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Dear Community, 

Today we live in a world that has suddenly shifted to operating at a much slower pace than we have previously experienced. Worldwide we have been asked to stay home and isolate as much as possible to ensure that we do not pass on or contract the current SARS-CoV-2 virus. 

Life, as we have known it has changed. Many things have already transformed and we can anticipate more changes to occur. For example, schools and universities have transitioned to teaching online in just under a week. Companies have urged employees to work from home, and online meetings and online “drinks” have become the new normal in just 7 days.

In the tradition of the Modern Mystery School and since the time of King Salomon, we have been endlessly working to ensure the Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul evolve at the highest state while in the physical.

In 1998 the Modern Mystery School’s Founder: Gudni Gudnason brought forward the Galactic Activation. Galactic Activation gives us the ability to have all 24 Strands of the DNA Activated.

This allows the body an extraordinary advantage to rejuvenate and accelerate life in the physical. To eliminate virus and toxins so the body can live in its highest purest and more powerful frequency.

I would like to remind those of you have attended Galactic Training programs some of the key points that I feel are useful during this time. For those of you who wish to have these teachings, for now, you can enjoy these valuable tips and in the future obtain and receive the very valuable activations. 

The Galactic teachings want us to detoxify so we can evolve and fulfill our personal and human service mission. As we focus on human evolution to fulfil our great work, we must strengthen not only the Spirit and Soul but also the physical body.

Today, we are being called to protect and strengthen our physical bodies and to isolate to protect everyone’s physical bodies.

The following points will help us in the days ahead to balance and enrich our energies in order to live in positivity and greater vibrancy.

Step l: Meditate. Relax and meditate every day for 15 – 20 mins at the same time each day allowing the body and mind to relax.

Step 2: Good Hygiene. Is it good to be clean and have a high standard of personal hygiene every day. 
During the virus, correctly washing our hands can and will save lives. 

Step 3: Nutritious Food. What do you eat and how does that affect your health and lifestyle? 
Do you eat nutritious food that is living food that supports you? 
It’s important to nourish your body with immune-boosting foods.

Step 4: Clean Air, deep breaths? Do you get enough oxygen into your blood? Are you a shallow breather? 
Try to improve on this by breathing deeply and becoming aware of your patterns of breath.

Step 5: Daily Exercise: Do you get enough exercise so you can handle the challenges of ordinary life?
20 mins of physical exercise every day helps to build our immune system and keep our body healthy and mentally active. 

Step 6. Clean Home: Our homes support us and its where we must now spend all of our time to fight this virus.
We need to keep our homes in a manner where it enhances our state of being, reduces stress, and sustains a positive mental and emotional state of being at all times. 
Now is a good time to clean, declutter, and create an environment that truly supports us on all levels.

Step 7: Positive Thoughts: Are your thoughts in accordance with the light?
Are they positive towards all beings so that they create good energy for all?
It’s important right now to have daily positive thoughts to enhance our mental and physical well being.

Step 8: Positive Words: Are the words coming out of your mouth positive and uplifting, non-judgmental and loving at all times?
During these times of isolation share positive comments, words and videos with others to create positive energy and mindset.

Step 9: What are your eyes seeing? What has been registered in your visual memory?
Are these visual images creating shadows that are in the way of your own enlightenment? 
Use this time to see the good, the hope, gratitude and the new opportunities that arise with each day. 

Step l0: How are you living? Is the quality of your life high or low?
Are you taking care of yourself by taking time for you in your schedule? 
Right now we have the opportunity to reflect, relax, strengthen our mental bodies, let go and release any emotional energies, and free ourselves from burdens of the past. 
We have time to strengthen our immune system to fight whatever we encounter even this virus or physical illness on all levels. 
In addition, we have the time to nurture and care for our physical bodies. And to bring them to their next evolution in order to fulfil our mission and the mission of humanity. 

Take time once a week to reflect on these points in order to enrich and enhance your life and in turn, the lives of everyone.

Martina Coogan 

About Martina Coogan

Martina Coogan has served for 20 years as a Life Activation Practitioner, Guide, Healer and International Teacher with The Modern Mystery School.

Offering tools and teachings to reduce stress, anxiety and offering solutions using ancient lineage tools and teachings.

In addition she is an Ensofic Ray Practitioner and Fundamental Ensofic Reiki Teacher. 

She is happy to serve those who are ready to serve themselves and live a life of joy, peace and passion.

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