Stories from the North Gate



Dear Community,

Everyone has their own unique story and set of circumstances to overcome.

Overcoming our individual struggles is our mission! It is almost as if each obstacle is designed *just* for us.

Consider yourself a lump of unshaped rock that needs to be sculpted into the masterpiece you are destined to be. The lump represents your obstacles, while the hammer and chisel are the energy required to overcome them. Your Higher Self is, of course, the sculptor!

This week we share with you the stories of people from our yearly meeting at ‘The North Gate’, the Gate of Strength, in the Modern Mystery School Headquarters Toronto.

May their words & stories inspire you in your own sculpting journey! 🗿

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Wishing you a week full of sunshine,

Modern Mystery School UK & EU Team


Stories from the North Gate


One of our team had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world this last week and record some stories on her trusty iPhone. People who walk this path tend to shave years off their life as they find joy, but there were stories they overcame. These stories carved a new reality and individuals were able to transform their challenges into new strengths. Our Mystery School Headquarters in the West is in Canada and works with the power of The North Gate. This is a gate of strength for humans. We can draw strength from this gate so we have the power to shift our stories into a platform of power to launch our lives forwards. Here are our first stories from The North Gate. We hope you draw strength from these stories, dear Reader!

First up is an incredible share on becoming a mother at age 19 from Cassandra Cooper, 3rd Step Ritual Master and Guide in Tasmania, Australia. This story sits deeply close to her heart. Let it inspire you as it did me!

Next up we are blessed with the eloquent words of Ruthie Odom, who shares about being queer, identity, clarity, and the North Star of your Path. Ruthie is a 3rd Step Ritual Master and Guide in Long Beach, California.

At 19 years old, I found out that I was pregnant and the father was a man that I definitely did not want a future with. So when I was 20, I had my baby without a father. 

And in doing so, a recycled generational thing that had happened to my mother and her mother, also happened to me.  And so I went through my 20’s resisting. 

I loved that child, the love was so deep, but I resisted the relationship of “being mother”. I really resisted that. 

Sometimes, people had no idea that I was a mother.  [Nine years later], I had my second baby, and used that relationship as a bit of a healing. But still, there was something else there, and it was actually something that really pushed me in the direction of the Modern Mystery School: generational trauma. I didn’t want that to be passed on. 

So with the DNA [Life] Activation, I feel like it was my sole contract to end it, to say no more to that. And to heal it, like at the cellular level. [In doing so], the relationship I had with [myself as the] mother also began to heal. Even looking at my own relationship with my mother, and her relationship with her mother. [All around there was healing]. Amazing. Amazing. Yeah, I don’t talk about that actually, and to be honest, that’s exactly what I was looking for. 

Where are you at right now in terms of how you’re feeling, what’s, what’s shifted? 

[Being a mother] was the one thing that I resisted throughout my twenties, and then in my thirties I started to [heal it], but it was only really after the Modern Mystery School that I anchored that ‘Oh! The thing I’ve been resisting so much is actually the thing that I need to, more than anything, lean into.’ I even [needed] to be my own mother, to really heal the inner child within me, and my relationship with Mother Gaia. I think about resisting motherhood, and it’s so real. It’s something that I personally [struggled with] so, so much.

What would you want to say to women who are challenged, and so conflicted with something that’s so innate to women? It seems like a common challenge. 

Mother is the first relationship we have. It’s the first connection, and it’s an incredibly powerful position. For me, I feel like the mother is the leader of the world. It always starts with a mother. And I feel like all mothers should do some work into exploring their relationship with mother. Not just their mother but ‘the’ Mother. 


We asked Ruthie Odom this:

“What is something that’s happened in your life, that was really hard and that you’ve shifted through and transformed? And how has the path supported you on this journey?”

And let us tell you, she delivered! She shared the following:

I would say that the Mystery School path has helped me not to be dictated by my relationships. 

Let me explain. 

I used to live in this world completely at the whim of what everyone thought, or what everyone else expected, or what was expected of me because of my identity of being a woman, being a queer woman, or being a southerner, or being from the United States. 

All these identity markers that I grew up with really dictated my mind, and I felt like I was in a constant struggle, a constant trap because I really wanted to be a good person. It seemed the only clear path of being a “good person” in this world, to be subservient to how everybody is supposed to think about you. And then in the media, or in TV, or whatever, they say “oh, just be yourself”. And so I grew up in this generation of “oh, just be yourself” but then there was no clear path on how to actually be yourself. It was like, you can do anything you want, as long as it’s a doctor, or a lawyer, or you go to college, or you follow all these rules. And so I lived in a generation, in the 90s, where I was just constantly lied to. And I think I really suffered with my mental health, and I have a lot of friends that also suffer with mental health because that’s what happens when you live in a society for so long that lies to you constantly and tells you you can be who you are, but gives you no avenue to do that. In fact, it mostly gives you a prison: through the school system, societal, and family expectations.  

The Modern Mystery School gave me a lot of freedom. It’s a disciplined path that helps you to understand yourself because you’re [faced with the opportunity] to remove all the masks that you put on to [avoid being] hurt in relationship. Any mask I ever wore was in the pursuit of being loved in any sort of relationship, whether it be with my friends, my family, my country, my whatever.

I was always in the effort of being loved and not being rejected in the relationship. But I found that in pursuing to be free from that pain, I was rejecting the most important relationship, which was my relationship with God. And I think the [Modern] Mystery School packaged that up for me in a sense that, you know, God is not outside of me, but God is inside of me, and gave me a very, very clear structure in which to not only understand the God inside of me, but to know it, and to really understand that this is what it means to be who you are. So I feel that I live every day in joy and authenticity because I finally can stop living a lie. And my life isn’t dictated by my relationships, but I dictate my relationships based off the core of who I am.

I think what I’d say about the queer identity is that I kind of like the word queer because it’s supposed to encapsulate everything– you don’t really need the other letters (LGBT+) when you have the word queer, and then everybody can go under that letter (Q). I’ve never really felt like a queer person. 

I’ve always just felt like Ruthie, you know, and tried to avoid boxes. But I do primarily date women, and that still doesn’t identify who I am, you know?

It’s my preference for how I live life, it brings me joy, and that’s really the extent of it. So that might be what I do, or that might be a part of my expression in the world, but it’s not the totality of who I am. And I think we can, in anything, whether you’re part of the queer community or any sort of community, if you think that your community is the totality of who you are, then you’re going to miss out on a lot of life. So I think if anybody was struggling with their sexuality, it really just is that. It’s your sexuality, and that’s it, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

So, by going to Healers Academy, you have to [accomplish a lot first]. You have to get a Life Activation, do Empower Thyself, take prerequisite classes, and then sit with those classes, those teachings, utilise those tools, and then decide to go to this five-day program. [And that] five-day program is time, money, internal resources, external resources, and then you do it. And you get something when you’re in that healing Temple. There’s nothing like Healers Academy. It’s so amazing, it’s so bright, it’s so transformative. 

But just the process of going from Life Activation to Healers Academy can be such an amazing microcosmic experience of learning how you would accomplish any mission in your life. So then, all of a sudden, you can then take ‘How did I get to Healers Academy?’ and apply it to how you do anything in the world. 

If the [Modern] Mystery School is giving you markers of success, like, ‘oh, I accomplished this thing’, everything you accomplish after that becomes your purpose. 

People always want to know, “What is my purpose? Why am I important?” Everybody has a purpose! You have a purpose, I have a purpose. But if you haven’t accomplished even getting from A to B (the little things), the little purposes of your everyday life, how are you ever going to a) get clarity on your big purpose of what you can really do, or see the grand picture? 

The Path [of the Initiate] is so amazing because it offers markers of success. You can think ‘wow, I got to this program. What did I do to get here?’ Everything you did to get here is one of your gifts of success. Meaning that you can take it and use it towards the next mission, and the next mission after that, and the mission after that. For me, being on the path of 10 years, I constantly have to apply that. I think to myself, “All right, how did I make this happen?” That’s a microcosm for how I can make the next thing happen. It could be getting to the next program, making a documentary, moving, starting a relationship, or some amazing idea that you think is going to save the world! That requires commitment, dedication, and really, really intimately knowing yourself. 

So, if you can take the opportunity to go to Healers Academy, track what came up for you, how you got there, your strengths and weaknesses, you can then apply that formula to every single thing you do in your life and be successful in those areas as well. The [Modern] Mystery School’s Path gives you a path, which tells you what your strengths and weaknesses are. And then if you’re humble enough to just be okay with where you’re not perfect and strengthen those weaknesses, you’re going to do incredible things. You’re going to be the Da Vinci, the Einstein, the Michelangelo, the Shakespeare of your own life. Then, every time you accomplish something like that, you have Joy. It’s a really simple formula. The Path is a really simple formula of Joy. You have to be able to express who you are. And when you do that, often, the fruit of that is just Joy. For me, that simple formula is 1) you do the Path, 2) you know yourself, 3) you serve yourself and others, 4) you have Joy. It’s very simple. In 10 years of doing this, I am always brought back to ‘Oh, I just got to be me.’ It’s the best system for cleaning out the confusion of what you are not.


Attend the university for magickal teachings


If you’re anything like me, you read Harry Potter for the first time and lay awake at night dreaming of attending a magickal school.

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Healers Academy 1 (Open to Adept Initiates – those who have done Empower Thyself!) 16-20 September 2024

Ritual Master Novice (RM 1: Open to Certified Life Activation Practitioners) 17-18 September 2024

Magick of the Ritual Master (Open to Certified Ritual Masters) 19 September 2024

Temple (Open to Certified Ritual Masters) 20 September 2024

How to Live a Hermetic Life (Open to Certified Ritual Masters. Certified Life Activation Practitioners may apply.) 21 September 2024

Hermetic Joy (Open to Adepts – those who have done Empower Thyself!) 22 September 2024

Enochian Magick 1 (Open to Certified Ritual Masters) 23 September 2024

Enochian Magick 2 (Open to Certified Ritual Masters) 24 September 2024


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