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In the Modern Mystery School, we have profound firsthand accounts of healing and transformation: showcasing the limitless potential within each individual. Today, we present the inspiring journeys of four remarkable souls – Barbara, Marian, Alexia, and Rozica – who have embarked on the journey of healing through the teachings of the Modern Mystery School.

Barbara Segura:

A beacon of love and positivity, Barbara’s battle with stage four peritoneal cancer defied all odds, blending the power of energy healing and spirituality with conventional medicine to triumph over adversity.

Rodica Aizic:

Through her own transformative experience in receiving healing, Radical embarks on the Healer’s Path and promises a journey of profound service and dedication to others. Through the teachings of the Modern Mystery School, she has found a path that brings honour and purpose to her life.

These stories remind us that healing is not just a destination but a lifelong quest, and the Path of the Healer is one that brings honour and light to all who embrace ancient healings handed down through the lineage of King Salomon.

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“I took a leap of faith 15 years ago, and now I’ve had another miracle with my own healing journey.”

Barbara Segura, Senior Guide, Ordained Minister, Healer, and Magus Hermeticus.

Healing through Love

Barbara Segura, a Senior Guide in Florida is widely known for her sunny outlook on life. As a scientist and healer, Barbara always recognised the deep interconnection between the physical and spiritual aspects of human existence.

Barbara’s life took an unexpected turn when she began feeling increasingly unwell. To her dismay, she received a devastating diagnosis on June 16th: stage four peritoneal cancer, a rare and life-threatening form of cancer with under 5% chance of recovery.

Facing this daunting challenge head on, Barbara resolved to combine conventional medical treatment with her deep knowledge in the power of spiritual and energy healings that she saw transform the lives of herself and so many others through the Modern Mystery School. With courage and transparency, she shared her cancer battle on social media, seeking not pity but understanding and love from her community.

The response was overwhelming. Within just 24 hours, over 300 messages of love, prayers and support gave her a powerful source of strength, which fortified her resolve to combat the illness. 

Throughout her journey, Barbara embraced both conventional medical treatments and the spiritual healing practices she had learned in the Modern Mystery School.

As months passed, Barbara’s strength grew, and medical reports showed signs of progress. The amalgamation of conventional medicine and the power of love and healings (such as EnSofic Reiki, Spark of Life, Life Activation) proved to be an exceptional healing force. The grim nine-month life expectancy predicted by doctors seemed worlds away from the reality she experienced.

Then, an astounding moment arrived: exactly six months after her diagnosis, Barbara received the news that she was cancer free. Filled with boundless joy, she realised that sharing her story had not only aided her own journey but had also inspired and touched the lives of countless others, offering hope and courage in the face of adversity.

Barbara’s extraordinary story resonated with people globally. Many sought her guidance and support for their struggles as her journey became a symbol of hope.

Barbara continues her work within the Modern Mystery School, sharing her experiences and guiding others toward healing and fulfillment.

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“My commitment to healing and personal growth brought incredible changes to my life.”

Meet a Radical Aizic, a remarkable woman on an inspiring healing journey. Despite battling an auto-immune disease, she refused to give up and embarked on a path of self-discovery and empowerment.

Resilience and Empowerment

Healing Against All Odds

Meet Rodica Aizic, who defied the odds in her battle against an auto-immune disease after embracing healings offered through the Modern Mystery School. Inspired and motivated by her own personal experiences, Rodica has plans to become a Certified Life Activation Practitioner attending Healers Academy in London, in October 2023.

After my first Life Activation, I felt renewed and excited,” she shared. But it was during Empower Thyself with Shani Lehrer that “a magical experience transported me to another world.” Amidst the pandemic’s challenges, she found strength in her community’s support, “They rallied around me, and together, we worked wonders.

Facing hemodialysis, she chose independence and underwent multiple Life Activations (four times) and Empower Thyself classes (three), where she remembered her inner strength. “The knowledge of my body and the power within me guided my decisions,” she said. Despite hurdles and countless doctors, her resilience shone through, “I knew I had the courage to endure.

Rodica’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of healing. “The Modern Mystery School community has been a guiding light,” she expressed with gratitude. With the support of her medical team and spiritual companions, she continues to inspire hope and resilience.

We stand by her side as she embraces her inner power and shares her remarkable story of empowerment.

18 – 22 October 2023, London

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