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As we journey deeper into December we are preparing to bring you our “Season of Lights” series – our newsletter is aglow with pictures and words from those who are attending their first Kabbalah class and some insights from Kabbalah for Kabbalists.

In a recent livestream, Aleks Ceho and Divina Kate Bartram-Brown untangled the celestial threads connecting Astrology and Kabbalah, offering a unique perspective on these ancient practices and what they may unveil for those who seek to ascend the Tree of Life.

In the spirit of unity and celebration, we invite you to our Wiccan Winter Solstice on December 21st. Immerse yourself in this magickal evening with rituals and reflections, embracing the energy of the season. Secure your spot by following the links provided.

Tonight brings you the opportunity to move with purpose and to flow your light in our online Chi-Do session – the link is below.

Wishing you a season filled with light, warmth, and the enchantment of Kabbalah.  With Love, In Light

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Reflections After Classes



Interviews from Kabbalah & Kabbalah For Kabbalists


Here are some insights from the attendees of the Kabbalah classes last weekend in London. Some started their first ascension and others returned to experience Kabbalah for Kabbalists to delve deeper within.

We spoke to some of our initiates to bring their feedback as soon as they stepped out of the class.

What was your greatest takeaway from Kabbalah?

Experiencing something which is a group progression which I haven’t felt before.  This is the immediate thought that comes to me.

What surprised you the most?  What didn’t you know?

How many fears I have, and how it will help me evolve as a person, as a family man, as a father, as a businessman and as a human being.  I think that everything I’ve just done in that course surprised me if I am honest.

What is one keyword that you would share from the whole class?

Share the LOVE now people!

How do you think this class will change you or your outlook on life?
I’m hoping that I can adopt the tools that I’ve learned into my daily life, and that I will become a better person.  I hope that I will become a more disciplined person and a better person all-round.

Christian Frew, Romania


What was your greatest takeaway from Kabbalah?

It is a gift and I don’t have to struggle with the question “What is it all about?” because I have the answer now. It gives me absolute confidence and a quietness, a peace of mind that I can study an ancient system from the lineage for the rest of my life.  I don’t have to try many things or do many things anymore because we have a proven system that works.

What surprised you the most?  What didn’t you know?

It is easier than I thought, and it is a system, God is not coded.

How do you think this class will change you or your outlook on life?
With clarity and understanding in every part of my life and with discernment because I have the ability to choose what is light and what I need to become clear about what is not right.

What would you tell anyone who is thinking about taking the class?

Do it because you cannot explain this class or the experience, you have to do it!  There is much more going on than just a mind thing.

Philipp Schulz, Germany

Kabbalah For Kabbalists

I’ve been studying Kabbalah for 6 years & everytime I go deeper. This class was amazing, I went deeper, it brought me more insights, more heart opening & more connection to God. I highly recommend this to anyone.

Philipp Schardt, Germany

Kabbalah For Kabbalists

So my favourite thing about Kabbalah is it’s really a roadmap to success and success in the physical plane having spiritual tools. This is really cool to understand Spirit and not to reject it or reject the light; so to use the light to bring it into physicality, like a thousands of years old success map.

Marian Barnow, Germany

Kabbalah For Kabbalists

I love Kabbalah so much – it’s an honour & a privilege to really be allowed to enter a new Tree and to ascend from our lower realms up until the Supernals and to really hone in the tools & skills to work through our darkness and bring light to our own life first and then out into the world. As a mother, the tools of Kabbalah are truely phenomenal as I am able to apply it to my everyday life.

Maria Johansson, Sweden

Astrology and Kabbalah with Aleks Ceho

In a recent livestream, our very own Astrology expert Aleks delves into the mystical ties that bind Kabbalah and Astrology, shedding light on their profound interconnection. With captivating insights, Aleks unfolds a tapestry of knowledge that not only demystifies these ancient traditions but also emphasizes the symbiotic relationship between them. The exploration goes beyond mere correlation, delving into the very essence of how studying both Kabbalah and Astrology can unlock a profound understanding of the hermetic arts.

Aleks guides us on an illuminating journey, illustrating how the celestial patterns and energies decoded through Astrology intertwine seamlessly with the esoteric teachings of Kabbalah. It becomes clear that these two disciplines, seemingly disparate at first glance, share a symbiosis that enriches our comprehension of the spiritual and metaphysical realms. The livestream serves as a compass, pointing towards the importance of embracing both Kabbalah and Astrology in unison, offering practitioners a holistic perspective on the hermetic arts.

As Aleks connects the dots between these ancient practices, you are invited to grasp the intricate threads that weave together the cosmic and the spiritual. The live stream not only imparts knowledge but also underscores the significance of a comprehensive study, emphasizing that by understanding Kabbalah and Astrology together, one can unlock deeper layers of wisdom and insight into the mysteries of the universe. This enlightening session is more than a discourse; it is an invitation to embark on a journey of profound self-discovery and mastery of the hermetic arts.

Astrology and Kabbalah on YouTube


Winter Solstice / Yule Celebration


Join us for our Winter Solstice / Yule Celebration!

Can you believe it’s that time of the year within the cycle – the longest night; from this point on the sun begins to grow in light again. Looking for the light in every situation keeps us aligned with our light within which leads us to gratitude, empowerment, and joy!

Join us as we celebrate the rebirth of the sun, renewal, and hope and flow this energy into the holiday festivities.

19th December 2023 at 6:30pm till 8:30pm

Registration starts at 6pm

Limited seats are available, please book your seat in advance.

Entry: £20 when booked in advance, £25 at the door.

Venue: The Columbia, 95-99 Lancaster Gate, London W23NS United Kingdom


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