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The Modern Mystery School promotes a unique ‘Culture’ of Light. There is a crucial difference between a CULT and a CULTure…and finally we have some solid reading for you that explains what a culture of light is! The full explanation is a lengthy read so grab a scone, some tea, and settle in.

Want more? Maria Johansson shares about the ‘something missing’ in her life after heaps of success in her corporate career.

Finally, the deep winter months may have you yearning for healing and goodness! Healers Academy is your ticket to just that: it is a gift that will keep on giving. Below we have provided links to March programs including Healers Academy.

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CULT or CULTure?


This is such a hot topic! So often our head can easily get in the way of following the magnetic pull of light – and especially when we hear the word CULT!

If we examine teachings that stretch back 8000 years, Hermes spoke about how All is Mind, the Universe is Mental’When Hermes used this phrase, he was not referring to ‘what you think’. Do not underestimate the power of your thoughts, however, as ‘what you think’ can powerfully navigate you away from what is right for you when you avoid following the niggling feeling and intuitive, internal pull towards something that you can’t quite explain.

Stop for a moment. Can you remember when you last ‘thought’ ‘oh yes, I should do that because [fill in the blanks]… it makes the most sense …. I will make money [blah, blah fill in more blanks]’. Or perhaps ‘I need to date [him/her] because [list of boxes they check here] …’ only to discover there is not compatibility and commitment [etc], and regret not following the gut feeling that something wasn’t right for you?

When Hermes spoke about the Mind, he meant the illuminated Mind: God’s Mind. This Mind flows in a direction of good ONLY, and this good is reflected in beauty ONLY. In other words, by its fruits you will know it. You can see if something produces good by what it creates in your life. Also, the Divine within and the Divine beings around you speak to you most clearly through these ‘urges’ (not impulses) or niggling feelings to do something which is often counter to ‘what you think’. It’s the kind of feeling that is hard to drown out with dollops of well conceived logic.

To tackle this scary word ‘CULT’, we need to stare this word straight in the face and look at the origins of the word: where its roots stem from the Latin word cultus meaning ‘care, cultivation, worship’.

The origin of the Latin cultus shows that the original meaning of caring, cultivating something (growing it) and in turn honouring or ‘worshipping’ through this action, is a positive and good concept. Instead of being allergic to the word cult, it’s possible to view this word as creating something good.

Sovereign Ipssissimus Dave Lanyon has written an article expanding on this concept of cult versus culture, called Illuminating our Culture of Light.

In this you will get a long look at what a CULTure of LIGHT really is. You may have questioned before how this culture was built, and what its hallmarks and signatures are. The principles detailed in this article give you a benchmark for what comprises a culture of light such as: Unity and Compassion, Hope, Kindness, Merit and Worthiness, the Foundations of Family and Health, Knowing Thyself, Discernment: Think for Yourself, Mediation, Gratitude, Free Will, and the Importance of Opposition, among others.

Let us tease you with an excerpt from this excellent article:

Our Culture of Light embodies a positive, enlightened, and inclusive ethos, promoting principles such as enlightenment through spiritual pursuit, compassion, understanding, self responsibility, and shared JOY, along with many other good and positive guidelines for living life to its fullest. Our Culture encourages personal growth, knowledge, and the betterment of individuals and the collective. In contrast, a cult typically connotes a small, often secretive group with extreme or unconventional beliefs, led by a charismatic figure who holds control over members’ lives and decisions, often controlling things. This is often done through isolating individuals from society and life in general, where an individual lives, who they have relationships with, what they eat and when they sleep, controlling information they are exposed to (very much like many government regulations appearing today in society) none of which the Modern Mystery School wants, desires or has any way, to implement in a student’s life.

There is a lot to read in this article, so grab a cup of tea (with a scone as we do in England) and settle in!

— Julia Tiffin, Modern Mystery School Specialty Teacher

Click here for the full story


Finding Inner Peace and Purpose: Maria’s Story at Healers Academy


Have you ever felt a sense of something missing from your life, despite achieving all your goals?

If this is you, you will probably resonate with Maria’s story. Coming from the corporate world, Maria found herself yearning for deeper meaning, which led her to discover her first Max Meditation System™ meditation in Boston. The feeling of inner peace she got was something so unexpected that she kept coming back: one day she found herself at Healers Academy!

Here, her experience was a revelation: “When I walked into the Healers Academy room, it was so different,” Maria recalls. She found herself in awe of the energy in the room. Healers Academy helped her connect with a profound inner peace and a sense of purpose she had been missing. She describes a vision of angels being released from within, symbolizing the awakening of her own spiritual forces.

Maria’s transformation at Healers Academy is not just personal: it’s a change she shares through her dedication to spreading light and impacting others’ lives, as seen in her clients who have received the Life Activation. Watch her interview on YouTube to hear the full version of her beautiful story, especially when she shares the powerful moment of initiation, when the sword touches your shoulders and an indescribable rush of energy flows through your body.


— Caroline Latour, Ritual Master Apprentice

Watch on YouTube


Healers Academy: A Gateway to Making Real Change


Healers Academy isn’t just for those who aim to become healers: it’s for anyone looking to make a tangible difference in the world and in their own lives. As Divina Kate, leader/guide of the Modern Mystery School UK EU says, “It’s just such a relief to know that there is something we can actually do to make a real change in the world.”

Healers Academy provides a unique environment where every individual can find their path to self-discovery and empowerment. It’s a place where you don’t just learn techniques but undergo a profound personal transformation, as Maria’s experience shows. Whether it’s through the Life Activation tool or other practices, Healers Academy is about making a positive impact on yourself and those around you.

Join us on this mission of healing, personal growth and creating world peace. Healers Academy is for everyone – whether you aim to be a healer or simply wish to share the gift of a Life Activation with your loved ones.

Registration is now open. Click the link below to not miss out on your opportunity to thrive in Healers Academy.

I’m ready for Healers Academy

March London International Programs

Here is the calendar for our next international programs with some amazing classes on offer to bring you more magick and inspiration into your life!

Dragon Magick (Haven’t you always wanted to know about Dragons? Open to Certified Life Activation Practitioners) 14 March 2024

Hermetic Joy Class (This time only: Open to those who have done Empower Thyself!) 15 March 2024

Healers Academy 1 (Open to those who have done Empower Thyself) 16-20 March 2024

Relationships in the Hermetic Life (Open to Certified Ritual Master Apprentices) 16-17 March 2024

Ritual Master Apprentice 2.0 (Open to Certified Ritual Master Novices) 18-19 March 2024

Archangels of the 1st Quorum (Open to Certified Life Activation Practitioners) 21 March 2024

Enochian Magick 3 (Open to Certified Ritual Masters) 22 March 2024

Enochian Magick 4 (Open to Certified Ritual Masters) 23 March 2024

Enochian Magick 5 (Open to Certified Ritual Masters) 18 March 2024

Advanced Enochian Theories (Open to Certified Ritual Masters) 19 March 2024

Temple (Open to Certified Ritual Masters) 20 March 2024

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