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Dear Community,

 We have begun this week with a New Moon and we’re going to have to dig a bit deeper for our inner power without the night light of the Moon.

This week, we are shining a spotlight on the path of the Warrior, or more specifically, the Path of the Ritual Masteras we continue our journey on the Modern Mystery School UK and EU podcast and YouTube channel.

As a recently initiated Ritual Master myself, I must admit that I’ve been overwhelmed by the subsequent rapid pace of change in my life, pushing me to progress, to confront my shadows, and to stay grounded. This Path is real!

The videos showcasing the Ritual Master Path are a collection of extraordinary stories that delve into the unique nature of this transformative Path. We’ve curated inspiring quotes, encouraging you to click and listen to the stories that resonate most with your own path of growth.

We also have an exciting update from Australia and some huge attention coming from Miley Cyrus’ fans about the Modern Mystery School that we wish to share with you!

 Wishing you a week filled with growth and inspiration!

Modern Mystery School UK & EU Team


“I arrived feeling that I was a victim, and I left knowing that I’m God and knowing that I’m powerful.” 

Dawn Ressel, a certified Guide, Healer, Teacher and Life Activation practitioner

The Ritual Master Path

The Modern Mystery School UK and EU podcast and YouTube channel has unveiled the path of the Ritual Master, a Path shrouded in mystery, through 19 inspiring testimonials from individuals whose lives have been forever changed.

Tanmaya George, a corporate professional, speaks passionately about how becoming a Ritual Master has brought clarity into her life and enabled her to overcome personal shadows and attachments.

I have become a lot clearer about how I stand in my own way, learning to transmute my shadows and becoming a better version of myself. The training sharpened my intuition, allowing me to discern essential information in my professional dealings and relationships, leaving a positive impact on those around me.

Radu Coman, a software engineer, shares how his journey exemplified the power of embracing discipline and structure, leading to a sense of peace, freedom, and genuine choices.

“In the illusion, I was always unhappy because there was just this next great thing on the horizon. Like ‘I need to get there, what I have right now is not good enough. I need to get there, where it’s the next great thing.’  Life has become a lot simpler and a lot more meaningful.

Roxana Gabor-Iliescu, a journalist, found resonance with the path, connecting to her innate sense of truth and serving the light.

With my old programming, I was tempted to throw blame on my husband, sometimes on my children, sometimes on my mom. If I wouldn’t have the RM path and also the RM family… I wouldn’t be one right now. It really changes the game, and you realize it’s not about the husband, the mother: it’s about you and your next step.

Kasia Mikolajczyk, a heart-led individual, discovered that facing her shadow self as a Ritual Master brought tremendous healing and personal growth.

“When you walk the path, the magick happens. A multi-dimensional life is possible. The freedom of the mind creates freedom in the physical world, and honesty with self and others moves obstacles out of the way.”

These powerful stories are just a glimpse of the profound impact the Ritual Master path can have on one’s life. The path of the Ritual Master invites you to step into your true power, create a life of purpose and magick, and be an agent of positive change in your community and beyond.

As Julia Tiffin, a successful conceptual artist, says “The only way we’re going to do it is if each one of us follows our calling. We all have to listen to our calling, and that’s how we’re going to do it, one person by one person.” 

The journey may not always be easy, but as Erin Wallace, a Kabbalah teacher, points out, “You don’t have to do it, but how far do you want to go? How intense do you want your life to be? I want to go as far as I can, and then that way I know I did it.”

Martina Coogan, a Modern Mystery School International Instructor, shares how her journey exemplifies the power of surrendering to the wisdom of the lineage and the profound impact it can have on one’s life.

“I realized that I was all the way on the other side of the Middle Pillar, so in order to reach balance, I not only had to come back but I had to visit the other side. I had to understand myself from that perspective, and master that level of energy as well. King Salomon was very wise and designed the path to be on the Middle Pillar, so I must now step this side, and that’s how my journey began as a Ritual Master.”


16 & 17 October 2023, London

Ritual Master 1

If you’re feeling drawn to this path of self improvement, empowerment, and service, 

take inspiration from these stories and embrace the calling.

Through the Ritual Master path, you can sharpen your intuition, overcome challenges 

with composure, and discover the magick that unfolds when walking the path.


Galactic Activation 1

Magick Of the RM

Enochian Level 1

Enochian Level 2

(All happening in this program)

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Expanding our Knowledge 

Eleven new initiates in Australia

We are proud to announce that Cassandra Cooper has successfully facilitated the first Empower Thyself Class in Tasmania, and 11 new Adepts have been initiated into the Lineage of King Salomon. The class has been guided by Divina Rita van den Berg

This achievement highlights the continuous expansion of knowledge and empowerment within our community, adding Australia as a country open to serve.

Unveiling the Truth

The buzz about Miley Cyrus and the Modern Mystery School

In recent news, we stumbled upon a curious YouTube video (http://whatstrending.com) that caught our attention – the buzz about Miley Cyrus and the Modern Mystery School!

In this trending story, it is implied that the Modern Mystery School is a cult. We must admit, we found it quite amusing! We must be the worst cult on the planet that invites people to step into their power!

Apparently now Miley Cyrus’s fans are eager to know more about the Modern Mystery School! It seems they weren’t aware of the treasure trove of information available about us online. From countless social media posts to YouTube videos, blogs, and our beautifully crafted website, we’re here, loud and proud!

Curiosity piqued? Well, you don’t have to resort to smoke signals or carrier pigeons to unveil the truth! Just be sure to watch this 30 minutes podcast where Ipsissima Divina Dr. Theresa BullardDivina Dr. Ann DonnellyMartina Coogan and Divina Dr. Kate Bartram Brown will most likely answer all your questions.



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