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A heartfelt welcome to the last newsletter in November and the first edition of our Stories from the Heart.  This series will shed light on the human stories our community has faced and how they pushed past them and grew beyond the challenges.  We hope you will enjoy this new series whenever it appears in the newsletter.

December brings the Winter Solstice Celebration and you are invited to sign up for our celebration on 19th December.  Martina Coogan, our Wiccan Plate Holder and High Priestess shares her Wiccan wisdom below.

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Stories from the Heart – First Edition


Shedding light on our community one story at a time

Each one of us has a story to share about how we integrate our growth into daily life.  Bringing these stories to you is our way of connecting our community to hope and joy despite the bumps in the road.  We hope you enjoy and are inspired to share your own tale in the future.  Reach out to the newsletter team and we will feature you in the next installment of

“Stories from the Heart

Confession Time


“In time… you will realize that I am on your side.” – Radu

This is what my love said to me when I was struggling to understand his ways when dealing with others.

When that happened I felt excluded and betrayed. I can’t remember for sure what the story was about, but it had something to do with including another woman and the attention he offered to that conversation.

I love this about Radu, he does not buy into drama or take emotions too seriously: he laughs at them. I really appreciated how he managed to be there for me – creating a safe space for me to let go of my insecurities.

It was something about those words that made me grow in confidence and feel more secure, being able to open up in our relationship. I cannot express the level of gratitude I felt back then. By saying these words he declared “I am here for you, and I will always be and someday along our journey you will let go of the insecurities and FEEL that you are worth the love I have for you. You will be able to receive and appreciate everything I do for us. You are a woman: you receive. I am a man: I give.”

And it is true. Ever since I managed to let go of the insecurities thanks to having a safe space, Etheric Reconstruction and other healing sessions, I am better able to support him and to feel like accepting (and not doubting) the love from my beloved. That feeling filled me and I am able to trust that whatever will happen, I am safe. We are safe.

Forever grateful.

We love pushing each other’s buttons in order to grow. Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it’s necessary but we are aware it will bring more joy to our lives when we deal with things.

It is true when they say ALL HEALING IS SELF-HEALING – AND IT STARTS WITH FORGIVENESS. You have to forgive yourself for making yourself smaller than you are. To forgive yourself because you thought you were not worthy of love. To forgive yourself for the negativity you felt and created in your fields. You need to release all the drama and emotional stuff in order to receive LOVE and feel you are worthy of love.

I hope someday you can find “your person”, one that does that for you from a loving, safe space, wanting for you to grow beautifully together.

Diana Cinpoeru, Romania

From Utterly Miserable to Living in Alignment


I was utterly miserable in my corporate job and juggling being a single mother. I was working so hard, trying to do all the things and be everything to everyone but not doing any of it very well. I was exhausted and felt very alone. I remember one day I needed to buy my son nappies and my card declined. It was one of the lowest points in From Utterly Miserable to Living in Alignmentmy life, I couldn’t even provide for my baby. I felt like such a failure and I was so afraid for our future. How could I give my son everything he deserved? I had no idea.

Not long after, I woke up one morning with a voice telling me to search the internet for jobs for single mums. I did, and at the top of the search was the opportunity to buy a yoga franchise. Yoga was not something I had ever done before and I was certainly not fit enough to practice or teach never mind start a business. I needed more time and flexibility and the same level of income or better to provide for my son – how could this be the answer?

Yet my heart told me to go for it, so I did. I bought the franchise on a credit card and I left my ‘good’ job, to start a business doing something I had never done before. The stakes were high and everyone told me it was a stupid decision but in my heart, I knew it would be OK.

That decision was now 10 years ago and it was a catalyst that enabled me to build a life that is beyond what I could have dreamed. The business thrived and I went on to build another, I wrote a best-selling book, I earned more money than I could have imagined, my son is thriving and I met and married the man of my dreams. I have learned to follow my heart and what it tells me – even if my mind protests… I know my heart to be true. In my experience, heart-led living doesn’t mean you don’t have to work hard or it is always easy but it does mean you will live in alignment with who you are and that your dream life is very possible for you.

Anna Anderson, United Kingdom


Turning Point

This year has been a turning point for me. I feel lighter and more authentic, reconnecting with a childhood sense of self. I’ve trusted in the guidance I was receiving, and it has led me exactly where I needed to be and continues to do so.

Setting clearer boundaries in relationships has brought positive changes, it was hard at first as I have such a desire to help others, but I had to realise that helping sometimes means letting people do it by themselves.

I’ve merged different aspects of my outer identity into one by using my birth name Cecile: it feels good and more unified. Joy and more awareness in the present moment is the result and I have been able to share this with my daughter and husband who are both always such a perfect mirror.

Cecile George, United Kingdom


Celebrate the Wiccan Way



Winter Solstice Invitation


The winter solstice on 21 December is the shortest day of the year, and is a very powerful time on the Wheel of the Year. It is one of the most powerful points of the year because the axis of the Earth pauses, shifts and moves in the opposite direction.

This is the moment of time in the year when the Sun is born again. At the winter solstice we celebrate the magnificent Sun, and on the darkest night it is born again, bringing a new year of life and growth with it.

From last year’s winter solstice the Sun has grown from birth to its height at the summer solstice, then declined through autumn, until its light finally dies on the darkest night. Then simultaneously, it is born again, and a new cycle of life for the Sun begins once more.

We are Lightworkers, dedicated to bringing in light, sharing light, sustaining light in our lives, and sharing with others how to build a life, to hold the light and balance light.

On this night and from this night forwards the light increases again and will flow as we direct it into our lives and our world. This is a magnificent night for us to reconnect to the light and to fill ourselves with that light.

At the Modern Mystery School we follow the tradition of going within, connecting and sensing the stillness, the birth of a new pure light. We celebrate the hope it brings, knowing it will continue to grow. We celebrate the potential of this new flame and of the pure light it holds. As a community of Lightworkers we set our intentions – anything and everything is possible in the coming months!

With the birth of the Sun a new year begins. It’s the beginning of a new cycle of birth, of growth and of death in Nature: a whole new year of life, experiences, of transformation.

This time of the year is when so many traditions in society celebrate and come together with hope and renewed excitement. I love that in our tradition we honour the birth of light and stop to recognise its significance and power in our lives, and in the world itself. With light we reflect nature in that we grow in the light after we have planted our seeds: we then prune, resow and replant.

All things can grow in your life with the light. It’s a magickal time of pure potential: it is a blessing for us to have this opportunity once again. It is a gift we each have where we obtain a new beginning every year – a new chance to go deep inside ourselves, and emerge as a new version of ourselves.

We invite you to come join us and celebrate this sensational seasonal day on 19 December in London. We will take the time to honour and acknowledge all the endings as well as the new beginnings in your life, and in our community. We will celebrate the birth of light and set our intensions for the year ahead.

Martina Coogan, Guide & High Priestess.


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