Full Moon in Scorpio

Dear Community,

I so hope you have been enjoying connecting to and directing the energy of each Full Moon to support you in your life!

This month’s Full Moon rises on the 27 April and we are influenced by the Full Moon for 3 days before on the day and for 3 days after.

Deep subconscious patterns may rise to the surface and you may find or sense yourself feeling not quite yourself, during this time! You may have sleep disturbances, or feel more emotional, in need of extra rest, or super energized!! Nurture and honour yourself at this time!

The key is awareness here as with awareness and understanding you can honour yourself and harness the energy of the Full Moon and direct it to support you for the upcoming month!

Full Moons present an excellent opportunity to release, let go, to transform, and also to support you in manifestation and creating your heart’s desires. Reminding you of your God essence and your potential to renew and recreate! 

Especially beneficial at this time of great change on the planet!

This month´s Full Moon is in the sign of  Scorpio and Scorpio invites us to transform to regenerate. It’s a good time to look at things that really need to come to an end now. As endings are also beginnings! It’s a favored time to deal with matters concerning death inheritance and taxes. You may also find an increased awareness of your psychic powers. You all have these powers!

 I invite you to direct this energy, to use your unique magick combined with the moon to support you with any or all of the above!!

Scorpio being a water sign is all about cleansing and renewal. 

We are delighted once again to offer several opportunities for you to be guided in Full Moon Max Meditation. 

These meditations will support you in releasing whatever you want and need to at this time of great change on the planet. For in letting go you create space for the new, for your new creations to be birthed, for you to recreate and move forward with greater connection, support, ease, and grace into the New Paradigm!

With Love,


Modern Mystery School UK & Europe

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