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Transcript of Divina Lisa interviewed by Divina Kate



I’m lucky to have this community and amazing people around the .


I know Lisa through the modern mystery school, Lisa is instrumental in teaching me Healer’s Academy (  lead Healer’s Academy),


Lisa teaches  Kabbalah, she’s part of the council of 12.


I’m in Brazil and we are in the summertime, it’s supposed to be Carnival.

it’s really strange feeling to be here in Brazil during carnival without carnival.


it’s important to recognise we’re going through in the world right now .

and one of the most famous bands in the North East of Brazil that it’s a very famous area for carnaval,  they all played their drums on the street without anybody, without playing  in a silent,

its  like ceremony for all the people that have passed away with the pandemic .


it was really touching to see  honouring everybody that that passed away,

it’s beautiful to see how we come together as a community to support ,

and we are going to go through this together .

and we’re already can see the light and the end of the tunnel,

people already getting the vaccines,

and I’m really excited to soon meet you all again in person and hug you.


Brazil is hot it’s summer and I can’t wait to have programmes in the mystery school again.


I’ve never been to carnival obviously in in Brazil,

carnival is done with so much passion, colours ,the way that everybody expresses themselves,

and I’ve noticed that about you in the way that you live your life you,  you live that life from from that passion,  could you tell us how carnival works with that,  how that’s important in life , how you relate to that .


Carnival is a time in the year that, no matter if you’re poor if you’re rich,  if you’re happy if you’re going through some sad moments in your life,

we are able as Brazilians to put everything aside, and we just are there enjoying the moment , having so much it’s a celebration of joy , i everybody’s dancing and singing and everybody together,  no matter what colour what race, no matter where you come from,


there’s people that choose to drink a lot and there’s  bad things,

putting that aside,

it is a very special moment where we can feel all Brazilians just having this genuine joy,

we put everything of our lives aside ,and we just enjoy that moment of being ,

dance, kiss ,dress this way or the other way and nobody is judging

everybody is just wanting to have a good time together


I think about life, sometimes we get too caught up,  whatever is going on in that moment, sadness or that,

but we are so much more when we dive into ourselves and we connect to that spirit that is flowing through us all the time , we can connect to that flame, and live our lives through that truth ,  the genuine  who we truly are,

figure out how do we want to dress, how do you want to express ourselves, what makes you have joy in your life,  and make sure you do that everyday.


yes we are going through a difficult moment, and we can not just ignore and pretend it’s not happening,  it’s not about living in an illusion, it’s not,

we have to know we are going through that,  and recognise the reality of lives ,

but in the same time, connect to the expansiveness that all we are as spirit,  and bring that that life to life.



those flames dimming

how can we build passion in our lives in lockdown ?

what are the recommendations that you have .


L:  as initiates we have so much tool that that help us connect to who we are.


we learned  during this time how important is our health ,

we use that time to eat healthy,  to cook, choose, exercise and dance and ,music ,movie.


I think we were very lucky to have this time , because it showed us that it’s all about choice.

we have the choice in every moment to choose if you turn right or left.


with this time at home you have the ability to experiment what kind of exercise you like,

everybody knows how good it feels when we exercise when we move our body,


because we’re bringing spirit through those physical vehicle that we have,

and if this is just stiff, full of the blockages with all the emotions and hurts and not moving and just aches and pains,  we can not flow.


when we move we loosen up, and things are flowing so much easier in our life, and we are able to bring that spirit, bring that joy back, even in the lockdown.


here’s so many things that we can do alone at home , and you don’t need much space  many tools,  you just need yourself , and just experiment with things that you think it’s going to bring you joy, and do your rituals , and light the candle listen to music and incense, whatever shift your energy ,

we have so many magics that we learn in our path,

and the mystery school that brings us this connexion to the different energies that is going on with the moon with the sun with earth , and just connect with whatever helps shift things within you,

so you can flow with the universe much easier without fighting what’s going on that’s out of our control, like this pandemic,  government laws, travel,   programme…. this can be very stressful if we let that into our mind ,

because where mind is very powerful,  and you keep thinking about ….we can make ourselves crazy , sick , depressed , all kinds of emotions that are not healthy for ourselves ,


but in the same time we have the power to choose , what is good for us and make us happy in that day, it’s day by day and step by step, we don’t need to think about  next month and in two months,  no , think about today ,  choose today to do something that brings you joy.


K: that’s very interesting,  mental health has become a real major issue over here,

it’s the not knowing and the confusion,  both children and adults are experiencing this,  this is ramped up this pressure cooker of feelings and emotions and hurt and worry and stress , because everything is out of our control .


you just pointed out within our lineages, we have the tools and the training to just deal with what is within our control, You Can Dance you can put on the candle you can you do rituals,

that’s what then stimulates the joy ,

I love that as a real top tip on how people can shift out of that,


I like about our lineage is that we learned through experience,

and we learn that everything is within us,

everything that we need is within us,


the lineage gives you tools to access and awakened that is within us ,

so we can expose this light that is within,  and shift things that need shifting ,


I was just thinking this morning how there’s always more,   we’ve been walking this path for more than 10 years now,  there’s always more, scratching the surface.

there’s so much more, and I’m so excited to keep going in and finding what else is inside of myself , and what else about God and the universe, and there’s so much to explore and it’s all through our experience ,

this is the beauty of the lineage, you learn through your experience , through living life , it’s not about you going to class, reading a book,   you believing the teacher is telling you in front of the classroom, or whatever it is in that book…. because  we take very little home right when you read a book,  or when you go to class.

like 10% maybe of what we can learn ourselves,  so everything is within us and that’s what I love,  because is through living life that we will unlock all this potential that is within us .



L:maybe is not that you not as passionate , but maybe the culture

I think we can both learn from each other because there’s a balance in all.


maybe just allowing this expression to really come out,  sometimes we are so indoctrinating about what we can or cannot say, what it’s right or wrong and what is beautiful ugly


we need to let ourselves experiment life and not hurting others,

if I’m not hurting you I’m allowed to express myself whatever way I wanted experiment ,

with his expression to see what is me and what is not me,

what am I bringing from society from parents from family from culture that it’s not really need,  that I’m just reproducing ,

and maybe if I allow myself to experiment something that I never done before,  and I discovered I like this expression of passion

It’s not wrong to express like this,  Iwhat do you feel about that ?


K: interesting  just had Valentine’s Day , a lot of people associate passion with the sexual energy ,

it’s more about the passion for life, for our friends, our family, for a project or something that I’m doing,

if we are lacking in passion  or not sure how we can express that,  then we lose the ability to take our project or our relationships to next level,

can you give us a little bit of insight about  what  you feel passion is? And what it brings.


L: for me, passion is much deeper than sex,

it’s actually the spark that comes from God, when we are connected to that spark, that flame that we’re talking about.

This is the whole journey that the Mystery School offers us.


that is the journey of knowing thyself, when you are in touch of with your truth,  you have that spark,


many has the glimpse or experience of being in connexion with their true self when coming to this school, like Oh my God I feel home because it’s a place known to all of us, it’s different for me and it’s different for you and it’s different for each one ,

through living an experience, you can have this connexion to your truth too ,


because it comes from spirit,  so only You are going to feel that inside of you,  this truth,  in this absence,  that it’s your true self .


when we are in connexion with this true self, then the passion is burning,then you can fire up all the projects in your life, or the relationships,  and everything you do and you touch,


because you are in connexion with that true essence within us that comes from spirit, when we allow this, then we can experiment and express,

because if we are not connected to that essence, we’re not going to know what to express,  maybe people anot knowing what to express, because they still in the journey and it’s okay.


it’s a journey. I said what exciting is it is a never end journey.

we can go different and further and more and more connected to who you are, when we have this it’s just like okay I can get enough I want more, because it’s you , it’s who you are .


K: UK has changed a lot over the last past few years;  people are really connecting into that and sparkle and love the way that you explained,

it’s the true essence is the spark, right now that’s what we need .

we need it so much because it is the thing that’s keeps us going ,  connected to that joy the passion,  to keep us driving forward ,  in these really dark and difficult times for some people .


We are very lucky as initiates, we have many tools to keep us balanced, to keep us in the lights.


three things or a couple of things that you could recommend to those people not yet initiated,

I have learned two very important things that help me personally through this journey that is called life,

the first thing you need to identify, is what is blocking your joy?


because it’s very easy in life for us to just keep going,  because we are strong right we learn to keep pushing I need to work I need to keep  accepting this and this is the right thing , a job  a relationship whatever it is .


Yet despite of all your efforts, that one thing in your life that’s blocking you,  it’s like a blanket over your heart, and your heart  flame is dying and,  all of a sudden Oh my God I can’t even feel the blood flowing in my body,  we can get  sad and depressed if we allow that to keep going .

so I think it’s really important that we find that one thing that is blocking your joy and deal with it.

It is usually hard but totally worth it as it’s blocking your light.


and the second one is to remember your North star,  it’s joy .

when you’re lost and you don’t know where to go,  look up and see where is your joy,  what brings you joy,  that’s where you need to follow .


follow your heart because your soul is using your heart to talk to you,

your heart will have all the answers that you need,  all the answers are within you , so let’s listen to your heart,  and let the joy guide you in your life.































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