Greener & Healthier, a Shift in Perspective

There was once a time when the state of the planet, humanity and my own health overwhelmed me. “The problem is too big, what can I do?”. After years of ‘Save the World’ type projects, I realised that the answer to the problem was not what I first thought.We are currently in a time of great transition; from winter to spring, from lockdown to the eventual release, from hibernation to potential growth. Right now, our decisions are important. Our world has changed and in order for us to thrive in this new climate we need new ideas, thoughts, plans and action to pave a new path. Health, Growth and Natural Living have always been important however, with this new light a new perspective is called for.Drawing from my career in Wellness, plus my training with The Modern Mystery School, I point to our Inner health, as the catalyst for great change and the way forward in this moment of transition. It is an interesting shift in perspective as most of us have been taught that external changes are the keys to our progression, like a new job, a better diet, or a longer ‘To Do’ list. Yet these external changes are simply ‘cosmetic’ and it is actually the Inner work that is vital in creating durable and potent human health, growth and natural living. Although it is not an easy option, it is lasting. Inner work is the long term plan.It has been my experience that physical health is the direct reflection to our inner health. The Hermetic law of Correspondence, “As above, so below”, is a great teacher in regard to this thought. This law simply means that our outer world reflects our inner world and vice versa. Thus, when our inner world is cleaned up, naturally our physical life presents a healthier picture. This shift then ripples out to all corners of the Globe. This is the ultimate power within us all!As a Personal Trainer of 10 years, I have seen and been part of many courageous efforts that people make in order to get in tip top shape, however anything we try to implement to improve our physical world without first implementing self-worth is simply cosmetic, and often the person returns to old habits. Lasting transformation starts from within.Not only health, but a persons growth excels when they are given space and freedom to do so. Growth feels far more natural when it is unrestricted by self limiting and harmful beliefs.

Think of a young tree that is over grown with ivy. In this example ivy is symbolic of our self-limiting beliefs, unworthiness or feelings of lack. Growth for this particular tree is slow and difficult because of the resistance. But if we were to cut the ivy from the tree, the tree is freed from what ties it down. As a result, light can get in, nourishment is absorbed and the tree is able to grow as it has the space to do so. Here we see that growth is a natural and harmonious development in the right environment.

Inner work is like the ivy being cut away. For human growth and progression, inner work is key!

This journey inward also cultivates our connection to our planet and all living things. As we free ourselves of ‘Mental Rubbish’, we see more clearly this connection and a new and more respectful awareness steps in. We see Earth as an extension of ourselves, and as a beloved family member. Again, external shifts such as zero waste and green energy are great external tools, and an important step for humanity, however the catalyst for real change comes from our own inner relationship. 

Spring is here and the transitional energy is in the air, now is the perfect time to cut the ivy, pull the weeds, and to sow the seeds so that health, growth and natural living can take place for a more peaceful and harmonious experience. We have the seasonal energy in our favour, so let’s shift our perspective from the external world to the inner for lasting change.

Change is possible and easy once you make the decision to dive ‘INWARD’. To be who we have never been before we must to do what we’ve never done before… Now is YOUR time!

With Love,


About the AuthorCassandra CooperHaving founded and being apart of many initiatives to improve standards across the globe, Cassandra has been a long time Eco Warrior. Most recently she organised and coordinated multiple beach clean ups in the Canary Islands, and gave educational talks to Canarian students about zero waste and sustainability.
Originally from Australia, Cassandra recently relocated to London to continue on the Path in the Linage of King Salomon. She is a Life Activation Practitioner, Ritual Master Novice and Kabbalist. 
Combining her life experience as Mother, Wellness/Fitness Expert and Yoga Teacher with her awareness in Metaphysics, Cassandra is committed to the Path of Service.

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