Some warmth for this Season of Lights


Dear Community,

Happy holiday season to everyone! This is a season of learning how to find the light within when the light outside is much shorter in the colder months. Our German team of initiates has taken photos of their local lights. May this inspire you and re-set your next winter to be a time of connecting to your inner light.

We also celebrate the light we brought to others in our charity work over this Christmas time and the last year. May this bring hope.

If you missed our last Meditation Challenge, we’re starting another one to enter the New Year in peace (gasp)! If you want to join our next Meditation Challenge, we will start our New Years Eve with another week of short meditations (in the morning so you can make it) ! See our schedule below!

Join our online Chi-Do session tonight with the link below…

Wishing you blessings for the New Year that is upon us…

Modern Mystery School UK & EU Team


The season of lights …


Throughout Europe and the United Kingdom there are ancient traditions of celebrating this time of the year that link to ancient Celtic, Germanic, Norse, Romanian (& other) traditions. Some of the well-known Christmas traditions have been purported to come from cultures from long ago! Popular practices such as kissing under the mistletoe, and decorating trees with holly were inspired by pre-Christian traditions. These celebrations took place to celebrate the end of the winter season and the advent of spring.

We have some images of Christmas lights from Germany this year that we hope you enjoy. In Germany, Christmas markets have been a tradition for centuries. The most famous Christmas market in Germany has existed since AD 1432 and some of our German initiates have visited these throughout Germany.

Next Christmas may you take in all the lights around and see this with new eyes: viewing this as a special time to go within! May we all remember the LIGHT we carry within.

Marian Barnow, Ritual Master Apprentice




7 day Meditation Challenge into the NEW YEAR



We’re doing it again! Join us for another meditation challenge & go into the New Year by doing 20 mins of meditation per day until 6 January OR hop onto our daily ONLINE MEDITATIONS until 6 January 7.30pm UK time!

If you are joining our online offerings, on New Years Eve, we are offering the meditation IN THE MORNING, so be sure to pencil that in!

Here are the dates again for you to join us!

** Please note our apologies for technical challenges in offering the online mediation on Friday 22 December during our previous 7 day challenge **


Sunday 31 December9am (London GMT)| Max Meditation System™

Monday 1 January7:30pm (London GMT)| Max Meditation System™

Tuesday 2 January7:30pm (London GMT)| Max Meditation System™

Wednesday 3 January: 7:30pm (London GMT)| Moving Meditation – Chi-Do

Thursday 4 January7:30pm (London GMT)| Max Meditation System™

Friday 5 January7:30pm (London GMT)| Max Meditation System™

Saturday 6 January7:30pm (London GMT)| Max Meditation System™

To calculate your time zone click here.

Link to join:

Password : peace

Our Charity work this year …


We’ve had some heartwarming experiences this year and especially over this Christmas season. Here are some of the charity contributions we have experienced this year:


1. The MMS UK & EU under the leadership of Divina Kate Bartram-Brown has donated £1000 to buy gifts for men and boys in the Random Act of Kindness Christmas present drive. The women and girls have been supported but the charity was struggling with donations for the men and boys. We stepped in to make sure everyone’s Christmas is a good one! We also donated $1000 to the Haven Toronto for our Christmas giveback. The donations this year total £6,296.31 to Random Acts of Kindness, CAD$ 2000 to Haven Toronto and dog food donations to Leonard’s Lunchbox.

2. The Modern Mystery School UK & Europe Ireland branch under the leadership of Divina Ann Donnelly has created pamper packs for the ladies at Foyle Women’s Aid.



3. Anna Anderson, a Ritual Master apprentice, is donating 5% of all profits from her membership site shares with an orphanage in Mexico called Corazon de Vida. To date they have donated $2500 after their first quarterly donation since launching. For more information about this see Corazon de Vida: Anna and her husband Mike are also delivering a mindset and well-being programme to the officers and staff at Coldingley prison.

4. Leonard’s Lunchbox is a dedicated pet food bank that Grace Hui, a Ritual Master Apprentice, started 24 November 2022. They help around 30 households weekly and also provide a space for the community to pop in for a cuppa and connect for support. Grace has paired up with the Bethnal Green Foodbank as they have many visitors asking for pet food or sharing their own allocation with their pets: working alongside them provides greater support for the community!

5. Fran Cadogan, a Ritual Master Apprentice, has raised money for a charity called Save our Soles that helps diabetic feet in Barbados.

May your days be Merry & Bright!




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