From successful author & coach to Healers Academy. Anna Anderson


Anna is a Transformational Self-Love Coach, Spiritual Mentor & Author dedicated to helping women rediscover their inner magic and embrace their true worth. Anna has a profound belief in the inherent greatness of every person and she works to remind people to step out of their fears and limiting beliefs into the truth of who they came here to be.

Through her own transformation, Anna uncovered powerful tools to navigate the limiting beliefs of the mind that once held her back. No longer bound by overwhelming thoughts and negative self-perceptions, she now dedicates her life to empowering others to break free from their own mental barriers and lead lives filled with love, joy, and purpose.

Anna truly sees what people are capable of and her coaching style is unconventional and bespoke – clients consistently say: ‘she will challenge you fiercely with equal measures of love’.

Anna’s mission is clear: to guide individuals towards living authentically from the heart, as she believes this is the true path to liberation and fulfillment. By sharing her insights and lessons learned, she inspires others to cultivate self-love, embrace their uniqueness, and create lives of abundance and joy.

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