The Power of the Angels



Dear Community,

The Angels and Archangels are super powerful, not to mention all around us, waiting to assist us! But do we use them even a fraction of what we could?

Powerful beings truly ARE around us, but we seem to trust only what the eyes can see. It is time to believe in the unseen. Dragons too have been here longer than we know how to count. Let’s explore the Great Archangels and Dragons today.

Extra, extra, read all about it! The Ostara Spring Equinox Ceremony is happening at the height of international programs on 21 March 2024. Grab your seat below!

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May you find the MAGICK within!

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The Power of Angels & Archangels


When you think of Angels, you might think of beings of Light with wings and sparkles, but is that really so? For example, did you know that Archangels work together with their divine partner?! Like many teachings we encounter in the lineage of King Salomon, when teachings are handed down correctly (from mouth to ear) we learn that much of what we read about angels in books is a bit like what we read in local gossip magazines, rather than being the real truth. 

In corporate, international companies, the CEO has many administrators: day-to-day processes are filtered through administration before even approaching the CEO. This is the exact same way that the Hierarchy of Light (where we will find the Archangels and Angels, amongst other holy beings) works too! An ancient Hermetic axiom is: As Above, So below, As below, So above. As the administrators deliver information to their bosses, it is the Archangels that deliver information about us to God.  Conversely, the CEO issues directives and these instructions flow through levels of leadership first.

My personal relationship with Angels and Archangels is unique. As a child, I was taught to say a prayer of protection to my Guardian Angel (all Romanians know this prayer), and I used it. To my surprise, it worked every time I felt that I was in danger, scared or simply felt like I needed some support. I carried this prayer with me as the years passed. This experience proved to me that there ARE unseen beings: they really do exist! But who are they really, what IS their purpose, and why do they support us?

During my teenage years, my psychic channels were very open but I had no training to discern positive from negative.  As a result I got pulled into darker environments because ‘it was cool’.  Many teenagers go through a dark and rebellious phase, and when I look back on mine, I reflect that  I am so lucky that I was never hurt during this time. 

The prayer to my Guardian Angel worked all along! When I found the Path of Progression with the Modern Mystery School, I knew deep within myself that I found what I was truly looking for through all my difficult times. 

We so easily forget that we are constantly surrounded by Angels who are literally sitting around BORED because we aren’t asking them for help! (Well, bored from a human perspective, but that REALLY do want to help!It is important to know they have to be asked for help, as they may not go against your own free will.  But the Angels are waiting to help us with our decisions, ideas, and intuition, to name just a few examples. How many times have you needed help but not known who to ask? 

Even in the times when I felt lost, I knew deep within that there was something more to this life, and that I wasn’t alone.  I want to encourage all the “weirdos” out there not to lose hope, and to have faith that the best is yet to come. You don’t have to do this on your own.

If you want to know more, there is a class teaching you all that you need to know about Archangels: what are they, what their purpose is, how you can get their help, what formula you need to apply, what their phone number is (😉) and how to build a strong and harmonious relationship with them. Check out The First Quorum of Archangels class happening in March in London!

This class is open to all certified LAP’s! Join us by clicking the link below!

— Diana Cinpoeru, Healer & Ritual Master 2.5


The Archangels of the 1st Quorum Class




Dragon Magick in London


What on earth is Dragon Magick, you might wonder!

Well it is your lucky day, as Dragon Magick is another one of the Mysteries we’re more than happy to unravel for you as these teachings are coming back to London in just over a week.

Let’s delve a little deeper into this topic and shed light on what this class is about and why it is so immensely beneficial for your everyday life.

Dragons are the most ancient beings on our planet and, in fact, serve as the Wisdom Keepers for our world.

As children, we are very open and connect with other beings and realms, such as Dragons. However, as we grow older, we often close off those connections due to societal norms. This special class reawakens you to the magickal world of Dragons, teaching you many practical tools to harness the benefits of this vibration in your daily life. Your senses will be attuned to them, and you’ll start forging a deeper relationship with these magickal creatures.

Would you like to uncover the truth about Dragons and experience their magick in your life?

In this class, you’ll not only learn to utilize their magick but also delve into the deeply held secrets of their language, history, and clans. You’ll explore the meanings of color in dragonlore and how to connect with them safely while respecting their culture.

Crucially, as with every class in the Mystery School, the focus is on the practices you can apply in your life. You will learn the tools, ceremonies, and rituals they employ to live life fully and joyfully!

As these teachings return to our planet, they will help us to creating the world of love and peace we are seeking! These beings and their ancient wisdom are real, and their teachings are returning to assist us in building a better life for all.

Are you ready to embark on this special journey and set an upgraded tone for your life?

This class is open to all certified LAP’s!  Join us by clicking the link below!

— Caroline Latour, Life Activation Practitioner & Ritual Master Apprentice

The Dragon Magick Class




Flash Announcement


In the height of the International Program in London in March 2024, we are going to be offering an Ostara Spring Equinox Ceremony. This is an AMAZING way to keep uplevelling your life . We wanted to let you know as soon as we knew about this opportunity. Seats ARE limited so grab your seat soon as it’s going to be a full house and amazing energy! More information on the link.


DATE: 7.30-9.30pm, 21 March 2024

PLACE: The Columbia (Windsor Room), 95-99 Lancaster Gate, London W2 3NS,

INVESTMENT: £15, £20 at the door


Sign me up to the Ostara Spring Equinox Ceremony


Take the next step towards your most magickal Self!



As programs are coming closer and closer, the opportunity for you to create Magick in your life is more real than ever. The only thing standing in the way of this is you!

Will you have the courage to overcome all the hurdles and step into this new version of you???

Now is the time, the time to take decisions your future self will be proud of you for. One simple decision can drastically change the course of your life and our Youtube channel is filled with stories of our students who have experienced just this.

If you are not sure about what class is best suited for you please reach out to us and we will be happy to assist you. And if perhaps you feel that pull towards Healers Academy after all, then click the link below, and we will be there to help you be all set up and claim the magickal life you deserve!

We look forward to seeing you all very soon!!!

I‘m ready for Healers Academy


March London International Programs

Here is the calendar for our next international programs with some amazing classes on offer to bring you more magick and inspiration into your life!

Dragon Magick (Haven’t you always wanted to know about Dragons? Open to Certified Life Activation Practitioners) 14 March 2024

Hermetic Joy Class (This time only: Open to those who have done Empower Thyself!) 15 March 2024

Healers Academy (Open to those who have done Empower Thyself) 16-20 March 2024

Archangels of the 1st Quorum (Open to Certified Life Activation Practitioners) 21 March 2024

Ostara Spring Equinox Ceremony (Open to ALL) 21 March 2024


Full March Program Calendar





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