The Meeting of the Wands ~ THIS Saturday!

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Dear Community,

This Saturday 1 June 2024 marks a very special event: The Meeting of the Wands. This is a magickal evening where Life Activation Practitioners meet up and exchange Life Activations. With all the Light coming in, we build a container of Light, which is then reflected and shared back into the world.

If you are a Life Activation Practitioner and will be in London on Saturday, RSVP to receive and share the light! This is OPEN to EVERYONE who has done Healers Academy.

Join our team tonight for moving meditation with Chi Do! It’s available for all, and free tonight on Zoom.

Wishing you a magickal week,

Modern Mystery School UK & EU Team


The Sacred Art of the Life Activation


If you know me… You know I LOVE a Life Activation. It’s taken me across the world and helped my clients shift through some of the darkest spaces and into the light! It has brought them a new life or new perspective, purpose and JOY!

The Life Activation is about igniting someone’s purpose and realigning them to their personal path. Why is this important? It helps people step into their power and to orientate them towards what is really going to drive them forwards for the rest of their lives!

The Life Activation has taken me all across the world. I have activated people from all walks of life, from young teenagers struggling at school to highly initiated Shamans and Lightworkers: all can feel the power of this magickal healing that we offer before I’ve even said the words ‘Life Activation’.

* I’ve had a Shaman approach me to ask what it is that I offer, in particular, because she needed Land knew I held a key.

* I’ve had a client tell me his mother had a psychic dream and told him he was to be activated (at the time he had no idea what this meant).

* Just today I gave a Life Activation to someone who I have known for more than 10 years. What a blessing it was to be able to remind him of his power, and to facilitate him truly seeing the best version of himself, closer to his Higher Self. My heart is so full. I mean, truly. What better gift is there than to help wake up those around you and help them step into their power?

I was asked today whether I would recommend attending this week’s Meeting of the Wands. The short answer is YES!

I LOVE Life Activation healing events because they are a time we all collectively heal. The Light expands the person receiving and the person giving! The Light then grows and shines exponentially. It’s like an energetic healing party for the soul. To be fair just being around so many healers alone brings so much healing to each one of us individually. Add a sacred Life Activation in there FOR FREE. Who doesn’t love receiving a Life Activation? How could I say no?

In this evening we give our Brothers and Sisters a chance to give and a chance to receive by stepping into service to the highest Light.

What’s more, this evening offers Life Activation Practitioners the opportunity to accelerate their progression for at least the next 6 months! [Pwaar] Jump on the bandwagon I’m in!

Instead of a Saturday night out, you get a full life upgrade, coming home to your Self, your Spirit and your spiritual brothers and sisters.

See you on Saturday! Details to join are provided below.

–Jessica Réa, Life Activation Practitioner & Ritual Master Apprentice

IMAGE: Courtesy of Jessica Réa


RSVP to the Meeting of the Wands


Saturday Night Fever for Life Activation Practitioners


I LOVE Life Activation healing events because they are a time we all collectively heal one another. It’s like an energetic healing party for the soul.


Here are all the details for our FREE event in London open to EVERYONE who has attended Healers Academy.

Bring your wand, tools and a snack to share!

DATE: 7.30 – 9.30pm, 1 June 2024, arrival from 7pm

VENUE: Columbia Hotel, 95-99 Lancaster Gate, W2 3NS London

RSVP: Just so we know how many chairs to include, please pop us an email here.

IMAGE: Courtesy of Jessica Réa


Bring your wand on 1 June 2024!



Do you want a Wand too?


Here are your dates for Healers Academy in September 2024 where you too can learn to bring in the Light and serve with the Life Activation wand!


Galactic Activation 1 (Open to Certified Life Activation Practitioners or to those attending Healers Academy 16-20 Sept 2024) 14-15 September 2024

Professional Integration Day for Life Activation Practitioners (LAP PID: Open to ALL Life Activation Practitioners) 16 September 2024

Healers Academy 1 (Open to Adept Initiates – those who have done Empower Thyself!) 16-20 September 2024

Ritual Master Novice (RM 1: Open to Certified Life Activation Practitioners) 17-18 September 2024

Magick of the Ritual Master (Open to Certified Ritual Masters) 19 September 2024

Temple (Open to Certified Ritual Masters) 20 September 2024

How to Live a Hermetic Life (Open to Certified Ritual Masters. Certified Life Activation Practitioners may apply.) 21 September 2024

Hermetic Joy (Open to Adepts – those who have done Empower Thyself!) 22 September 2024

Enochian Magick 1 (Open to Certified Ritual Masters) 23 September 2024

Enochian Magick 2 (Open to Certified Ritual Masters) 24 September 2024

Show me the September schedule!

Chi-Do on Wednesdays at 7:30pm GMT

Password : peace

Calculate the time for Chi-Do in your time zone here.

Click here to join Chi-Do


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