. Truly heal the Mind
  10. Protect you from outside energies so you can get strong in yourself

We will be introducing healings in the weeks to follow that assist you in one or more of these healing outcomes, but just for today, consider getting hold of your Life Activation Practitioner or Guide to explore what will best serve you. We always benefit from taking the next step with another healing.  If you have tools to heal yourself from classes such as Sacred Geometry 2 & Crystal Magick, Sacred Geometry 3, and EnSofic Reiki, remember to use those on yourself.  Keep covenant with yourself to be your own healer!

For those embarking on the Ritual Master Path, remember that embracing the Path of Healer is the most important key for being a true warrior, they are the two pillars.  One cannot be without the other.  The Path of the Healer connects you to ‘the force’ and this force is what glues things together and creates balance.  Without this force, a warrior is like a loose cannon, a person in power who can misuse their power.  The force that you wield on the Path of the Healer, brings not only good juju to the person you are supporting, but flows ‘the force’ throughout your life, and connects you to all things Good and Beautiful!

Book a healing today! Onwards and upwards!

–Julia Tiffin, International Specialty Teacher, Guide

From the Editor’s Desk

When I received my Life Activation I desired to be able to offer this modality so deeply because I wanted everyone I know to experience the magick of this incredible healing session!

I’ve also stepped onto the Ritual Master path with my passion for serving others, and in order to be in the best possible state physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, I’ve taken step after step in my own healing. The Life Activation helped me to ‘break ground‘ and prepare the soil in my garden in readiness for sowing seeds, and growing and tending plants of all types. King Salomon put together a complete treasure chest of healings and the vast array of healings are perfect to tend to plants in my garden that are not doing so well, growing in the shadows and diseased in some way.

Personally I’m looking forward to learning more and more about the range of healings from King Salomon, so that over the coming weeks and months, I can understand how to tend to this garden and see this jigsaw puzzle of how to heal become clearer for both myself and for others!

With love and light,

Lisa J



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