Children’s Health using the downward causation model


Downward Causation

At present, we live in a world where the world thinks in an upward causation model. Let’s take the medical field in place at the moment. If a child comes in with a behavioral issue that is now outside the ‘normal’ parameters of behavior within our social and cultural boundaries, the modern medicine is designed to treat the symptom by first testing the child on a physical level, and will be treated on that level of understanding. But what if the behavioral issues were a result of a belief or vital energies out of balance, the issues would surely still be present in one form or another.

If the child was to use integrative medicine, the downward causation model approach then we would be able to look at the whole situation, the parents, the school, the diet, the environment, beliefs and so much more. However, we must consider that some children experiencing severe physical ailments because of ongoing mental and emotional issues will need to address healing at a physical level. Thus, we see the upwards causation model in effect also. The program allows the child and parent to experience both as each step addresses the different layers of our subtle bodies. Supramental, Mental, Vital and Physical as well as nourishing the four elements that we are made up of.

‘There are four kinds of possibility worlds within consciousness—physical, vital, mental, and supramental/archetypal. When consciousness chooses from physical or material possibilities, we experience a physical object; we call the experience sensing. When the choice is from the vital world, what is manifested is vital energy that we feel. When consciousness chooses from the mental world of meaning, we call the experience thinking. And when consciousness chooses from the supramental world of the archetypes such as love, beauty, truth, goodness, justice, or abundance, we call the experience intuiting. (Goswami Ph.D., 2016)

If conscious is the ground of all being and that we are all connected because we are all one, the source is us and us is the source then every thought emotion, feeling movement creates a ripple effect that is felt in the universe. Like Karma, cause and effect.


Supramental Level

From that source or that universal consciousness in the downward causation model we enter the supramental level which is where quantum healing takes place once we have quantum leaped. This is also the place where our blueprints are held in its perfect form that is. And can be where we get the ah ha moments that propel us to do amazing things in our life or create, it is the spark of imagination. The idea of the fifteen-minute program came from this place many years ago.

The supramental domain of consciousness contains the laws and archetypal contexts of physical, vital, and mental movements. (Goswami, Ph.D., 2004, p. 238) Through quantum healing we can jump to the supramental level and create that new meaning.

If our program which has the methods of mind- body healing is allowing quantum leaps to take place through entanglement in theory each child and parent has access to the supramental intelligence which allows our physical, mental and vital layers to be in congruence. If this is the case, we have the ability to jump past different layers and go straight to the supramental to heal ourselves or rewrite our programs.

The Mental Body

The mental body, the next layer in the model is where we process information and as children here could be where our programming before we were born and in the womb could come into effect. Here we will only select things that support our beliefs. As a child if our belief is that all creepy crawlies are dangerous as our parents wanted us to stay away from them then no matter how lovely a spider is and doing its work to help keep flys at bay, we would never seethat side of a spider and perhaps want to do it harm as we believe we are doing is a good thing by getting rid of it. We do not consider the effects of karma. Yoga teaches us, not to kill or be violent and this mean to all living things.

This in the bigger picture limits us as children and as grownups as we become selective and our minds are closed. If we have an open mind at the mental level when we come to stress or dealing with a situation and have been open to mediation, breathing and positive affirmations as a way of eliminating stress, here we could stop diseases or stress taking hold. It would support our immune system instead of the immune system shutting down when we go into flight or fight for long periods of time.

If the child at this level can use the mental layer to focus and KNOW that what they are doing is going to create or manifest in the physical, then these tools are truly remarkable.

Vital Body

The vital body holds the blueprint for our organs and the physical structure. Consisting of the morphogenetic fields which are the blue prints from which the physical body will create, it is like the software program, to create the physical representation of that cell or organ. This is how then disease can be manifested. The vital force is not enclosed in man, but radiates around him like a luminous sphere, and it may be made to act at distance. Though these rays of subtle form, the imagination of man may produce health or morbid effects (the life and the doctrine of Paracelsus, Hartman) (Drouin, M.D, 2014, p. 72)

This layer contains information and is how we can explain how the healer and the healed become entangled to create an outcome of the healing practice. So, making sure the vital energies are balanced is key to optimum mental and emotional wellbeing. The vital force is responsible for maintaining the body in a balanced state of health (Drouin, M.D, 2014, p. 72)

In Chinese and Ayurveda medicine they believe that if the vital energy is faulty then we cannot correct the organ on a physical level as the vital level has not been corrected so we must look at healing at that level. As children, we are still renewing and recreating our bodies all the time and we do this from memory, sometimes a wrong memory. If each day we learn to let go, forgive and love ourselves what memories would our vital body be storing and thus our physical body recreating in our cells? love, peace, acceptance, joy, abundance. How different would we look physically over the years instead of fear, anxiety not enough that our society and cultures can often condition us with.

Breathing or pranayama has been used in yoga for thousands of years to create correct flow in the body, along aside the asana or poses. So much of what we do, say and consume effects the vital energies as we have seen through the paper. In the program, we use several methods to stimulate the vital energies and get the flow going, such as rubbing our hands together.

Physical Body

Physical body is the last layer of downwards causation as has mentioned modern medicine only treats disease from this point. As you can see, if all of the above had not of been changed, how would the disease be cured. It doesn’t make sense and is why it doesn’t work. Any adjustments which of course would be beneficial are not going to address the cause. However, if the illness is developed at this layer then of course this must be treated also. Thus, supporting the upward causation model of healing. I believe there is room for both models at this present in time, as we are yet to have a strong practice of prevention medicine or quantum medicine in place.

The point is that if children are encouraged to take the whole view of mental and emotional well-being from a downwards causation model which is simply bringing awareness to those layers through fun and easy methods then the manifestation of physical disease is less likely to happen. If we carry on the way that we are going with treating symptoms or using the upwards causation model rather than the downward causation model when the child gets sick, then the child will only learn how to do that as an adult.

Dr Kate Bartram Brown

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