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Divina Theresa by Divina Kate 26/May/2021


DT: I’m good, it’s good to be back on your show, and looking forward to our conversation today.


DK:  I ‘m very looking forward this, I’m gonna jump in straight away, coz most people will already know you from Gaia TV and this amazing Mystery Teachings, people that get in contact with me all raving about the show, how it explains about the science and the magic, and it brings up lots of different concepts and ideas, and words that people aren’t always familiar with,  one such thing is alchemy,


most people have heard of alchemy as in turning lead into gold, to most people that’s quite kind of a way away from their daily life, so what is alchemy?

how does it relate to our daily life ? and the impact on our daily life?

could you give us some foundation from which to work from?


DT:  yeah so when I first came across alchemy, I had that same concept in my mind that, it was bunch of pseudo scientists from the Middle Ages trying to turn lead into gold, but then as I was actually in my PhD studies getting my physics degree, it just kept coming up as something that the universe just kept putting in front of me to look at, and after enough times of it coming up, at first I just dismissed it, and then I thought OK it keeps coming up, so let me just keep an open mind here and dive into this,


and when I did I realised that alchemy was just it was the original science, you know it was a place where science and spirituality were integrated as one whole, and where science came out of, medicine came out of it, psychology came out of it,  pharmacology herbal medicines like all of these different practises that we have today in our world they are all sort of split of but at one point in time they were all from alchemy ,


so as I dove more into alchemy, it really became clear that alchemy it works on many levels, it is the science and art of transformation of how we can raise our vibration, how we can move through the process of change in a way where we’re always improving and going through various cycles of that transformation process,


but when you study alchemy is like, The Alchemist studied nature like scientists do, so they came to understand this process of transformation as a scientist would, and they realise that there are certain stages that everything goes through, as it goes through that transformational or evolutionary process,


and in studying what those stages are,  we can then learn to work creatively with them, to participate with it, and in that process of participating  that we can help speed it up.


so alchemy is very much about speeding up revolution, understanding the change process that transformation process we go through, and in such a way that’s really raising the vibration from just physical mundane kind of ways of operating to lifting it up to the spirit,  so from  ego to spirit, from physical to really embodying more of that spirit into it, the higher energy the higher vibration.


DK:   goodness is actually very practical, even though when we took when we think about it,  what gets mentioned in films and all, it’s actually something that we can really use practically.


if we’re looking at this from what’s happening in the world right now, could we relate that to an alchemical perspective?


DT:  yeah so alchemy can be related to so many different things, it is super practical because it’s a universal formula of change, and so how we can apply it to ourselves and our own personal journey of transformation, we can apply it to the process of making medicines for example, we can apply it to our societal evolution and transformation, and there’s a difference though between just change and alchemy right.


Because change can sometimes be for better or for worse, it can be random, it can be haphazard ,whereas alchemy is a transformational process that is more controlled, it’s more we are applying our will to keep it moving forward, and there’s seven stages that they often talk about, sometimes I’ll break it down to 12 stages, but in its simple format seven stages where we must go step by step by step, you can’t really skip steps, and you have to really do your due diligence in each step so that you can successfully move forward to the next step,


when we leave it up to just nature for example to spur on that evolution, it can be a very slow process, when we leave it up to just sort of what’s familiar and as we go through the change process and you know there’s a lot of people out there talking about you change process whether you’re playing it to business or personal development or what not,


but what I have found is that many of those systems out there, they only work through half the stages of the change process ,they missed the final three stages where we really take things further to towards their perfection, towards bringing it into a really integral state where it can’t be disrupted anymore,


so when we look at our ourselves or our collective society, we’ve been going through this change process especially since I think really the new Millennium , we really have entered into a time of a quickening ,a time of a lot of transformation in our society, how we do things,


if you look back 20 years ago, our world operates in such a different way today, it is so much faster, or bombarded with so much more information, there’s so much happening on online and social media and all of these things ,it’s really transformed our world,  both through the technology driving that transformation, but also human consciousness shifting in awakening to higher levels, we are going through a transformational journey right now.


but we’ve been getting stuck at certain points in that change process in that alchemical process, and I feel that when we become aware of alchemy and how it applies,  it really helps us to get more proactive in the change, so that we can keep it moving forward in a better way,  ‘cause right now we’re at risk of backsliding,


DK:  how can we use alchemy to shift out of this then?


DT:  if we maybe just take a moment to look at the seven stages, it can give people a little bit of context for what we’re talking about here,


so the first stage of alchemy typically is what we call calcination, it’s like the breakdown, it’s the burning, it’s some big event that really shatters our reality or our comfort zone, gets really challenged by that, it can be just some tragedy, or it could be just like everything kind of what you thought was going to happen doesn’t happen, and it really like your whole reality of what you are planning and expecting to happen in the future becomes like completely shattered, and you are like: Oh my God how did this happen? What?


so it usually comes out of the blue, it’s usually very unexpected, and then that kicks off, that becomes a catalyst, often it can be through big challenges or traumatic events that catalyse this alchemical process, and it’s basically saying things need to change,


and you need to get more conscious about that change process, and you can’t keep avoiding it , coz people like to stay in the comfort zone, and when they’re staying in the comfort zone they’re avoiding that transformation, when we’re outside the comfort zone that’s when things are dynamic ,and there’s a lot of challenge and shifting energies that will continue that transformational journeys.


so being in the alchemy is not comfortable, it can be intensive points, and yet we don’t need to be victims to it, there’s a lot of times people’s mindset is like: oh you know why is this happening to me, and they get into that victimhood ,but when you really start to study the alchemy, it’s like OK this is an opportunity for transformation, how do I want to work with it versus resisting it, and we can lean into it instead of trying to run away from it, the calcination catalyses, it starts, it lights the fire, that that is the breakdown of what we thought things were going to be,


usually the second stage that comes after that is what we call dissolution, where all of the emotions start to come up, or if we look at it from a physical perspective, dissolution is to take what was left over after the burning of the calcination, which usually is like ash things burn down to ash,


you take those you put them into a liquid solution, like a aqueous solution, and stir everything up, and it dissolves into this solution,


so that water in us represents the emotional energy or the subconscious, aft,er the burning things start to rise up, emotions start to come up, thoughts start to come up and there’s a swirl of thoughts and emotions that go on from what’s coming up from the subconscious,


and it’s not a good time to make decisions, because it’s usually very murky very cloudy, it’s hard to get clarity around things, but you know that emotion is coming, and we need to really look inwards, and see where is this coming from,


and then it takes time ,but then once things have stared enough, and we’ve released some of the emotional energy, like maybe sometimes if your eagle gets burned you might go into anger first but then at some point there’s tears behind that, coz usually anger is a mask for sadness.


And  at some point we release the emotional energy hopefully in a positive way, but not everyone releases their emotions in a positive way,  and then we go into the third stage which is called separation,  and that is where we’re trying to now let things settle down a bit, and try to get clarity,


and we’re separating out what’s what, what’s true, what is false, what needs to be kept, what needs to be discarded, what is of essence here, and then we do that process of separating out those essentials, and what we need to keep and figuring out what needs to be purified further, what needs to be refined and so forth, so we go through this stage of separation.


so that’s a lot of really questioning things, looking at the truth of things, really assessing what is and isn’t working in our world, in our life, in our business, whatever it is we’re applying the alchemical process to.


and once we go through that process and we get clearer, and we make some changes in the various aspects that need to be rectified or remedied,


then we come to the fourth stage at some point, I’m really rushing through this but they know we have limited time, we come to the fourth stage where it’s called conjunction, conjunction means to bring the pieces back together again.


so we’ve taken those parts we’ve separated out, we clarified everything and we’ve kind of purified them on their own,  and then now and they’re in more pure state,  we’re going to bring him back together,  and get them interacting again,  but hopefully this time will interact in a more harmonious way, whereas before the change process started, they were interacting in a destructive way ,or they were there’s too much struggle and polarisation and so forth happening between them .


so in conjunction is about bringing harmony, and getting things working together again, and creating kind of a new state of a new identity that feels more whole imbalanced, a new way of being that feels more supportive, and balanced and integrated and its operating at a higher level, but it’s not complete yet,


and this is where I find a lot of personal growth and change processes that are out there right now in the world today, they kind of take us to the conjunction stage, and then that’s as far as they go.


to go further into the final three stages, that’s where it really takes more effort, more will, more understanding and knowledge of this process, and real determination.

in alchemy we call it the devotion to the great work, we also talk about that in Kabbalah, where it is that devotion to continuing to bring this to its perfected state, or the highest ideal, highest possibility,


In conjunction people get trapped there, because it gets comfortable again, and it’s easy to slip back into that comfort zone, and say okay well, this is good workout, we’ve gone through a lot of change now, let’s just get back to business, and get back to how life was and that,


so they stop the effort of digging in, and taking it further, and so to go the extra mile, to go and really push things forward, we need to really apply ourselves with some dedication to it,


if we don’t, what happens is that, from that conjunction stage there still impurities in there, there’s still faults, and things that aren’t really working, they might at a surface levels be working, but there’s deeper things, deeper issues that need to be rooted out,


so they don’t take it further, what happens is they slide backwards, and then we have to start the whole process all over again,


so where we’ve been at, I would say as a society is, we’ve entered into that, in some ways we slid back, and in other ways, other areas of life, we’ve moved into the fifth stage which is fermentation,


and fermentation is this process of, OK, we’re starting to root out the impurities again, and separate, but it’s at a more subtle level, but it’s also to ferment something is to let it like whatever is impure, or whatever it is corruptible needs to die, right, so it’s a death process in a way, it’s like the old paradigm the old structures the old ways of being that do not serve, they need to die,


and yet some of those old ways are familiar and comfortable and what we know, and we have attachments, and so we cling to them, and so there’s almost like this internal struggle that happens, that’s like a death match between new paradigm and old paradigm, or between the new way of being and old way of being that was familiar,


and so we’re in that stage that’s rotting, they often compare it sometimes to the dark night of the soul, and where we go through this deep process within ourselves, within our own soul of looking at our own darkness, staring it in the face where we sabotage ourselves and so forth,


I could say a lot about that, but let me just finish this last two stages, so that we can carry the conversation on,


so fermentation takes a while, it will not finish until we truly let go of the old, until we truly let the old die, once we do, it releases the spirit and the soul to rise to higher levels, it releases us to go to higher levels of consciousness, and then that moves us into the distillation stage,


which is to refine, to raise the vibration, to embody more spirit into the physical ,to bring the physical up to higher levels of awareness, it’s an ascension process, but at the same time as an involution where we’re bringing spirit into physical, so we go through many cycles of  from earth to heaven and heaven back to earth, many cycles of this refinement and raising vibration,


and after enough cycles of that raising vibration refinement purification merging above and below, we ultimately come to the final stage which is coagulation, which is a crystallisation where solidifying this new way of being into a perfected state, that is incorruptible, that is really of the highest integrity, the highest beauty and perfection, and that is ultimately what we’re meant to be living in this life, is very beautiful and joyful life,


DK:  it’s so fascinating isn’t it, because as you were talking about that really picture in my mind how the world has been, through those stages that I could relate to everything that you were saying, go Oh yes this is what, that time and now here we are, and it’s fascinating, so we’re in that you were talking about that dark night of the soul, or the place where the old is is dying off, and we can really see that now, can’t we.


FT:  yeah there’s so much in our society that I think we really shifted into this dark night stage after probably around 2015 maybe sooner maybe 2012, but we really shifted somewhere in those years, but I think it was really 2015 that all of a sudden it like woo woo ….all of humanity’s darkness that was sort of hiding in the shadows for a long time and being suppressed was all the sudden in our faces,


And it coincided with for example populism just sweeping around the western world, Then all this turmoil that started coming out, and all the isms , the racism, the sexism, the gender isms, all of this stuff started just coming up to the surface to be addressed, to be dealt with, like no more of this impurity,


but at the same time it’s like there’s such a struggle going on within the Collective Soul of humanity, of is our light or dark going to win out, and nobody’s hiding anymore,


but in the process ,so one of the things I talk about in my book called “the game changers social alchemist in the 21st century”, which I’m just about to do a new release on, because I I wrote it in 2011- 2012, and so much has happened since then, that I thought OK it’s really time to update this,


so we’re in the process of getting it expanded and update brought up to date on where we’re at as a society, especially in the western world, but really just the collective of humanity, where we’re at in that alchemical process, and where we keep getting stuck in, what we need to do to move forward,


and in the book I talk about who are those game changers, like who are the ones that are leading the charge of this shift in collective consciousness, and there’s really two groups that we can talk about from more mainstream kind of terminology.


one of those groups is what we call the cultural creative,


and the cultural creatives can be of any generation, but they tend to be defined more by set of values than by a demographic that’s more age or race or religion or country, there’s this new value system that’s emerging, values such as cooperation, values such as equality and balanced, values such as caring for the environment, and finding ways to be technology and nature together versus at odds with each other, there’s more altruism, so there’s these brotherly love,  there’s these values that are coming into the Collective Soul through the cultural creatives,


they are helping drive a lot of the changes in the awakening that’s happening, a lot of them tend to be spiritual, or drawn to not necessarily religious but spiritual personal development, they value that, and that’s really been what’s driven so much of that personal development kind of market, human potential market, organic food market, yoga mindfulness…. like all of these things have been driven by the cultural creatives,


so they went from Wu woo to mainstream, because their values are there, right so they’re putting their money where their values are,


and then the other group is what we could call maybe from the millennial generations and younger, and that’s because they grew up digital, they grew up with Internet and technology, and so they’re really driving a lot of change in terms of how we work with apps and online, but they also have very similar values to a lot of the cultural creatives,


and so that group of cultural creatives is growing, because the newer generations young for generations are coming in and an expanding that group, and what’s interesting though right now is,


so while these two groups, we’ll just label kind of call all cultural creatives,

and from a spiritual perspective, sometimes we also talk about the indigos or there’s different sort of soul types coming in that are part of that group, all the way back from the hippies era, to the indigo of the 1976 is 1975 and onwards, there’s a lot of them coming in until today,


they’re bringing a vision of a new world with them, they’re bringing also these gifts of new paradigm ways of doing things, and then older generations understanding okay yeah that’s good let’s now implement that here in this system, and so there’s this cooperation that’s been happening between the millennials and the older generation of cultural creatives to help move things forward,


so it’s been really good and we’ve been making a lot of progress since the new Millennium,


but 2015 or thereabouts hit, and we started to backslide,

because we went into this dark night,


if you just look at how much polarisation has happened in our world since then, and you know we’ve had all these movements, and some of those movements are, they start with really good intentions,


like let’s clean up and eliminate this abuse of women for example, or let’s end the abuse and racism of minorities, and let’s be more like accepting of differences,

and actually alchemy really thrives on the interaction of differences, so we need those differences and in the alchemical perspective, it’s like we have to learn that those differences are not a threat, they are necessary for the dynamic energy that drives us to improve,


but we need to learn, instead of them being at odds and in conflict with each other, or polarised with each other, and constantly fighting and labelling the other is bad,

we need to learn to harmonise them, we need to learn to get them to work together, but that won’t happen without acceptance,


So what I’ve been watching over the last number of years, I really got clear about it just recently, is that as we’ve been going through this dark night, we’ve also seen the rise of things like cancel culture, and people who were so woke, and so in our wokeness we’re going to in our awakening, but it’s not, I wouldn’t really call it awakening,


it’s like well we’re waking up to the fact that this stuff isn’t good anymore, but now we’re coming out with this aggressiveness, the other side,


and that cancel culture is like the exact opposite of what we need to have happened if we want to move the alchemy forward.


So what is really important is, the majority out there they’re going to do what they gonna do, but the cultural creatives, the people who really want to be a part of our social evolution, of our shift in collective consciousness,


we just need the 3% who are really willing to do the work on themselves, to be the change, to be the ones who are for creating that alchemical process within, and raising their vibration, coming into a more peaceful and balanced and harmonious state within their lives,

so that they can then tip the scales, that then creates the spontaneous evolution, or up levelling within the collective consciousness,


but right now what I’ve been seeing is that, even the cultural creatives and the millennials and spiritual community are getting dragged into the muck of cancel culture,  so they’re getting dragged down by this dark night of the soul kind of phase that we’re going through, and they’re cancelling each other, they are attacking each other for different beliefs,


some of them are getting vicious, others who don’t want to get into the fray are backing away from it all, they are withdrawing, and they’re isolating, and they’re not speaking out to bring that balanced perspective , so they are allowing the few who are maybe 1- 2% of the population to dictate the narrative, because they don’t want to get into the mud,


we’re the pretty critical time right now when it comes to whether we make it through this stage into more beautiful times, or whether we backslide and have to start all over again,


DK:  I hope that we can get through, because you’re so right,  especially on social media, you can see that happening to many different groups and many different people, and somebody just has to speak out and voice their opinion, and all of a sudden people are cancelling them and throw quite viciously attacking, it’s not acceptable, that’s not how we should be behaving,

I love it when you said that, we need all of the differences to create the dynamic energy, that makes so much sense doesn’t it, because it will all the same, it’s going to be boring, I would describe as boring,


DT:  while the bore might function as a whole unit, where’s the free will in that? where’s the joy in that? where is the diversity or excitements of that?


DK:  we definitely don’t want that,

what if people out there I mean people have seen you on Gaia, and they’re desperately wanting to attend your classes and such like, there’s people out there that would love to learn about alchemy, is there anywhere that they can go to, and learn from you and you can share ?


DT: well we are going to be running an alchemy workshop in London in July, so that is a possibility that that is July 22nd I think,


DK:  it was or is it MMS school calendar so I can put the link in


DT: so that what we’re going to be doing during that workshop is really about the alchemy of life, it’s like how do we bring different very practical very easy to do things into our life on a daily basis, that helps us raise our vibration, it’s about awakening our senses, it’s about relizing how we need to learn how to use pure vibration, pure things that are not polluted, but they can really help raise your vibration consistently in a pure way, and how to then live that,


how to live in a higher vibration, and bring that alchemy that joy that excitement to life on a regular basis with really easy tools to use, so that’s one way,


there’s also just I find personally that, stepping on to the path of initiation in the mystery school tradition is a form of alchemy,


initiation is like a spiritual technology for accelerating revolution,

it is a form of alchemy,

actually everything we do in the mystery school at the core of it, is alchemy,


so whether it’s getting a life activation, or an initiation step, or taking the Kabbalah, the kabalistic ascension journey,  the universal hermetic ray Kabbalah,


those are all alchemical processes,

stepping into any of those things will support your journey,

Kabbalah is one of the ones that really help me to understand how alchemy and ascending the tree of life are one in the same,


and when we go through that journey ourselves, we really experience and come to know the alchemical process, and then when you study the alchemy, it just helps you put it into the context of alchemy itself, but you’re going through it with the kabbalistic ascension of the tree of life,


for those who to look into anywhere wherever they are there at and with, and look into some of the modern mystery school programmes trainings activations and so forth,


if you’re somebody can’t do any of that, then I would recommend my book, there’s the game changers book, it’s going to be re- released the 2nd edition to just hold off ,


there’s a first edition still on Amazon, but the second edition is coming out very soon, we’re just working on one more chapter of expansion, and then it’ll be getting released again,


then there’s various things on YouTube,

they can checkout mystery teachings where I share more especially like season three, I get into more alchemy towards the end, season four is all about the alchemical journey but in the context of the major arqana arc types from tarot, how they relate to us and our chemical process,


there’s a lot of resources both online and…

but really it’s not about just learning about it, it’s about doing it, it’s about living it,


alchemy is a way of life,

it is something that is about life itself,

and how we can participate with our own evolution, our own transformation,

and speed it up,

and that really requires our will,

that requires us taking the tools, taking the knowledge, applying it in our life,

being consistent with that,

being The Alchemist in our own life,

so that we can really take charge of our own transformation journey,


DK: wow thank you so much, I have popped all of that in the comments, so people know that Mr teachings and the title of the book with the 2nd edition, and so they’ve everybody’s got access to that information ,I cannot wait for that book to come out, I am really excited to read it, and have had comments along here, everybody is fascinated with that just how it all into interacts ,and relate.


so thank you so much for taking your time today just to explain that to us and I know there’s so much more that we could talk about well you know it’s cramming it all in so thank you I really appreciate it’s been amazing.


thank you doctor Kate and great .


thank you everybody and we’ll see you all again soon

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