Hidden History of the Golden Dawn with the Founder of the Modern Mystery School Gudni Gudnason




Transcript of the Interview:

31/Dec/2020 interviewed by Kate:


Now you may have been watching my interview with amazing people that I know, you may have noted that they all have one thing in common, that they have or are studying at the modern mystery school.


So you can imagine my excitement today, as we have the founder of modern mystery school Gudni Gudnason!

he is the Lineage Holder, Ipsissimis , member 3rd order,  Ritual Master teacher, kabbalist , Kabbalah teacher….. just a few of his amazing achievements.


Some of you won’t understand what that means, and what a mystery school is, so let me list some of the other things that you may recognise:


He’s very well known for his humanitarian projects such as the Golden pyramid, working with people such as doctor Emoto, and the Dalia Lama.

Also trained in rescuing military services, highly trained martial arts instructor, had many successful businesses.

He’s also been recognised in the art:  professional dancer, artist, writes poetry, an award- winning TV producer… and the list goes on


Here in the UK and EU, we have a deep history of magic.

As you may have heard from Jordan’s interview with FG, he came to London as a young man to study the mysteries, he actually studied in Golden Down which some of you may have heard of, People such as the Arthur Conan Doyle, Sir Winston Churchill, David Bowie all studied there.


What are its origins, why is it in London, and what drew all of these amazing people into this linage, do the lineage create these amazing people?


Let’s start at the beginning & find out the history of the closed mystery school in London.


how did the Golden Dawn come to London?

had it always been there?  if not.  where was it?




That’s a long story, let’s see if we can do a short version of it.


Mystery school & the Mystery school Lineage were 8000 years old all the way to Hermes, even further than that should we add into the shamanism and other things.


We go back to Salomon 3000 years ago.

After solomon’s death, the Mystery school start spreading around the planet in several locations. The European section first was in Greece, there was Egyptian school.

The Greece School kind of split up, all kinds of masters were in the school at the time, they kind of took the teachings and started side- schools.


This European branch branched out into several locations. There were good reasons for that, because there was persecution, there were the rise of the Catholic Church, which did not like us & called us pagans.


For example, alchemy became hidden within several areas in Czechoslovakia, old Yogoslavia, Romania, there were a lot of alchemy laboratory there. I actually studied in one of the last ones back in the 70s.  it was amazing, the building is still there, but there’s nothing in it anymore.


Then it started flowing back into one place in late 1700s early 1800s in one place, Germany first. It was a code there called “farmer frater natice” or the “front name”.


There’s never really been a name, it’s just the lineage the Mystery school.

A group of Mystery school masters decided, okay we started “Brati Natics” or “brother and sister hood”, we call it the “farmer”, started pushing everything back into one place.


It was in Germany for a while, and then it’s original goal: Holy Grail.


Basically, the location of the mystery school follows the Holy Grail in the grave line, which goes from the Great Pyramid straight through London, straight up to Iceland.


You can see this working in Doctor Adam Rutherford. The meaning and importance of England UK and Iceland very connected in the Pyramidologist Dr. Adam Rutherford’s work.


Finally, this call came back to London, to follow the Grail.


In mid 1800s, the “farmer” moved over the charter, for the school was given to the then known as the secret order of the 3rd order, and they started the Work in 1850 -1855.


Then the school worked underground as most of the schools do until 1888.

In May 1888 they emerged to the surface, call themselves the Golden Dawn.


They had done a little test run before that, there was a little organisation called the “morning star”, it was just a little test run, they taught very interesting classes and they saw that there was interest, this would actually work, so the Golden Dawn emerged.


When I say the Golden Dawn, I know a lot of people listening are going ok  his Golden Dawn yeah we have that today and …..


No, no, no, you do not,

We do not have that. there’s lots of stuff on the Internet, there are organisations calling themselves golden dawn all over the world, it is Not the origins of the King Salomon’s Mystery school.


These are people’s attempts of imitating us. Shouldn’t be critical but they are halting the work. They don’t bring the true teachings to the people.


That’s how Golden Dawn finally came to London and took its rightful place.


It’s interesting because when I went to London from Iceland, and the school was following the grave line, they said the prophecy is fulfilled.

As a young guy I didn’t know what that meant, the prophecies fulfilled, cause the Holy Grail is actually in Iceland, finding the resting place there.



this emerged in 1800s, what was the type of people that studied in in the mystery school at that time? What type of people were permitted to study in the mystery school at that time? why was it so popular?




Let me just clarify, Not anybody could study the Mystery School.


They were selective. It was not open in the beginning from 1850, even in Germany.

It was closed, and they chose their students.

They would choose students.

Many students were there because of their fathers and grandfathers etc. It was in the family, just like the story with Paracelsus. His father grandfather a long line of history.


When they opened up in 1888, there was a surge of educated people came in.

The “Housewives” that came in were more interested in the lighter side of the teachings:  astrology, psychic development. But the biggest largest group were educated people: doctors astronomers, physicists etc, because we were teaching metaphysics back again.


Even when I came to London in the 70s, people asked me what do you do, I would say, well I study metaphysics, and I started to teach metaphysics, that was always like oh wow…… that was a very respected thing.

Back in the 1800s extremely respected.


Just one example of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who wrote Sherlock Holmes, he was Sherlock Holmes, he was helping the police a lot and several other members of the mystery school.

he was very respected and would teach in universities at Oxford cetera and shared metaphysics.


Unfortunately, he lost his respectability by publishing a book about fairies. He said that he took photographs of fairies, and those were very famous the first photographs of fairies to be published or ever to be taken.  Because of that, they stopped inviting him to come the universities.


This is how physicists, mathematicians, scientist….. professionals were coming. We had Carl Jung talking a lot about metaphysics and psychology from the metaphysical standpoint, the holistic point of a person.

you are not just the physical body and the mind, you have the soul, you have the aura, magnetic energies, you have all that. And you have the spirit which is Eternal.

You have all these different entities working in your psyche, and Carl Jung recognise that.


Example he once said that, when the spirit, which we don’t have much connected with spirit. we know how to uplift our spirit, to feel better about physical body, but we don’t have much connexion with it, it doesn’t really have a personality or identity in it.

But Carl Jung would say when the spirit is dreaming,  you know we get some kind of messages, from it’s dreams.  And they might come to us through our dreams,

they might come to us from through colours, like when we close our eyes we see certain colours, that might be messages from spirit.

He also mentioned the internal workings of the spirit.


This is how the Mystery school was in the beginning, and being a closed Mystery school,  like when I joined it was closed again. Because it was open from 1888 and closed down 1932.


There is a lot to be said about a closed Mystery school. You get the students that are dedicated to the study, you get the students that are have been observed like they observed me for a couple of years before inviting me into school, They wanted to see okay how this mind work,  so they were observing this study within the metaphysical society,  the philosophical society, and with my rabbi studying Kabbalah.

They were watching me and then invited me to come.


It was a very different foundation of the school back then.



Many people studied in the mystery school then, they were physicists and we know Winston Churchill and suchlike, they were studying these concepts and taking them out in helping humanity…  how has the mystery school in London influenced humanity in that respect?



It’s hard to answer that, you have to look at each individual.

Winston Churchill is known for many good things; I do not think that he was a high initiate.

I know that he was an initiate.

I think when he started his mission as Prime Minister, he did less and less with the Mystery school.

I’m not exactly sure how high he actually went.  But you could see his humanity in his action. you know he did not accept 400 thousand soldiers were stuck on the shores of France, he said no, we will send every boat in England to go get them.


In this kind of actions that he took to preserve life and save lives.  And the way he handled at the war front, or made his army fight.


I think that as each individual, we develop skills, that then come to us when we are in hardship in life, when there’s a task at hand then the skills come out.

…preservation of life, and being strong leader, which is of course very important for us in the Mystery school.


We don’t train followers, Mystery School trains leaders.

we have always done that, for thousands of years in schools, it’s always been about training leaders.


It’s very interesting also for me, I love physics, this period of time, the end of 1800s coming into 1900s, physics floating in becoming a science. Before it wasn’t a science.


you can see how many of the original physicists were very metaphysical.

A lot of books from the period written by physicists , and there’s almost no difference.  it’s like you’re just reading a mystical book. It’s physics but it’s about Mystery School.

There is Kabbalah, alchemy…


it’s so obvious how they took what they learned in the Mystery school and applied it to physics.


Of course then there was the division between science and spirituality.


They took physics out of metaphysics, took science out of it,

which is sad, but that took a long time.


I know that even when physicists gathered in Copenhagen.  that was kind of the birth of modern physics. the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum physics.


This is when all these brains came together, working, there is an amazing picture of them, I might be able to find it and show you, taken in front of the building owned by Mystery school in Copenhagen, where they were studying & meeting in Mystery School building.

and there’s only one woman in the picture sadly. There were more women studying but only one in the picture.


There was time when quantum physics became mystery, even Einstein was talking about the mystery of the continent. He called the spooky effect, there was some spookiness in here,.. their notion of normality at that time is so different from today.

It was obvious most of them were Mystery School people.




the scientists studied in Golden Dawn in London, would they have come into the city, would they have gone to classes and temples and things like that?


how would it have worked when they were studying in the mystery school in those days?  How was the structure back then ?



Mystery School back then was in several buildings in London in beginning, starting with one building, then spread out a little bit.

At one point, maybe 1910 or 11 around that time, they decided to bring everything into one building, and funny enough this building you know I really don’t want everybody to start brushing to this building and I’m not gonna tell you where it is,  but they called the building the statuary house.

It was not Mystery school or anything like this, or the Golden Dawn, or anything like that.


But the Hermetic order of the Golden Dawn was not published in the beginning. It was kept low key. it was called the sanctuary house.


People just said well I’m studying at the sanctuary, that’s the building.

I got to it in the 70s, I thought it was gone, I did not think it existed anymore. Its still there.

There was still buildings around,  smaller building , a little bit away from the Sacturary house,  and it has a tower.

So strange I took Echo my wife there a few years ago to show here, I looked at it oh it’s so small! I always remembered it bigger than this.


We have to remember, we’re not talking about the regular train station, we’re talking about a Harry Potters train station. There is a gateway in that pillar right there between the two train tracks.

I would go into the building and walk 10 floors up in the building that only have three floors.

This kind of stuff was constantly happening.


The sanctuary house has a basement, none of us know how many floors down it goes.  We know that we functionally use three of them. We go 3 floors down, but we talk about a basement of the size of London.


This is the other woowoo side of what we do, it’s not just physical there’s a way more to it than that.



interesting because I I’ve only ever heard you mention that once in a class that I was attending, so funny the week before you mentioned it I had seen that exact building on a bus.

I was going past it on the bus now that’s unusual that it’s that name, and it is all in stone.

anyway so I went back to try and find the building, I’ve never been able to find it again.

it was amazing and it was so eye- catching the building because it was unusual.


the magical place we were talking the other day, and about the Ley lines and such like, are these magical places in London the Golden Dawn used, based on different Ley lines? how does it how does that come into play?




I know that there’s many people on the online listening not from London so please leave …


London is my home.

Iceland doesn’t feel like home, I wanted to get out of there.  14 years old I was speaking with nobody understood and

I was eight years old and started speaking Oxford English, reading and writing, I had a typewriter and I was writing stories and poems in English,


London is completely filled with magical power spots, more than any other city I’ve ever been to and I have travelled everywhere. I would say London is three different cities.


The deeper city which archaeology has already proven, London is building on another city older city,

This energy is still alive in the city, example of that is, some of that has been brought up example of that is the old temple of Mithras, which is found in the city.

First it was allowed to be underground, there were also a few floors down.

We actually went down there to do ceremony, but now they have lifted it up, for a while all of the above was moved to a museum. I think it’s still there. I think you can still go and see it. but it’s up on the ground right now. That’s the old city underneath. There’s many many places.


If you go into the catacombs, there’s huge catacombs all over London under London.

Many of them come into these open squares.  and open areas, and town halls town Hall the town square, there’s nothing. this is one part of London, is mystical and amazing.


The city doesn’t want people to go down, cause its dangerous, it’s collapsing and stuff .

There is the regular city people live in,


Then you have the mystery London that’s where I basically lived, and that’s the mystical London, is so amazing , this lay lines , you know there are so many lay lines.


I want to show you, this is England, you can see the famous Michael line here,


Despite of the popular belief, it does not go through Stonehenge, it goes by Stonehenge.

Lots of people saying that but it’s not true.


This is London. This is the main Ley line Pyramid or Triangle.

the triangle of London.

it has 13 different triangles like that in this area. that all overlaps this.


London has tons of ley lines, power spots.

Michael Line, Canterbury Line…we followed actually both lines from beginning to end,  amazing things everywhere, total magic.


Inside London, the power spot that started London,

I can tell you the story of that but it would be too long to tell you here take a few hours.


Everything starts in London at the Templar church. The Templar church is the beginning.

And the Templar church is based within, the building we have today is built on another Church, build on another churc , so these are very old.


And those churches were built on the power spot, built by Celtic Shamans.  Pagans.

Now the Christian Church, the Roman Church, they tried to build their churches on power spots, on the ritual sites of Pagans.


Usually churches are, like Rotterdam, on a very powerful Shamanic points and Lay Lines.


London is just filled with it.




London is such a magical city with symbols everywhere, and symbols is how the magic is anchored, or is it the Ley lines that anchor the magic, how is the magic anchored?

And they’re asking about the magical places which you’ve actually you know just shared with us a few.




Number one how the magic is anchored, is with the people who live there.

Yes the ley lines gives you the magic. There’s magic in the earth.  Gaia gives us magic,

but it comes out through the people who live there, and the people who do the work.


When I was studying in London, we would do grid work,  we would go out to the city gridding, which is something we do for example in Tokyo, a team goes out every week to grid  all the 22- 23 areas of Tokyo,  takes almost a day to do this. I honestly think that’s why we have so low Colvin 19 numbers in Tokyo.


The magical places you can actually feel the energy, if you are an initiate, you will harness that energy in specific places in London.


The Templar Church is one, and Buckingham Palace is another.


Buckingham Palace has incredible temple inside, that has been used by Mystery school for hundreds of years.

Buckingham Palace was also built on the holy Celtic site, holy Shamanic site.


Hyde park is amazing and powerful, there are actually 3 three different lines going into Hyde Park, and each side of the Hyde park has its own magic:


Oxford Street/ Hyde Park Corner: very active, alive; if you drive by, you would notice it very well.

Notting Hill: dull, unnoticeable, you don’t even see it even when you drive by it. That’s where the Big Magic is. Got a huge Palace there but no one sees .

There’s all kinds of magick going on there, you see weird people walking around in that side of the park.


I know there was a period of time that the park was not safe, lots of crime, small gangs roaming around and gang battles and stuff, and then they clean the park up. These things never happened on that side. It was always up in the active side, they never went over there cause it’s protected by magick.


There is a hotel towards Harrods overlooks the park, This site is quite interesting. I have had several people with me, and they’ve been looking afar, they don’t seem to see what’s closest to them.

They can see over there you know the snake, …

You should go there and just feel that.





How does the Golden Dawn operate today?  is it the people?  do people in the Golden Dawn operate in London today?  how do they use their magic if they are still operating here today?




yes they do.

Now we’re talking about the real Golden Dawn, our lineage.

The Mystery School is operating in England, there has been some shift with the headquarters.


For those who do not know, the Library of Alexandria was never lost, it was never burnt down, it is in London, it is safe.


I studied with it, in it for many years.

There are so many books in it, that will take a life time to study everything.

But it’s safe. It has been now moved to a more safer location.


So yes we are still operational in that area, but the London, the UK branch of Mystery School Lineage is still closed to the general public.


However, it’s very interesting, but some of the members from my time and even after my time, have started to come out to do something in society. They are not doing adept initiation, not doing full Mystery School protocols, but I bought some ritual tools the other day, and that was from real Mystery school members.


They are starting to come out, I found just through the Internet, a young boy in Russia who happened to be actually this lineage from Romania, and his grandfather had been Mystery school Ipsissmus, his father a teacher…all high initiates, he did not get a lot teachings, but he knows how to make holy tools. I’m buying from him right now.


Some people are coming out, but basically the school is closed. It is not open.

We are the only one of the seven schools that is open to the general public.





Does the Golden Dawn operate with the other mystery school lineages? how do they collaborate? how do they communicate?



only on the astral level.


There is communication on the astral level between all the mystery schools.

Tibet Mystery School is the head, his holiness Dalai lama, it’s all funnelled down to us. To what we are doing.


Having said that, we Mystery School here, we are guided by what’s called the hierarchy of light, which is a spiritual entity, it’s not physical. It doesn’t have an office.


It has an office in the astral level, on the other side.  and it operates here on the sub-atomic level, so all the students in the Mystery school can feel the energy from it, and get the messages.


We always prompt our students, we get directive and then take it in, feel it,  if it’s correct for you,  and always check with ourselves.


Yes there is communication on the astral level, we as an open Mystery school dealing with so many other things, the mystery school linage has never been opened and has never had so many students as today, we’re dealing with problems we’ve never seen before.

The 3rd order Ipsismus David and Hideto, we we’re dealing with new problems we never seen before.

The other mystery school can give us advice, but they’ve never been there, so they don’t really know. We are on our own, solving these issues.

We know that coming out into the open, we’re vulnerable to attack.

We accept that it is part of what we do.

The hermetic order of Golden Dawn, when they emerged, they were also attacked.

They also knew that they were not as ready as we are.

We know what’s going to happen.


They had crazy things happen, only case in the whole world, a person has been accused of murdering someone through psychic energy, happened to a member of Mystery School,  that was actually Mona Marthars, wife of McGregor Marthers, a famous casing in England,  she was accused, went in front of a judge, a court, of killing someone with phychic energy.


We were attacked then, are criticised and attacked today, It’s just part of being outside. Out,  not a secret society.



I wonder if there is anything else that you would care to share with us regarding your time in the Golden Dawn.



yeah this kind of could come a bit shocking.

today we have in our school in organisation, we have these issues with us regarding having to pay for seminars for example.


When I was in London, there was no price for any seminar, but the equal exchange had to be there.  We will have to find out, somehow if I ask could I join this alchemy class, But I need to find out how much is the alchemy programme. When I was accepted I didn’t try, I was told I’m accepted to master programme and I was like,


back in the 70s I found out all the students, that it was $7000 so 7000 was a lot of money then. but when we found out, it was like: yeah, I get to pay that! I thought okay 7000, I am gonna pay 21, and I took my 21,000 as equal exchange.


Because we understood, everybody understood that, the privilege of being allowed to give something meant for equal exchange: how much I am getting back is depending on how much I give.


It hurts me often when I see students don’t get that. They think it’s a burden that they have to pay something, ….can I get an early discount …..


For me it makes things so cheap, it lowers the quality of what the school is about, because we are about the magic that is behind the scenes,

that’s what you get only when you see it when you give from yourself, you get back what you need, with that kind of a monetary system we have today, it doesn’t work.


We have to have the system, prices, a certain way of business. With that the students would understand the power of equal exchange, that you get back what you give etc.


Back in London amazing it felt to walking out of the school with some other students for example David Bowie was with me, we studied Kabbalah together, and we would walk out, and we found out we were also in same Alchemy class, he was head of me, I came afterwards,  it was so excited that we could pay, though it was like 5000 or something,  that we were allowed to pay that, that was the conversation.

Not .. I don’t know how I get that money…  if you know it’s never like that…

Its just whole different magical attitude towards the study of mysteries.




when you have the attitudes towards the exchange and with magic, everything is always there, it’s always provided, somehow some way.

That’s the magic of it, and then we start living this amazing Royal life.


For me I never thought I would be living this type of life, it’s always been down to the mystery school.

I often say to people I ran business pre mystery schools and running business after mystery school, the difference is just night and day, I’m so thank you for that.






20/Oct/2020 Jordan interviews F.Gudni


My guest tonight is the founder of the modern mystery school FG,  he’s with us live joining us from his home in Japan ,where is 8 o’clock in the morning there.


I first met FG about five years into my journey with the modern mystery school when I went to healers Academy, that was about 10 years ago now, and I’ve always just been so blown away by your presence, and the way that you were able to serve people,  and live a truly multidimensional life , that’s something we talked about a lot in the modern mystery school,


FG worked at a very young age in London with the original Golden Dawn,  and he has been doing this work ever since,  he opened the modern mystery school to the public in 1997 about 23 years ago now,  brought this work from the lineage that had been secret for about 3000 years out to the public,  and we’ve now been a public mystery school for the last 23 years, thanks to the incredible dedication and work of FG.


FG currently lives in Japan and teaches classes both in Japan and internationally all over the world , I think you’ve been to almost every country on the planet as far as I’m aware , based on the things I’ve heard from you,  travel the world, has studied in many of the other mystery schools on the planet of the 7 great lineages,  I believe you studied in also almost all of them.


It just brings an incredible wealth of knowledge every single time I’ve ever studied with FG,

he’s always deepen in my ability to know myself, and my ability to reach into my heart of hearts and really live my true life.


so again thank you so much for being with us FG, it’s such an honour and love for you to say a few words about yourself , and then we’ll dive right in,  because this episode is about your life as a child,  growing up being born all of that , how you found the mystery school in the 1st place .


I’d love to hear from you about you start at the beginning, how you came into this world,  coz I think that’s a pretty incredible story for a lot of people .


I’m actually having breakfast, I’m going to talk about my breakfast in a minute.


I was born under weird circumstances, first of all my mom had basically to quit having babies, she was over the age of when women could have a baby, I came ten years after my next brother, 10 years younger than everybody in my family.


I was born an identical twin, two of us and my brother died about 30 minutes after he was born, because of connection between twins, I was with him more than here. From the beginning of my life, I was on the other side of the veil.


Not being raised by humans but by the beings we call Angels and gods and all of that ,and hearing the philosophies and teachings of them,  instead of what we learned here from organised religion or society,  that was a big difference in my life from the beginning .


Q: when growing up in that way where you basically were seeing the other side of the veil all the time, what did you see in the world of humans when you looked at humanity, how did you relate to humans Cos that’s pretty hard to relate to people I’m imagining.


FG: I didn’t.  I did not understand this world. I did not understand humans. I was mostly catatonic. I was mostly out of my body on the other side of the veil with my brother. When I was here, I just couldn’t understand people— this concept of humans who lived in slavery first of all, who had concepts and teachings that made them slaves,  and allowed suffering to rule their lives.


I didn’t get it. For 10 years things happened. I was in and out of catatonia.

When I was six years old, my mom said I’m gonna put him into ballet, see if he gets more responsive.

my mom dad of course really worried about me, they took me all over Europe to psychologists and psychiatrists at hospitals, all of them said hey there’s nothing wrong with him, just he is not here. it was not any disease or bad.


when I was six months into ballet, my dad said he needs to be a man also, so he put me in to Jodo,  so from 6 years old I ‘ve been doing martial arts ,first jodo, later on ballet to professional dancer , 11 years on stages.

In the beginning they would just bring me and put me on the floor just sit there as I was not there.  then I started to observe the movements both in the judo and ballet and participate more.  I think that worked when I was there.


At home they would buy me toys,  I talked to my sister a few years ago actually and she was reminding or telling me that she would observe me not playing with my toys,  I got a toy I just look at it, put somewhere, Its not something I would play with.


I remember having a Roy Rogers toy with the horse and everything and I just put it in the in the shelf as a statue and look at it , I never played with toys. so yeah very hard for my parents.


Then I was 8 years old, there is no TV broadcasting in Iceland but we have the American base you could get TV,  so I actually was raised on Sesame Street.  Sesame Street every morning in my house and all kinds of other programmes combat you know little house on the Prairie all of this stuff I was watching,


Then my mom and dad noticed that was sitting there watching TV and laughing jokes and stuff , you understand? of course.  I was suddenly fluid in English, took me to language school and they interviewed me at language school ,  ask my parents how long did you guys live in England?


he speaks perfect Oxford English, how possible, University level Oxford English, this just happened out of blue,  my whole life my English is better than my own language.


it was a weird time,I was enjoying it I was having fun as I was mostly on the other side with my brother, he was learning , when we pass over, we go to school, its not over over, its really the beginning of a long journey.


he was studying things and going to do things, I had to study other things.

I could not study what he was doing because I was still alive.

The entities Angels being took care of me, would teach me things about Angels and Gods .


This created problems for me because the concepts taught on the other side and concept taught here on this earth are so different.


Like the angles and gods would teach me that there is no sin, no hell, except maybe down the street in a bar, something like human-made hells.

These concepts of religion are not correct, there are other things that people mistake for this concept.


I was always wanting to go back to the other side.


when I was ten years old, we had been to church, my parents were supporting the Lutherian Church down the road,  I invited the priest home for dinner afterwards , and the priest talking he had the sermon about hell and damnation, I said to him excuse me brotheren, there’s no hell, there is no sin, these are man- made concepts, why are you scaring your people in church?

he takes me puts me on the floor and start to do exorcism on me. I mean I’m 10 years old, I’m shocked I’m like Oh my God, so that made me just want to die.

For the next three years I actually tried to die.  I was in and out of hospital, my body was breaking down.  This is a period that I didn’t really study in school. I started mystery school at 13 years old.


School was impossible, my mom would take me sometimes, and sometimes I just screamed and go home. Still I know how to read and write in 3 languages, Danish, English and Icelandic. It seems I was not behind, but I didn’t go to school.


Here is a picture of this period of time , 5—6 years old, I was blond until  like 7 or 8 years old.

my mom always wanted this picture as well, this took like 5 hours for the poor photographer to get, because I was not responsive to anything he was doing, mom dressed me up she had like 5 different outfits and it’s one picture was taken.


when I was 6-7 years old, Iceland doesn’t have any forestry, not a lot of trees. We have this joke, if you get lost in a forest, you just stand up. Trees are so short.

there was one area with a bit forest that my parents would take me, I ran and disappeared.


There is no explanation as there is no one to hide. I completely disappeared.

Ask me where did you go? I went with my friends. What do you mean, there is no one here just us.

I said the elves.

I completely disappeared into the elvin world through some portal in the trees.


this is a picture of me on that same day.

I came out of the forest and my mum took this photo before we went back in the car.

Then I was basically out again.


My poor mum, could have been easy. She had 4 other kids that are normal then I came along.


Q: In growing up in Iceland,  what did you ,  I’ve heard some storeys from you as well, as you moved beyond , or as you moved into your teenage years,  what made you decide to stay here if you were you were in and out of hospitals,  how did you decide this was,  because you’re here and you’ve done so much in your life,  you’ve had such a full amazing life of service,  that’s a big turn-around , from I don’t want to be here,


FG:   in and out of hospital,  I was tired of humans and didn’t want to stay on this planet, I started to have very strong angelic visions, angelic presence around me, specialy when I was in hospital.

When I was 13,  I decided its time to leave. I don’t want to stay any more.

Archangel Haniel was with me a lot, He says to me: are you sure? Of course I am. Are you sure?

I looked at him, what do you mean, well of course I’m sure I don’t wanna stay, but Are you sure ?


he kind of planted seeds of doubting me, so maybe I don’t want to leave.


I told him well I why would I stay? I you know I don’t like these people, I don’t want to be here.

He said, well do you see any reason why you would stay,

and so he got me thinking, I went I went to bed and I was like thinking about okay, if I stay what would I do? yes I love my mom and dad, we were actually very close and my whole life very close to my mom and dad.

They are my best teachers of everything I know, not deep metaphysical stuff , but my father was psychic,  but they taught me value of life,  royalty, how to be a human, how to treat women, my father was very Adamic about that. besides that I was like yeah it’s okay they have four other kids, now they have grandkids so I’m fine I can leave.


but they started thinking and I said to Haniel, well I would stay it would be to teach the things I’ve learned on the other side of the veil, things you have been teaching me for the last 13 years, I would like to share that.

But not as a priest in the church,  I bad experience with that already, Haniel said well then your mission would be to be a world teacher, and I said so be it .

That’s basically how it started, in hospital when I was 13.

that’s when I started, for 3 years I didn’t do ballet or Jodo, so I went back to that to build up my body, I also needed to learn, so I started studying very intensely what this planet is about, the manual for this planet was hidden in many books.


So I studied all the different religion, all the different philosophies, history, geology , archaeology, entrepots of everything I just studied as much as I could,  started to prepare myself for this mission.

I’ve never really lived in this world, I’ve always lived in my own worlds. I realised very soon I can’t live here, she’s not my world so I got to  create my own worlds,  my own space .

I have always done that.



what would you give advice for people of any age but especially younger people, who maybe struggle, how do I live in this world, how would you encourage people or given advice on that, what it means to create or live in their own worlds in a good way,


FG:  this might be difficult to understand, but main reason why I did not feel comfortable here is that, this place, we have to remember our origin,

Earth is very far from where we have come,

we are all gods and goddess, we are all Kings and Queens, Emperor and Empresses,  


we come down here to this planet, and compared to that, coming down is like coming into a pigsty, compared to where we were.  I love earth, I love the ice cream the food and everything is wonderful, but compared to that, and most people don’t know that, don’t remember that level we were at,


I may be cursed but also blessed to have to do know that, I was there, I was on the side of the veil, I was with the beings that are equal to us, Gods goddess archangels all the different angelic beings in the universe, we used to be that, and then we come down here,  it was so far from that loyalty , that divinity that these beings are, the divinity that we are.


So my whole life I strive to be as close to that royalty as possible.  of course for this mission I chose great parents who help me accomplish that.


When I was 14 years old there was a confirmation, in the Lutheran Church there is baptism and then confirmation at age of 14, kind of like Bat Mitzvah or Quinceanera, we also have that in Catholic Church.


Here’s a picture of me on that day,  kind of shows you the royalty that my parents brought in, that’s a dress that my mom actually made herself,  that’s our home, my home was very royal, English style home,  and that’s s a Renoir 雷诺阿painting on the wall here, so this is me 14 years old and I wish I was that skinny today.


For people struggling, stop.

stop being a slave, seek the royalty of life,

this planet has ..

but there’s so many things, that’s one example I have my breakfast out here, soft boiled eggs, some cheese and Ritz crackers,  people just accept things are the way they are,  okay this is how that is , but I always thought why is it the way it is , why can’t it be and I would seek a different way .

I would seek and I would find that, the earth people had already found a lot of things to make life easier, life is hard on this planet, this body is hard to control and take care of, why make it harder?

So I started looking and there’s many things ,and like I said,  just one example my breakfast you know I have soft boiled eggs,  we put them in the egg cup, to make it easier to eat, that’s one thing and then like this is a little tool thing , this breaks the top of the egg to make it easier to eat.

I’ve been using this since I was a kid, this is very normal and it’s been around for 100 years so long time.

There is many things in life like this and I watch people struggle do things the hard way,  and why do hard way, make life easier,  make it easier, to create a system where everything just flows.

I’ve always been a tech geek. I like technology because it makes life simpler, and actually I have with me my first cell phone,


1985 or something I lived in Sweden and I took a class in basic programming for computers, I never used to field anything but I just had to know how to use computers.



going from how you made that decision, to stay here and to serve and to teach what you had learned on the other side,  you found the Mystery School lineages that that you’ve opened to the public now all over the world , you found that really young , I mean you were 14 or 15 when you moved to London, correct , I’ve heard so many different storeys from you about that , and I’d love it if you could share anything that comes to you or that that feels like the right thing to share about what that journey was like finding the mystery school and starting your studies.



so 13 years old I started reading, studying this planet and in it, I started with a local librarian, things started very fast, then went down to the main library, and then the University library, sitting in libraries I was very boring teenager.  I love the movies so I go to movies all the time,

Made my first home movie when I was 13 with my dad super 8MM camera ,  pulling nad I rolled in everything,  but it was kind of a spin on David Bowie,  his life.


In my studies I found physics and science and very drawn to that.

In those books and teachings, I found this references like shamanism and Kabbalah, and I was like what’s this what is sort of these things.

So I flew over to London to see if I could find something, either books or teachers who would teach these things.


First I found the theosophical society, and there was a guy there Doctor Ella, he was the head I had an interview with him, I said I wanted to study, and he said well you are too young at studying these, that doesn’t sound fair,  he went just go home and be a kid , no I don’t want to be a kid I want to study.


I already knew something that I read in books that… he said go home read all of Rudolf Steiner, all of Annie Besant, all of Blavatsky, he gave a whole list of books to read, when you read all of these books come back.

I finished all of this in one year and I was back next year.

he was like it takes a lifetime to read!   ask me anything you want, then he asked me questions for like 3 hours from the books,  I knew everything and he was like okay you can study with us.

This is how I got in “secret societies” in London.


This was not the Golden Dawn, this was the theosophical society.

It is not actually secret society, but I got in there, from there I found the others.


I was really drawn to the Kabbalah, was learning more and more ABOUT Kabbalah, but nobody teach me Kabbalah,they don’t teach in the theosophical society.


I was member of a few so- called secret societies, metaphysical SoC etc but I didn’t find the knowledge that are needed, and so I thought okay I need to study Kabbalah I need to talk to talk to a rabbi.

so I talked to some people friends of mine in London and they said well this Rabbi over there and he’s supposed to teach Kabbalah, so I went to him,  knocked on his door , and his wife answered the door,  is back door to the kitchen,  I didn’t know that,  he came to the door after his wife called him, excuse me I want to study Kabbalah, he slammed the door on me.


I’m a Taurus, I don’t take no for an answer, went back next day knocked again and got slammed again, this went on about 5-6 days.


I thought OK Kabbalah is about questions, so he opens the door, I said excuse me Rabbi  can you explain to me the consequences of shakina  and how she relates into Kether,  and how the energy of Shekina and Kether……  he says come on Monday…I was in …because I asked him questions.


So that’s journey started , and then after a few months of studying with him,  I think it was the Sabbath, and we were having a like a celebration and food and stuff in his courtyard he lived, his house and synagogue was all connected together in a complex. This man comes up to me hands me a business card, here you go,  be here tonight at 7:00 o’clock.


I thought he was gay or something, looked at the card and really is just an address there was nothing with some symbol here but in this and address, otherwise just a blank card,  and I was like so I have to be there.


so I went home bathed took a shower dressed up really nicely, I didn’t know what I was preparing for but I knew this was something I’ve been waiting for, and I went to the address and I come to door and when I knocked, a voice from inside said: “ what does thou seek?”


I see okay well I said well this is guy who gave me his card who is … voice said again, What Does Thou Seek?

I said:” well, I want to know”. I think I said I want to know more, and then he said again what thou seek, I want to know, and then the door opens.  so I guess that was enough for me to get through the first door.


Then there I was standing, and basically a mythological place, a place that  superna exist,  the original order of the Golden Dawn headquarters in London,  that was supposed to have been gone 1932 .

There was a stairway, there were paintings of MacGregor Mathers, William Westcott on the walls and some other people, I was in!

I was invited into room to talk to an ipsissmus, he interviewed me, we talked and he said welcome, welcome to the Golden Dawn.

This is the original order of Golden Dawn, they’ve never had a website, they don’t have a website today.  There’s no access to them, they’re just still a secret society completely closed.

That’s how basically this journey started.


Q when you were like 15 right at that time,

FG:  yeah I was yeah 15 going on 16 something like that, yeah I’ve been running around in London for a while and, they sought me out, and this is what they did, they did not tell somebody to apply,

well there were kids or people who applied through their parents, their parents also studied, the whole families.  But they sought out students, because of how I approached the Kabbalah with the rabbi, he was very happy with me, I was the only non-Jew, meant to be.


My rabbi said to me some years later, I always wondered why did I let this non- Jew into my school, there must have been a reason. He said that when I asked him about Shakira, he wanted to say no to me again slammed the door, but he was surprised at himself saying yes you can come.

He felt something, and then in school being non-Jewish, of course I had to catch up, and I studied Hebrew languages, 22 letters and everything, but I had to catch up a lot, and all the other people in the group were all Jewish,  I fit in right away he said,  I understand the concepts and understands the way of the Torah, the way of Zohar,  I understood them.


He almost always asking:  have you read that before? I said No,

Probably teachings I had from the other side of the veil, probably is what helped me.


Q:  you spent your whole teenage years studying, but you didn’t really go out and you didn’t live a normal life even after that, it was just full on, and mystery school and then Kabballah studies.

FG:  even in high school, I didn’t spend much time in high school, I graduated high school but spend a lot of time in London.

I would come to school at beginning of the school year, and I would say to teachers I want to finish this class now, so take a couple of weeks and finish quickly, like history English, I would just finish that,  and then some of the other classes I would have to come back and forth,  so I could spend more time in London.


4 years of high school, I remember going to one party, it was extremely boring. I went to a festival like a Woodstock imitation festival in Iceland, and this concert, bands, went to some friends and I said what do you do here, they say well we will get drunk and watch the music.


So bored so bored and I couldn’t get away from there, cause we’re all in the same car, I started collecting bottles and actually made money, collect bottles in bags and take them to the vendor who paid me for that.  I was never a normal teenager enjoy the things other did.


I loved the music but.


Q:  anything else that you feel you want to share with people, about your experiences the teenager, about your early studies, and the mystery school, or know any other things that come to mind you about your life?


GF:  the early study Mystery school was an interesting time, I realised from the other societies I’d studied with, I realised that they had partial truths in what they were doing.


They had something like Madam Blavatsky in Theosophical Society, she had certain things that she got right, Metaphysical Society has certain thing, they all have some keys( but not all.)

Coming into the Golden Dawn into our mystery school lineage, I realize oh this is the wholeness this is everything.


Here there is nothing missing, and seeing and realising, they had an incredible library, the library of Alexandria was never lost, the library of Alexandria was never burnt, it is in London. We had it.


It was right there in the basement of the building, so I go down to study, and study ancient manuscripts, and realising how everything we have has come from this lineage.


Even modern days you know we talk about,   I was surprised that we have Neural Linguistic Programming NLP, and Tony Robbins I love Tony Robbins great seeing what he does and it comes from Mystery school,  it’s a mystery school technique taught in the 1800s in Germany, early 1800s  I don’t remember her name but it was this lady that came up with this neural linguistic programming techniques,  there’s so many things that have come from our rich heritage,  and of course we’re teaching a lot of it today, this is what we do, sharing , as fast as I can.



The problem I see today is,

people are coming to study but they come to the lobby the reception and check in, meaning you take a class, when you don’t really check in, you don’t go up to your room, and spend the energy and time to really dedicate yourself, that’s when the benefits come.


If you always hang out in the reception, you’re not committed, then you don’t get the benefits of the full teaching.

I am saying


Q: You went right into the mystery school and just studied every day, that was you checked in your room right away.

FG:  yes, 110% right away, that’s the only way.

I do martial arts, when I started getting serious about martial arts, I go to the school to study karate at the time, people were coming once or twice a week, I am like: what’s that for? I went every day!


When I was in Reykjavik every day, moved to London okay every day, that’s how I study martial arts, that’s why I got my degree so fast, I was every day in the practise.


So whatever we studying, whatever it is, it has to be this commitment and dedication .

Otherwise it’s just …study a little bit… never get any better.


I think that’s the number one advice to the new people, take time and then just say okay I’m gonna study , I’m going for this.


Q:  yeah I know it’s a lot.  it’s a challenge for a lot of people, that’s the old ways and a lot of people want to do things fast, they want to go quick result.


There’s a paradox, it’s interesting that in our mystery school lineage , the tools that we have, healing,  initiation  do give some really quick results , but then if you really want to get the real effect of it,  that’s not enough,  you have to go deep with that.


any other last words of wisdom too people who are new to this work? go deep with that?


Don’t forget to be happy, without joy studying doesn’t mean anything.

Joy is the key to everything we’re doing.


Keep the joy level up, you have a good time while studying.


I was way too serious when I was young, I taught my first class when I was 18 years old, I started my first Light Center. I was really serious, somebody laughing in my classes, I wnet how dare you laugh?  mistake.. I just didn’t get it, and then one day my teachers in London saying, what are you doing, what’s wrong with you, when you’re doing things too serious, you must have fun, I didn’t even know what the word fun meant.


looking for that jo , first I realised joy was not out there , wasn’t going to the movies  and stuff , joy was somewhere inside me,  so I started this journey of finding what is where is joy,


I start looking inside of myself and of course I found it, oh my god and I just I think like 3 full days I just laughed at everything like an idiot,

I was just laughing at everything a total lunatic,

That was this well of joy, and after that I got it.



I always experience when I sit in your classes that, there’s a way that sometimes I’m listening to what you’re saying,  and I’m just like, why are we even talking about this right now,  why is FG talking for an hour about this subject that’s not the title of the class,


sometimes it’s literally days or weeks or months later, looking at my notes or maybe, it just hits me oh well that’s what I really learned in that,


I just want to give note to anyone watching this, whatever we’ve talked about tonight, there’s something so much deeper in it , and I always find that with FG’s teaching.

Even if you’re like why did they talk about this tonight,  I really wonder what that is, there’s something else in it,  so I just invite you to..

  • That’s why we are called a mystery school, hahaha


We talk about keys, and why we these kinds of conversations, and so many things that we cover in our classes might seem not even related,  but yet they will open up deeper levels of joy and finding your true self .




















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