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Dear Community,

When it comes to addictions, the struggle is real.

From a simple metaphysical perspective, addictions fill a hole inside. This hole can be caused by trauma and/or a lack of receiving the energy we need.  We have to fill this hole with Light and good energy to restore our connection with the Divine and ourselves.  This fills the greatest void within.

The journey of recovery to self takes profound courage.

This week we have two inspirational 20-somethings sharing their personal journeys with addictions, their discoveries and their journey. May this inspire your week!

And if you missed it, mark your calendar for the open-door event for EVERYONE who has attended Healers Academy to share the Life Activation with each other and recharge.

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The Truth About Drugs


An inside look with Paul Schulz and Jessica Réa

Paul and I (hi, it’s me, Jess!), are both young initiates on the path of ‘Know Thyself.’  We sat down together in a frank and honest conversation about our drug history, reflecting on the drugs in the context of the path of ‘know thyself’.

We came to one deep conclusion:


Paul and I both gave up a life of mischief, parties, and drugs to commit to the path of ‘know thyself.’  Read on to hear a an honest and empowering take on drug use and what we have learned along the journey.

How did your drug addictions and life of parties change when you came to the Modern Mystery School? 

[Paul] I’m in a position now where I would feel limited if I were to do any drugs today. I feel so empowered in my life, without drugs, in my natural state. I’m so high on myself. I have my ups and downs, but there is no reason for me to consider taking drugs to alter my state…before, I didn’t want to look into the mirror. I had a difficult childhood [and] used drugs to run away, to escape the little Paul that was hurt inside. [Now,] I am able to confront myself, be honest with myself, and deal with situations and emotions [that] arise. I don’t need drugs to escape.

What was the final wake-up call for you to give up drugs?

[Paul] Funnily enough, I still used marijuana after Healers Academy until one day while giving a Life Activation, I realised the hypocrisy: I was giving a healing yet I [couldn’t] heal myself and [didn’t] have the will to stop taking drugs. That was the true wake-up call for me. I thought to myself, “Get over it Paul, what’s going on?” I realised I couldn’t heal someone else without healing myself.  Everyone knows that taking drugs is not good. So if we are consistently choosing to take the drug we are choosing not to love [ourselves]. And that did not align with me anymore.

How would you advise all the healers out there who still take drugs and alcohol? 

[Paul] You need to be honest with yourself and work on yourself before helping others.

The core issue [for me] was self-love. If you love yourself, you will realize that you are harming yourself with drugs. Love yourself more and more, and you will cut out the things that harm you. Self-love is key.  You need a path to remind you that you can love yourself, as you are. You have everything within yourself.  That is what the Modern Mystery School has done for me. I love myself more and more every day.

Why do you think sensitive, spiritual people take drugs?

[Paul] Even though we are all spiritual, some people are unable to look into the mirror; it just hurts too much. They may lack the tools, guidance, or initiations to do so; they may believe that taking drugs serves them. However, [we humans are powerful] beings with infinite potential. Tap into your true self, and [you can] feel truly high on yourself.

You are not from this world, drugs are of this world. What do you think is more powerful? Yourself, your Spirit, you! You are infinite, you are an eternal being. There is so much more inside of you to harness and feel truly high on yourself. You can be the drug.

Everyone knows it. When you take a substance you know you are harming yourself. You know you shouldn’t do it. And you have the will to stop yourself! Paul was surrounded by the influence of older teenagers and was introduced to drugs at an early age. Then, as his friends took ‘harder’ drugs, so did he. This parallels my experience; I was seeking guidance. I didn’t have access to the support or tools that I needed. All along I was looking for the Modern Mystery School, the path of ‘Know Thyself’ and a benchmark for how to love myself.

Why did you continue to take drugs after becoming a healer?

[Jess] I fell into the trap of drug induced spiritual learning. After hearing the calling of shamanism I found glamorised drug induced ceremonies appealing. It was the scene I found myself ‘waking up’ in, and honestly, I didn’t know anything else.

At the time I was unaware that we are eternal beings.  I had no idea it was our birthright to be magickal and access the divine WITHOUT drugs. I felt I needed something outside of myself. [In society today, I feel] we are always told to hand our power over to someone and something which is not ourselves.

Was quitting drugs like ‘plant medicines’ and alcohol related to walking the path of ‘Know Thyself’? 

[Jess] I was absolutely broken on the inside when I finally found the Modern Mystery School. I had tried the silent retreats, the different spiritual beliefs, the psychoactive drugs and ceremonies. When I fully surrendered, [the answer came].  I had already learned a lot, but I knew that I couldn’t keep taking substances and I knew that there was more. I had already been to rehab and gotten clean of drugs and alcohol but again, I handed my power over to ‘shamanic drugs’ to heal.  This made no sense. I was only hurting myself even more. Yet I was addicted, and I was desperate. When I ‘cried for help’ the path and I finally found each other.

Have your addictions and associated traumas healed while you’ve been walking the Path? How? 

[Jess]  Through initiations and classes such as Empower Thyself and Healers Academy, and incredible healings like Etheric Reconstruction, King Solomon Mind Region Healing Modality and Ensofic Reiki, I have been able to heal trauma and pain I was using drugs to numb. I have repaired my mind so that I can trust myself again, trust the spiritual guidance I receive, and harness my innate gift to access the divine. Now I understand that access to the divine is what I was searching for when I used drugs. It wasn’t just about escapism, it was that I knew there was so much more to life, but I believed it was only accessible through drugs.

Do you still take substances?

[Jess] Since coming to the Modern Mystery School. I have given up drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and plant medicines that weren’t serving my Highest Self. No one told me to, and no one said I had to. The energy of the lineage alone guided me so deeply to connect to my Higher Self that I quit all drugs on my own. The illusions and paranoia that I had from drug use began to fall, and I have been brought deep healing as a result.

Do you miss the ceremonial aspect of shamanic ‘plant medicine’ ceremonies? 

[Jess] Everything we do at the Modern Mystery School is a ceremony. It wasn’t as hippie looking as I was used to. It was royal, reverent and sacred. It was clean and pure.

Healers Academy is like a ceremony; it is 5 days of learning sacred tools like the Life Activation and Aura Healings. When you leave the Temple on the fifth day, the journey really starts. The journey within yourself to heal and to truly ‘Know Thyself’, and to embrace your divine blueprint begins. This was the first experience I had with ceremony without using drugs.

What finally got you clean?

[Jess]  What truly got me clean was Healers Academy. The journey of integration of all the healing I received at Healers Academy got me to give up all drugs: psychoactive substances, alcohol, weed, and cigarettes. I started to consistently choose myself. It wasn’t immediate. The ceremonial container of Healers Academy taught me to take my power back and showed me the truth behind the substances I’d been taking. Once I saw and understood that my drug use was harming me AND other people, there was no going back. Further progression along the path helped me let go of a deep belief that drugs and spirituality were woven together. Now I am spiritual. I don’t do drugs. Peace in my spirit has been restored.

— Jessica Réa, Life Activation Practitioner & Ritual Master Apprentice (Interviewer and Writer)



All Healing is Self-Healing


And yet, sometimes we forget the deep transformation that can come from the Life Activation, the foundational tool in this sacred lineage.

Calling all Life Activation Practitioners!

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Attend the university for magickal teachings


If you’re anything like me, you read Harry Potter for the first time and lay awake at night dreaming of attending a magickal school.

Well, I have a little secret for you.

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Magick of the Ritual Master (Open to Certified Ritual Masters) 19 September 2024

Temple (Open to Certified Ritual Masters) 20 September 2024

How to Live a Hermetic Life (Open to Certified Ritual Masters. Certified Life Activation Practitioners may apply.) 21 September 2024

Hermetic Joy (Open to Adepts – those who have done Empower Thyself!) 22 September 2024

Enochian Magick 1 (Open to Certified Ritual Masters) 23 September 2024

Enochian Magick 2 (Open to Certified Ritual Masters) 24 September 2024


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