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Magick wands, abracadabra and things going [poof] is the secret sauce of a life filled with wonder.  Mystery and Magick are concepts that have titillated so many seekers from a young age.

Enjoy this week’s newsletter as we discuss the power of the wand, and hear personal accounts of re-connecting with your wand.

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The Story of the Wand



Do these Wands even work?

Where do they come from? And what do they do?

The Wandmaker in the Modern Mystery School is shrouded in mystery. This secret person specialises in connecting to the higher realms to receive crucial information that each Wand needs to have.

Every Wand is meant to meet the person who receives it long before they are even aware that they will go to Healers Academy. What’s more, the people who do attend Healers Academy are never random! Some time ago, before coming to this earthly plane, Souls agreed to this process—to dedicate themselves to help humanity in the ascension process, reminding us of your own divinity, and to serve as Life Activation Practitioners. This is not “just another form of therapy”; it is THE link between you and your Divine Contract. Life Activation reconnects you to the destiny that you were cut off from when entering this dense plane on Planet Earth. The Life Activation is the beginning of a beautiful transformational process of becoming who you were meant to be. It lights up the parts that are dormant in you but that are so necessary to accomplish your mission here on Mother Gaia.

Life Activation Practitioners have a very special relationship with their Wand. It’s not uncommon for your Wand to attract your attention when you are in the middle of your work to connect with you! It is strange because often, one doesn’t plan to do a Life Activation on another person! Most of the time, the beings of Light take care of the organisation and putting things together (the things we call “coincidences”). Your Wand is able to work with the Hierarchy of Light as a receptor of that information, and if your spiritual senses are sharp enough, you can receive insights about the next person that you will have the honor to reconnect to their Divine Blueprint through the wand. It might seem like something out of this world; I won’t lie to you, it kind of is. But we are a Mystery School; we train to be in this world but not of this world. We train to work with energies and to bring Light to people’s lives and to this Planet as much as we can.  The beauty of all this is that every single human being on this Planet can also bring Light if they choose to do so. 

One thing that I have learned since I became a Professional Certified Life Activation Practitioner is that this process is not about me. It is about the person that I am serving, and that alone already makes this world a better place.

If you find yourself wondering why you feel your soul remembering things while reading these lines, I invite you to close your eyes and sit with it. Let this feeling of peace, safety, and reconnection flood your entire being. You might be hearing the call. Step out of your human mind and let the Hierarchy of Light guide you to where you need to be. Allow yourself to become greater than you think you are.

If you are interested, we are here for you. 🙏

— Diana Cinpoeru, Ritual Master 2.5


An Ode to my Wand ‘who now has a name’

As Mr. Ollivander said in Harry Potter, “The wand chooses the wizard, Mr. Potter.” And so, my wand chose me! I had many desires and goals in life at age 24; however, I never knew that receiving a sanctified and initiated holy wand would be a part of me. I found myself a few months prior to Healers Academy, telling my partner at the time how excited I was to receive this magickal tool. As a Harry Potter fan himself, we were able to relate on such a delicious topic. The more I thought about it, the more I became motivated and connected to this wand, which I had yet to receive. It was as if we had already met, and the wand had now become my newest ‘motivational coach, best friend, and life partner’. You never quite know when you will receive your wand during Healers Academy; however, once you do, it changes your life from there forwards.

So, my wand chose me, and at first, we had a love-hate relationship. I couldn’t understand how this magickal tool could bring light through the matrix and transform one’s life to connect them to their higher self and purpose. I tried to apply logic to magick once again, but once again, it was proven that logic was not needed, and magick would take the lead. Saying this, I continued to travel the world, activate, and watch my clients’ lives transform before my eyes. At first, what put me off was the colour, followed by the shape and the simplicity of the structure that I couldn’t quite accept. I would look at my fellow colleagues’ wands and wish I had their wands. I even thought about getting a new wand! I soon realised I was being taken on a journey of self-acceptance, awakening by this magickal tool. Little by little, as I opened up and accepted this magickal being that chose to work with me, the wizard in me had finally chosen the wand. My magickal wand started to reward my trust and healing and brought me amazing healing clients in which together we were able to help transform their lives, all around the world. At this point, my wand took me on a pilgrimage to 10 countries in 12 months, and many clients later, we had become alchemized as a team, an inseparable duo. I am so grateful for the journey we have been on together. I’m sorry it took me some time to choose you. I am forever grateful you chose me.

–Jessica Rèa Putsman, Ritual Master Novice


When I received my wand at Healers Academy I felt so overwhelmed with love and a deep deep connection to its energy. It was like a big part of me returned home; somehow I felt more whole. I love sharing the Life Activation and working with my wand – it always brings me back to my heart space, brings healing to others and also to me. I have now many wands and each of them is very special and different. I feel so blessed to be able to share the Life Activation and other healing sessions in our lineage and staying in the flow of light – the power of lineage.

–Kasia Mikolajczyk, Guide


My Wand was the first thing that really made me understand how to bridge the world that we are creating through imagination and shift the reality that we are living in.

For the first time, I was holding something super magickal in my hands.

It kind of created this bridge between my logical side and imagination inside me, shaping everything I do. Since that moment, I created everything in my life from a different perspective.

Magick is totally real – it’s all around us in everything we are and do.

–Ionela Crăciun, Ritual Master Apprentice


I want to get my wand!



The moment Marian received his Wand at Healers Academy


Speaking of the special connection students experience with their wands, we are welcomed into a heartwarming share about how Marian Barrow from Germany was led to Healers Academy by an inner calling and how he built very a special bond with something he didn’t know he needed.

From a young age, Marian could see the suffering in other people and desired to help. This led him to endlessly search for solutions so people could live better lives.

This inclination made working with healing quite natural for him, but even though Marian came from a healing background, he felt that Healers Academy would offer something deeper, something way beyond. But what exactly was that feeling, and why did it lead him to Healers Academy?

Marian describes the whole journey, from the moment he stepped onto the airplane, as having this “Harry Potter, Hogwarts feeling”- a truly magickal experience.

Once at the venue, Marian was very impressed by the tremendous energy of the teachers, but one of the most profound moments for him was when he received his magickal wand. He explains that he has never experienced anything like it before. Holding the wand close to his heart just after receiving it, he felt warmth run through his entire body. It felt like he was connecting to a piece of himself that he didn’t know was missing and was going to play such a key role in his life. It was indeed a missing puzzle piece for him, he explains.

Healers Academy was a game-changer for Marian and opened up a lot in his life. Today, Marian has an active Life Activation Practice, together with his wand.

If you would like to hear more about Marian’s special experience with his wand and what Healers Academy shifted for him, then click the link below to explore our YouTube channel!

If you are ready to step forward into Healers Academy, then please click the link below to grab your seat now.

— Caroline Latour
, Ritual Master Apprentice

Full YouTube video


Are You Ready for your Wand?


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Dive into a world where healing, learning, and personal growth intertwine, guided by the ancient wisdom of the Lineage of King Salomon.

Your wand awaits, and will mark the beginning of a life-altering adventure. If you’re prepared to embrace your true essence and explore the limitless possibilities of your spirit, Healers Academy is the calling you’ve been waiting for.

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I’m ready for Healers Academy



March London International Programs


Here is the calendar for our next international programs with some amazing classes on offer to bring you more magick and inspiration into your life!

Dragon Magick (Haven’t you always wanted to know about Dragons? Open to Certified Life Activation Practitioners) 14 March 2024

Hermetic Joy Class (This time only: Open to those who have done Empower Thyself!) 15 March 2024

Healers Academy (Open to those who have done Empower Thyself) 16-20 March 2024

Archangels of the 1st Quorum (Open to Certified Life Activation Practitioners) 21 March 2024


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