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I know and some of you may recognise these familiar faces, because yes I have interviewed them before, but you may notice this common theme throughout all of the interviews that, my friends have lived multi dimensional life, that they do many many different things, and they are experts in many many different areas of the world ,and so I would love to welcome Julia Tiffin and Annie Riley


so today we are talking about a hot topic, well is it a hot topic here in the UK, it might be in other places that it is just the norm, but it’s about passion, and what does that mean, and how does that relate in our lives, and you know I feel now is a perfect opportunity to talk about this, because it’s may ,and it’s still raining, and a lot of us are feeling the from being lockdown,  I feel like weneed a bit of passion, so let’s open up ,


I would love to hear from you both about: what it is to live a passionate life, what why is passion important first of all.


Julia:  I’m gonna jump in, as you know I I’ve grown up in a land where there’s a lot of sun, and there’s a lot of fire, so living with that fire that sun in my life is being something which I don’t quite know what to do what to live without, and I think since I’ve been in Mystery school,  learn how to wield that fire energy, which results in in this passionate that we’re needing, and I have to just tell you that Just as we’re starting this interview, my next door neighbour began playing this really racy dance music, so I think the passions already coming in through the walls,


but you know this fire energy that I’ve really honed and explored since I’ve been in the mystery school, is what lights up for me what I’m really here to do, it it’s it gives me the correct fuel to be on target and on track with my life,  I was thinking earlier today just about what how different it would be if cars ran of water, as opposed to gas or petrol, which produces so much toxicity, and really just fuels a money making industry, and so I think people are not running on the true fire in their life, they are running on something which keeps them hamster in a hamster wheel going around in circles burning them out actually,


as opposed to tapping into that pure energy like water, that you having a car running in water, and having that  pure fire that just makes you alive, and put you on track with what you are here to do, how you go about doing it, giving you the drive to just keep going, and also you spoke about being multidimensional, without that fire, I definitely wouldn’t be able to be you know editing a book, and working on a healing practise in different country, and  doing all the different things or the different projects that don’t want to name all, for all the different projects and doing, I didn’t have fire that could fill me in in my daily life,


DK: Annie  what do you feel about passion then, why is it important for us to have passion?


Anie:  well just picking up on what Julia was saying,  we need that fire energy, we need to have that passion, and that desire that to live life fully, who we came here to be, and for me recently I have experienced a reawakening of that passion and sensuality,  this has been in the form of exploring a new paradigm way of living, being and relating, so we talk about having relationships and we talk about being with that special person, but I have found in the past that,  it wasn’t multi dimensional , it wasn’t serving me, I didn’t have that connexion, I didn’t have them, there was something missing, there was a map, there was a magic, there was a missing element from how I was showing up for myself, and also with that significant other person in my life, and this was brought to my awareness through our journey using the universal Kabbalah ascension programme this year,


and we reached a point in the tree which is called Gebra and Chesed, which is Kabbalah three, and it’s a point where we review all those things that we haven’t yet addressed in our life, but we set out to explore,  we be petitioned the tree to service us with.


for me this took the form of well dating, and we were in covid, and it was a very tricky situation, because I connected with my higher self through sanctuary meditation, and I got this message that this is what I had to do, and I’m like how is that gonna serve me,  I couldn’t get it, why do I have to date ,why do I have to,  I didn’t understand, I couldn’t put the dots together to see how this was going to serve me, my life ,is what I wanted,


because I had asked, what is my next step, now when I asked the my higher self, and when I asked the tree, what is my next step I meant in terms of serving other people, and I thought how is dating going to help me in serving other people, and I didn’t get it, and I thought OK and I resisted, because as we do, we get these information and I resisted,


and then the magical way that we live life, I connected with my fairy friends, and I connected with the beings of the river, and I was getting the same message ,and I was like Oh my God gotta do it ,how do we do it when we’re in covid, so I thought OK I spoke to another friend of mine Davina Ann Donnelly who has just written that amazing book about once upon a Tinder, and she said Annie ,go on Tinder ,go on the dating app, so I thought OK ,so I signed myself that that,


again I left it for a little while because I wasn’t comfortable,  how we get comfortable in how we’re living our lives, and again I didn’t get how it was going to manifest so, anyway eventually I took the plunge, and I started liking peoples profiles on Tinder, and I was getting messages back, and I just stuck to that to begin with, and then when it opened up again, that we can actually see people, I thought okay I’ll meet people for first of all have a conversation,


with my head like a three step process, you have a conversation with someone on the phone, and if they kind of got who I was, because I’d say look what I’m looking to do is explore, sex sexuality it was from a higher purpose, it was from this new paradigm way of living being and relating,


and I said and I don’t know what that looks like, because I didn’t know what it looks like, but hey I want to find out what that looks like through having those experiences, so I’d have the phone conversation, if I felt I sensed that they were right, I’d meeting for it ,you know tea in a cafe and then eventually they pass that test , I invite them round for dinner, because that’s another one of my passions is food, I love food,


and one of the things that happened during this time was,  I shifted from being vegetarian to vegan, so it was a whole journey of reawakening,  another thing that came from these experiences was another passion of mine, which is dancing, and I couldn’t go out and do the dancing ,because know it was locked down, so I went back and I started you I bought an Amazon Alexa, I was dancing to and I was drawn to dance to people like Barry White, Toni Braxton, Sade it was sensual, it was like who’s going through this whole reawakening of my fire of my passion, through these meetings with men, and also through food, and combining food, music, dancing, the whole thing just came got  reawakened within me,


so yeah that’s how it’s been for me, and it was interesting what happened was, as I went through this process, I was still serving people through meditations online and stress rescue and leading sanctuary meditation, and people are saying to me, somethings happened to you we feel, that there’s even though I was actually feeling more alive, and vibrant, it flowed into my service and into my work, and I went ah I like this, I really like this, and it was benefiting me,


and then I thought, now I get it now, I get while I was getting that message,  this is what you have to do, because it flowed into all aspects of my life and my being,


DK:   this passion that we’re talking about from both angles, it is this fire energy, it’s that get up and go, and we see in the world one of the major problems that we have is apathy, and people are not able, or not willing, or not wanting to  whatever terminology you want to use there,

they don’t take action, they don’t wanna actually do anything, so how is passion lost?


how are people getting into this? just so that we can help people out there that don’t know that they are pathetic, perhaps lacking in passion?


Julia: well for me where is this these flames reside, or how do we access the flames of passion this fire, it’s really it’s a super simple formula, it’s about following your heart, and there are these messages  that we get feelings,  let’s say you’ve got a great aptitude to do law, for some reason you can’t really explain it you really want to do philosophy, and it said moment where you decide not to do the philosophy but you do the law because it makes more sense, and you don’t follow your heart, that’s just one little example of where it can be, but every time we use logic to talk away there’s something was yearning in our heart ,maybe it’s you know it’s this deep feeling you’ve had that you need to take a break from work and go and live in Italy for a year and pick grapes, I don’t know, and it really makes no sense, but you can’t explain this really deep feeling, and when we don’t listen to it, it’s like putting a water over the flames,


The thing is that the fire,  when we have predicted knighted and we keep it going, because we listen to these crazy little sparks of inspiration, it actually helps us to access what I call this  compass this navigational tool within, that will move you towards living leading a deeply fulfilled life, cause the fire knows what’s really going to bring you to a state of deep joy,


and yes this is a huge problem that people are functioning on logic leading to apathy, as opposed to leading from the fire, leading from the heart, and this is something if people can make that shift, will create joyful people, and there’s one thing I do want to say,  it’s not a fluffy term following the heart, the Egyptians the Greeks have said that the highest intelligence is really coming through the heart, and he was talking about the tree of life and an the study of that which we call the Kabbalah, and truly we actually access on the tree of life the higher mind the higher intelligence through the heart Tiphareth, so its critical that we go there,


DK: this is interesting I’m just bringing this to you now Annie, so we’re talking about this dance  food in relationships, and to me that all sounds like the creative arts, all to do with expression and creativity, and we see more than ever now that, children at school in particular are having those subjects taken away, and we’re being more directed to do academic logically, minor things, now you studied dance,  so can you just give us a bit of insight about how creativity and passion, and how that can support children and moving into adults and suchlike?


Annie:  yeah as we’ve identified, it is such a hugely important role be able to live expressing your passion, I used to be a PE teacher,  I have a degree in physical education, and I did my honours in dance and philosophy of the performing arts, so it’s something that I have always and I was always encouraged by I was lucky by my parents  do what you want to be and follow your own dream ,and at the age of 12, I decided that’s what I wanted to do, I wanted to be a PE teacher, and I wanted to because what did I like best at school, I like playing games and I like dancing and doing gymnastics and things like that, and it’s so true at the moment what we’re seeing in schools a lot of those creative activities are being taken out of the curriculum, and it’s being put your being pushed towards more academic and science I truly don’t know how I would have functioned in in that kind of environment, and there are so many children that this is who they are this is their magic, and it’s about we need to in our education create a system that really ,it so it should be about the each child coming to find their unique magic, their unique piece, and it would be through their heart as well as yes we need to bring in the science side of things as well ,


it’s not just all as Julius that it’s not a fluffy thing,  but through that heart through that passion and finding their unique magical piece, if that was that it that was the purpose of schools, imagine the shift that we would have in schools, because you could bring in all the other academic stuff into that container as well, but let’s do it from the heart, let’s do it from finding you know what are you passionate about, what is what is the sparks your fire, and then through that bring in how it can be related to the other more academic, because we need both, we need a balance of both, which brought about that tree of life, this is the Hod, , it’s the higher mind,


and then we have Natzach, which is that creativity, and we need to balance all aspects of that being, but  we come in with quite often not in that balance state, we come in with a predisposition to either science or art ,and so it’s an honouring of that of that totality of the whole being, is to refine to raise up the weaker aspects ,and also to keep refining those things that you love doing, it’s not only about what we need to learn, what we need to achieve, but it honouring what is it that sparks, what is it that lights you up, do that, and then bring in all those other  things as well,


it’s such a shame what we’re seeing in schools at the moment, because there are so many children which probably as Julia calls it, it’s a bit like being onto their fire,


now if they create that, it’s gonna be like, they’re being dampened down, they’re being done, it’s not being honoured, its not being, they’re feeling less than the other, their friends in the class whose strengths are the sciences, and it’s not like one is better than the other,


we need all to create this to create a new world, we need the scientist but we also need the creatives as well ,


DK:  so Julia, the passion, what recommendations do you have, for people that may be feeling a little bit down, a little bit like they can’t be bothered, what can we do, practical stuff or metaphysical, what would you suggest?


Julia this is going to be a kind of left field suggestion, but the stress rescue a programme that we offer, it’s pretty amazing, because it looks at the actual signs of how stress works on the body, and then gives you techniques, to start getting on top of your chemistry.


but what it also does, it gives you techniques to both help the left and the right brain, so just off the bat, if anyone has a chance to attend stress rescue, we have been offering it online as the service to everyone for free, you’ll pick up techniques that are going to help you to access your creative flow very very easily, but as annie was saying, this is the key thing,


the arts are being systematically taken out of schools across the world, and so one of the quickest ways to start accessing a passion actually, is to start exploring the arts, to be honest,


and it could be appreciating arts, it doesn’t have to be doing it,  both appreciation and doing helps you,

listening to music is huge, listen to other music you haven’t listened to before, that’s key, going to Spotify, go into your iTunes or Google Play whatever you use, and start exploring a wider range of music,

dance, dance is huge put on their different music and find different ways to move to it ,and yes you know each person I find has got something creative that they do like doing, but they’re not doing it,


I mean even just picking up rocks, and making the pic rocks, Pretty Little like little smiley faces, and leaving it someone’s door was a gift, that’s a cool little creative project you can do straight away ,


so the artist one thing,

the other thing I would recommend, super simple, before you go to bed at night, ask to connect to your fire, to that spark within you, it knows how to take you back to the core of you to your fire, keep asking that every night ,and then when you wake up on the course of the day,  if you get a sense of something that illogical you need to do that you wouldn’t ordinarily do, try something different ,do something new, pick up that pain you haven’t I don’t know, whatever it is, do it ,whatever little feeling you get, run with it, because it’s like you’re being shown for bread crumbs back home to your fire,


and the truth is to get back to your fire, it takes action, and that’s the key piece, is like when you want to make a fire, you gotta go get the kindling, you’ve gotta gather wood, you’ve gotta get something to start the fire ,thinking about to where we lived, but like some other all the times when you had to actually really didn’t have lighters and matches,


and think of it like that you’ve got to find your way back to your fire, and it’s going to take action, and if you just keep going at those different actions ,you will start sparking, and lighting it up ,but remember take action on the things that seem illogical, then you know you’re on the right track, not dangerous, just create a little bit crazy,


DK: Annie, so you talking about relationship then, you have found that this has brought a spark of passion back into your life,  for people out there that are perhaps  maybe they are divorced maybe they are single, they are  feeling a bit it’s not easy, can you share some of of your advice for them encouraging ,how to take those baby steps


Annie: I know I mean I went through a divorce as well , it does take time for you to clear that that energy, to let go of that past relationship, and for me I’m eternally grateful for the mystery school for these teachings and the tools that we use everyday that really help us shift through everything that we go through in life,  and baby steps I would say really it’s about learning to love yourself again, and to honouring yourself ,and you self nurturing self care, these are all things that I did.

I started do myself things like to start my day now with like a salt bath in the morning, cause I feel that that is setting me up for the day, I feel that I know rather than rushing and I’ve got this and this to do no it’s giving myself time,  to honour me, so salt baths,


looking at the way that you eat, and making sure that you’re hydrated, having healthy food, relaxing Julia talked about listening to different kinds of music,  yeah look at the going out in nature so only really had to do a lot more sunlight ,self nurturing and self care and honouring of myself, and what does that look like for each person it’s it really is an increasing and increasing journey into the self,


and as I mentioned the tools that we received more to miss responder sessions, I would we talk about doing something you definitely advise somebody to have a life activation, because that really does reconnect you to hope and sparks that fire again, it gets you back k on track in life in all areas of your life ,so yeah great place to start would be nurturing yourself ,looking at really  taking care of yourself, and investing in yourself, in you in really looking at yourself, and who you came here to be, and how you are too 8 to show up in the world

and that we have those tools that really help that so that look at yourself, and let go of that programming that we’ve gone through, the taboo around certain things which we know that we have that there is everything that you need within,


this lot of mystery school structure of healing and teaching, so yeah baby step, take time to sit down and smell the roses have that cup of tea on yourself, have that salt bath and have a life activation, yeah I’m going to say that every time just get a life activation


honey you and I are the same but you know anytime anybody comes to me with anything you know and I think about all the different options and modalities that we have in the mystery school and I I said then I think about all the different things and it all response to the life activation always because it’s like it’s like the miracle is amazing really you were going well and then after you had that which already actually does the trick then you can try the fire soul infusion and that yeah just like that sort of like the extra icing until the big with all So what I’m hearing from both of you were just finished up now but I know the time is going quickly so would probably have to have a part to but what I’m hearing from both of you is that you both flow passion in your lies from from within its you’ve both taken action you both look after you sat itself you both look phenomenal you’re oozing you know that that gorgeousness that sexiness and that passion but also kindness and strength and I I really notice that about you both and and you know and and that’s you know important and that I feel that fire sometimes gets misrepresented in you know kind of or distorted you know it’s it’s something else but when it’s will did you know correctly or you know it’s beautiful the way that your brakes pressing that so I just wondered if their final few words were just finishing up now but final few words to say I would actually like to say something and that was to pick up something that any Seddon also that you’ve just said and that fire does need to be contained and managed and controlled when fire is misused it can look like burst of anger frustration impatience and it’s actually getting very destructive as we know so we want to be able to source that fire from within more like the sun where it’s constantly warming us inspiring us to try new things nurturing us giving us energy that life giving energy so it is very important to to manage the distortions of fire and and he was just speaking about the relationships in our sensuality and fire can go so off kilter in that in that bed go towards obsessive sex and obsession and sex addiction just to be quite honest and that’s not what we talking about we’re talking about this powerful fire that gives life and that nurtures and sustains us thank you any final words honey yeah I’m I’m just going to just jump on the back of what Julie is talking about there and yeah it’s about honouring that got fired that sense you allotey that your sexuality and flowing it into into your into your into your you know your life from from within but with balanced with balance it’s the balance that we’re looking for you know we want to we want to flow it but we have boundaries and yeah so just go out there and you know please just do fire within you with balance yeah thank you thank you ladies beautiful goddess is thank you for that thank you everybody for listening I’m sure you’ll agree we only just got started with this topic and I feel like we will need more as we down deeper into passion the hot stuff and how we can build that in our lives so thank you thank you Annie Riley thank you Julia Tiffin and we’ll see you all again soon

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