Reflections On This Year!


Dear Community.

Wow what a year that was and although it is not quite over yet we are signing off for our Christmas break, from 20 December-3 January.

As you know, you will still be able to contact your own Guides and Life Activation Practitioners over this period, you are not alone. 

I was reflecting on the year and how our community has pulled together, this is something I have been incredibly proud to be a part of. We have been through the highs and the lows. Remembering our training and using our tools to stay in that Middle Pillar as much as possible. 

In the Mystery School one of the first things I heard was ‘its all of us or none of us’. Meaning we never leave anyone behind or alone. Together we are stronger, no matter what our religion, colour, gender, sexual orientation, clothes we wear, our age … none of that is who we are. It does not define us, what defines us is the way we treat ourselves and others. This year I have seen so much courage, kindness, love and compassion. This is who we truly are and it shined through each of you in so many ways. 

We shall resume our mediations and provide an article or interview each week to keep you updated on what is happening in 2021. We have lots of magickal classes planned … my favourite thing to do! We look forward to seeing each of you in the New Year. 

Wishing you all a Magickal Christmas, Festive Holiday however you celebrate 


Divina Kate & the UK & EU MMS Team.

P.S You’re also welcome to join us online for Chi Do tonight @ 7.30pm!

Modern Mystery School UK & Europe

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