The Magickal Journey of Ipsissimus Hideto Nakagome


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Please enjoy this new interview with Ipsissimus Hideto Nakadome, a lineage holder of the Modern Mystery School about his own Magickal Journey.

Ipsissimus Hideto REI Nakagome has been instrumental behind the growth of the Mystery School since he joined the lineage in the year 2000. He immediately saw the importance of the mission of World Peace and fully supported this undertaking right away. He has worked passionately ever since.

“The universal life force has to be controlled both inside and outside of you;
with this, you can have full control over your inner and outer universe.

Ipsissimus Hideto Nakagome

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“It is easy to be calm when you are meditating.
It is easy to visualize when you meditate sitting still.
It is easy to think positive while in a temple.
Can you be calm, positive, and have a
clear vision while you are moving through life?”Ipsissimus Hideto Nakagome

Transcript of the interview:

a member of the 3rd order, lineage Holder of the modern mystery school, ritual master teacher, master healer, head instructor of Ensofic Ray Institute;


is initiated as a priest in esoteric Buddhism, Viking shaman, Celtic shaman, Knight Templar, Egyptian shaman, and so much more, he is a very successful businessman,


some of you may not understand all of those titles, but just so you have an idea of the vast knowledge and wisdom that he has.


can you tell us about how you started working with energy, did it start as a child, or was it something that your family taught, or is it something that you found, 

can you share a bit of your Storey and your background?


my father side is of Royal Lineage and heavily into Shinto practise, one of the Prince brought Bhudism into Japan, our family helped develop Buddhism into Japan from India through Korea and China;

the other side of family is very strict Christians protestant, as a child I was put through the Sunday school to learnt Bible, joining choir, so prayer and Bible study is a part of my life.


I have seen many entities, I recognise there is an unseen force all around us, that is a part of the energy thing,


the other part that I start to recognise an enormous energy is, when I become personal student of one of the great masters in the world Masuyama, who is a very well- known master. I was child but I was trained as an adult, I was breaking bricks, so you know nine years old boy will not break the bricks but I know how to harness Qi energy.


I started my work with energy through spiritual practise together with martial art practise.



what other training did you undertake before you came to the mystery school?


I moved to US 1979, seems like yesterday was quite long time ago.

when I was born 1962, Japan is about to recover from the war,  everything was destroyed,  Tokyo was burned to ground, our parents or grandparents age whoever survived the war, started rebuilding new Japan,  the model of country is not all traditional Japan,  it was under control of the Allied Force, therefore we have to reform,  as part of adapting western culture aka Democratic society,  so as a child I never wanted to know about Bhudism or Shintonism , that was outdated as I thought.


I went to the United states, as I was trained as a martial art, I was asked to become bodyguard for one of the high Lama, Tibetan Buddhism has 4 sects, there is one of the highest Lama came to Santa Fe and I was asked to bodyguard this man. I already understand energy, i didn’t classified as aura then, but i recognise vast energy around him like a very trained martial artist, his name is Galwa Karmapa

galowa kamapa, people who knows about Tibetan Budhism knows who he is.

he asked me what you do, I am karate instructor, I was already teaching then and then he said no you are not, I will give you refuge which is initiation into Tibetan Lineage.

And you will recite this mantra, then you will have success.


I was observing this phenomenon: as an nation, Japan is trying to catch up with West, economy and everything, we take everything westernised and try to modernise .

and then here this outdated Tibetan Monk come, American people are putting their head to the ground and paying respect, I was shocked what’s going on, there must be something that I don’t know, so I started.

a long Storey short, after that I found a teacher in Japan, esoteric teacher so I studied esoteric Buddhism very heavily after.


I heard that you worked with the Dalai Lama and so could you tell us about any of that training or at least more is or if it would be able to share that.


yes of course, I had the honour to serve him twice.


first time it was 1980, he perform hara chakra initiation, which is teaching of Shambhala, on which we modern mystery school have a very heavy stress, which is the peace on the earth, our mission is peace.

His Holiness Dalai Lama first time teaching in the west, I was invited because of Karmapa, Karmapa sent good message about me to office of Tibet, he wants some trustworthy people protecting him, I have again no idea. My impression of Buddhism frankly were weird chanting and charging people money,  they look simple and they are after money, and in Japan then,  it’s only old people would do something like that,  it’s uncool, you know rock and roll is a lot cooler than Buddhism.


anyway I had to be there at 4:00 in the morning, and this programme is like 10 days in a row, Dalai Lama goes there with his monks or Team 4:00 o’clock in the morning start doing chanting,  and then like I said I’m trained with energy,  energy is changing everyday, number one I can sense the diva energy,  meaning the natural gods of the land,  which was Wisconsin Madison Deer Park,  so everything is prepared day by day in hours,  


then audience hundreds of if not thousands,  people come to show up before Dalai Lama around 10:00 o’clock,  so I thought this means real, he is doing something that I really don’t know,  after that I studied Tibetan Buddhism with them ,  it was too difficult,  because my English wasn’t good,  and then you learn something Tibetan into English,  then translate in Japanese,  frustrated I was ,  so I found a teacher in the same kind of line of the Buddhism in Japan, and studied heavily,  


after that,  I don’t know which year, it’s long time ago, His Holiness Dalia Lama came to Santa Fe New Mexico, which city I lived, and then I was of course doing service for him bodyguard,  this time I was doing series of rituals that I cannot break, it has to last from beginning to end 90 consecutive days,  so during this time I have to do it,  I had to start it at three in the morning, because Dalai Lama comes out around 7:00 o’clock, so my final day of this practise, I was coming outside, and his holiness Dalai Lama came out also, calling me, and then I had this picture of Buddha and I put it in altar, then I’ll do the ceremony for three hours, and then he calls me,  saying I know what you doing,  yeah and he takes the picture and he start signing, I was freaking out, you are not supposed to write something on Buddha, but he can. he is Dalia lama. He was putting on Buddha label full signature of who he is.

usually he will write very little, later I find out Tibetan people see this signature,  they will pay most respect, they bow down,  Mr nakagami how did you obtain this, you shouldn’t have this,  he was saying you are very good,  this will be useful when you start teaching.  


I didn’t have any desire to teach anything, I want to become successful, that’s why I took this practise. It was a very personal want to be successful I want to make more money and living in the mansion…. I did all of it, but I didn’t know that the day come like today, talking to people all over the world, about spirituality.


I just love it that you’re talking about you saying, well I didn’t actually know what they were doing when you first came across it, but you already had that insight to think, well hang on a minute, there’s something here and I need to know what that is, and taking that step.


people have that block, they don’t recognise, you had that insight to see it,  you were very young weren’t you when you went to the states,  


15 yeah. Psychically, well I wouldn’t know what it was a psychic then, but I knew that I am going to west, it is kind of crazy as there wasn’t any Japanese student in Santa Fe NM then,  I was only one, but I knew somehow I will start speaking English,  it was pretty natural, so life is very peculiar I think ,


yeah very magical,  we talked a little bit earlier about the eastern or western mindset,  and how does that work when we’re working with magic, in the mystery we’re always talking about magic, and we use magic for many different things,  to have success in our life,  to have good relationships, to be happy…… so doesn’t really make a difference if we have an eastern mindset or a western mindset?


it did meaning it’s a past tense, because I didn’t have any identity as oriental’s or eastern person until I went to United States, they were asking me things that I don’t care, like what is Shinto, what is Buddhism, why do you do like this, what is Mount Fuji, what is geisha,  what is Samarai…… stereo type questions I really despise actually,


so I was wondering what am I? oh I am Japanese.  I knew concept of I am a Japanese or I am eastern,  is learnt experience. I looked up my heritage and see what is superior to the West,  because I had to do that,  I was boy I wasn’t grown up,  I need to be something like I am a good high school football star,  instead I was a karate instructor,  I am from Japan,  you have a Karate instructor like white people black people,  but I am the Japanese,  I am real thing. I needed to hang onto that.


and everything is about to become who I am, I learned it later.


I come to the mystery school and meeting Founder Gudni, I really ate humble pie,  which is not I am Oriental or westerner,  what I do, what I know, and what I am doing to society is more important than West or East,  mystery school is introducing something from Galaxy,  and we call it Galactic Activation,  so that’s totally mis-concept as western people or eastern people,  because in one of the our foundational teaching called empower thyself class,  as a human living on earth,  requirement is 4: breathing consuming eliminating and love,  this is unconditionally given to people of west or east.


Once I learned that I am galactic being, I am eternal being, with this standpoint my magical power boost up 1000 fold.

It is not about learning about differences, we enjoy our garden,  I’m enjoying garden in Tokyo and you enjoy guarding in England,  location is different and environment is different, but after all we are all eternal beings,  



this is what I find out, so it did before, I checked how I can do in eastern approach of ritual,  or western approaches,  but that is more like anthropology,  it’s more like sociology,  it’s a psychology,  you know we talk about magical, miracle in the Mystery School,  we go beyond that.  that is my understanding of western mindset and eastern mindset.


right now with all that’s going on in the world, people wanting to identify with different things, creating more separation,  what you’ve just said there brings it all back down to that, we are not separate, we are one, we are all galactic beings,  and let’s start behaving,


like we can enjoy Japanese food, and we get English food,  doesn’t mean that we are different because what we eat or how we speak,  it’s all one,  and this is the foundation of the magic.


I was trying to be successful, as a young man I made a lot of money, had a mansion and a separate property, I come back to Japan and created the preparatory school to help high school students go to prestige college with the top dollars, but these things I was still trying to get identity, I want to be ahead of people.


and that is the yes now I am this experience can help people, because success in modern world is money you know, they said no but lot of people are still in that way,  me being pursuing this and having been,  not having being able to make money I couldn’t tell people there is other way so you know,


I’m happy about that, right now I’m teaching every year almost everyday, so this is what I do.


if you ever get the chance, it’s just a mind blowing experience to be in his class.

is there anything else that you would like to share with us today that you feel we might need to know or you want to share.


Abundance, we humans are conditioned to avoid luck, meaning you are worried about not having enough, and that’s why you work hard, you need to be smart to leveraging funds, or you can invest in real estate property, or something like that, because in case things are going down, money should make money, so that’s how people start thinking, that is all wrong thinking.


Because no matter how rich you are, you are obtaining something that earth is already provided, nobody has something extra-terrestial at home, maybe meterise or two, but the most expensive furniture antique furniture is the product of earth, wood or paint, nobody can paint or scuplture anything or even Gold, jewels, and even all the energy sources like a petroleum, electricity…. all that is already here on the earth, so do not deceive by we don’t have enough, we do.


everything is how we put in here in our mind, I urge my brothers and sisters in all over the world, that there is enough for everybody, and it is not new age positive thinking, it is the fact.  so there is enough for everybody, there’s a lot of space in here, and there is a piece we can create, because it’s already there, how we live our life is what matters.


we’re all one we’re all the same with the galactic being or eternal beings and there is enough we can do this.

yes it has provided enough for hundreds of thousands of years actually, and it is still, sun comes up every morning, there is enough for everybody, let’s have fun instead of worrying about what’s going to come later, we can overcome as god- being and galactic beings.




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