The magickal secrets of Tasmania


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The world of Down Under is one of the most unusual places on the planet. It has the strangest animals of all, and the Aboriginal people hold some of the most ancient traditions. Today we share with you stories from Tasmania, one of the most magickal areas Down Under!

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The Wonders of Tasmania


Are you tired of the mundane and longing for more Magick in your life?

Certain lands hold a very special energy that we wish to explore together in this article. Today we will learn all about the magick of Tasmania!

Each land holds a unique vibration and some are particularly magickal. Tasmania is a beautiful and ancient land, which one would certainly not regret visiting! It is a place of incredible Magick where, of course, many magickal beings reside. To further explore what races live amongst us, you might want to come visit our “The Twelve Races of Earth” class (one of the pre-requisite classes for Healers Academy), open to all.

But for now, simply sit back, relax and enjoy reading “Tasmania’s Call: A Personal Odyssey of Self-Discovery” by Cassandra Cooper, Ritual Master and Guide in the Modern Mystery School.


Amidst the wild landscapes of Tasmania, where ancient trees whisper tales of time and reflective rivers mirror the depths of the soul, I find myself on a journey that transcends the ordinary. I am Cassandra Cooper, Guide and Ritual Master in the Lineage of King Salomon, and my story is woven into the very fabric of this captivating island.

Coming home to oneself is a concept that resonates profoundly with my personal odyssey, a journey that led me back to my birthplace, Tasmania, one year ago.

After years of living away from my homeland, discovering the Modern Mystery School while living in Spain, returning to Tasmania’s capital city, Hobart, has been a significant step and a vital piece in my puzzle to Know Thyself.

Tasmania’s distinct position creates a fascinating intersection of all 12 Races of Earth, infusing the island with a vibrant and potent energy of elemental magick that resonates throughout. This enchanting island, with its untamed beauty and mystical energy, has become a fascinating highlight on the global stage. From the ancient landscapes to the city’s vibrant pulse, Tasmania offers a unique experience that captivates the imagination. Here, elemental energy is palpable.

This is the land of my birth, and as if the land sent me away to find myself, I have returned armoured with tools to help others evolve and transform, guiding them on the path to coming home to themselves.

Each step on The Path of Progression, in the Lineage of King Salomon, renews, elevates, and enriches your DNA in an upward spiral of evolution. It is a process that is incredibly healing and transformative and deepens our connection and understanding of who you are, where you came from, and where you are going. And now, to share this ancient lineage in my home country is an incredible feat.

Upon my return, I’ve witnessed individuals from all over Australia embark on their Adept Initiation and self-discovery journey, the journey of coming home to oneself. As we tread this path together, I see our personal progression also activating the land. Our empowerment and connection to our true selves impact the land and the elemental beings that inhabit it, and the recognition of our divine beauty sings a song that echoes out through the land and its beings, fostering a shared acknowledgement of the divine beauty in all.

Life is an incredible gift that evolves along with us. As we grow, we create pathways for others to follow. Our realisation of divinity reverberates to all, including the land and other magickal beings. We are here to learn to create as God, turning what we have into something better. For me, sharing these magical tools with the people of my homeland feels like a small part of the overall picture of Shamballah—a time on Earth when all beings of Earth will live in harmony for the betterment of all. Tasmania, where nature and magick converge, plays a unique role in this cosmic tapestry.

Coming home to oneself is a life journey.


— Cassandra Cooper, Ritual Master 3.0 & Guide



Would you like to learn more about the beings that live with us on this Earth?

We are hosting The Twelve Races of Earth class as a prerequesite to Healers Academy very soon, and you are most welcome to simply drop in and experience the knowledge and mysteries it offers. You’ll learn how we are connected to other races on the planet, and how we can bring peace and healing to the relationships between our races (not to mention, why this is necessary!)

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The Twelve Races of Earth Class



Unicorn and Dragon Magick


Above are some pictures from the recent Unicorn Magick class in Toronto in February 2024. Unicorns, yes, Unicorns! We really can learn the magickal tools and wisdom from other beings. We are not alone on this planet!

Dragon Magick is a great class to lay the foundation for the handing down of ancient tools from other Magickal beings and races. (If you are in London in March 2024, you can start your journey here.)

Are you ready to open your eyes to mysteries hidden right in front of your eyes, veiled as fairytales when you were a child? The Twelve Races of Earth class is for you! This program is readily available all year round, but should you wish to receive these keys in the heightened positive energy of the International Program in March 2024, you are most certainly welcome.

Below is a cool video from our archives talking about the magick of The Twelve Races of Earth. Join Elli Wissmüller, a Guide from Germany, talking about The Twelve Races of Earth.

YouTube video on The Twelve Races



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You wand is waiting for you if you are feeling the pull to Healers Academy! Perhaps you want to consider completing the pre-requisite classes just in case. The Twelve Races class is one of those being featured soon, as is Journeys of the Spirit. You may also like to learn more about Sacred Geometry 1 and Astral Travel, the remaining two prerequisites for Healers Academy.

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March London International Programs

Here is the calendar for our next international programs with some amazing classes on offer to bring you more magick and inspiration into your life!

Dragon Magick (Haven’t you always wanted to know about Dragons? Open to Certified Life Activation Practitioners) 14 March 2024

Hermetic Joy Class (This time only: Open to those who have done Empower Thyself!) 15 March 2024

Healers Academy (Open to those who have done Empower Thyself) 16-20 March 2024

Archangels of the 1st Quorum (Open to Certified Life Activation Practitioners) 21 March 2024


Full March Program Calendar




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