Authentic Masculinity


As men we need to start to admit that it is ok to show emotions and express how we feel. It is time! Otherwise we will continue to push down our truth and hearts feelings which then corrodes, makes us sick or has unbalanced outbursts and will hurt others. We have to take care of that little boy within to fully step into our fully healed and hearted expression in this world. It is a daily process of reflection and allowing ourselves to grow rather than to believe we are ‚perfect’ or ‚this is who I am´. 

Remember, dear Warrior: Only in WORKING on our perfection, the THRIVING we ARE perfect. We all have to do our healing work within – letting go of what doesn’t serve us anymore, mental baggage, emotional turmoil and understand who and how divine we ALL really are.

To change your World, it ALL starts with the man/woman in the mirror!‘. (That could be a hit song…I should write that down ?)

A little exercise

Just for today, allow yourself to really feel yourself – in every moment.
Learn to become a master in becoming aware of yourself and your feelings.  Start simply by asking: ‚How do I REALLY feel?‘ and take a breath. Now just observe what comes up. And breath it and feel it – accept it. And ask and feel again to go deeper. I always like to say: 
“Every inhale that we take consciously, is a new YES to this MOMENT, to LIFE and accepting our grand GIFT of being HERE. The simple acceptance brings us in congruence with life and gives us new vitality and empowerment.” 
And if you find while asking yourself, there is an area in your life that triggers you and brings up emotions, ALLOW it to be OK! Just for this moment. We have to first recognize that something is “off”, or out of balance, to be able to really change it.The Key 
The key dear warrior is to not judge yourself, whatever comes up and allowing yourself to feel everything. There is more “manliness” and courage needed in expressing the truth of our heart than pushing it down and avoid what we don´t want to feel. And ultimately we want to have the balance of our mind that is at peace with the feelings of our heart.
So to all brave men and spiritual warriors out there who already are on the path and seeing that there is more work to be done to have that balance within ourselves and open ear and heart for our queens in life, remember: We are all in this together and are never alone! Tell and share with your trusted partner, family, friends, or fellow guide on the way, what´s on your heart and express your truth and emotions.This will bring tremendous healing to the world within as well as around you and help to bring forward Shambalah while embodying the grandest version of your SELF.Stay wise and healthy.Light to you.

About the AuthorPhilipp SchardtPhilipp Schardt is a Guide, Healer, Teacher and Ritual Master within the Modern Mystery School. 
Philipp has a passion for empowering people to fulfill their dreams and their potential. His work is always about healing and optimizing the balance between mind, soul and body. True to the ancient-old decree: “Know Thyself”.
Philipp is also a passionate Music Producer and Songwriter. Along the way, his work has been recognized through Gold- and Platinum Awards, Music-Award Nominations, and by being streamed over 72 million times.

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