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This year we continued our support for the Refugees that are being homed in the Midlands area. This effort is run by Johanna Dyer and is purely community-based – all proceeds go to the refugees. We purchased various items over the year that they needed ranging from underwear to feel-good items like make-up or much-needed items such as mobile phones.

The team led by Johanna are accepting donations.

We also collaborate with Random Acts of Kindness a wonderful system set up by two school friends. They encourage local people to swap items or donate to those that need. It stops waste and also makes sure the families that are in need get what they need. We donate a monthly food order for items that are requested from families via the team. We also have donated sanitary items when needed and supported the Christmas drive where we donated presents that were purchased for particular families according to what the children wished for.

They have a facebook group that is set up for people to give and receive:

We are excited to announce that we as a team raised and donated 7’540£ worth of donations for the above charities in form of food, presents and sanitary items that were much needed.

The MMS Ireland team continued their work with the Foyle’s Womens Aid project. These ladies look after 20-23 residents some with children and some without. They take care of at risk families in the community also.

Should you wish to donate or get involved please contact us. Below are some snippets of the teams at work.

Some other projects we as a team are involved in

  • Book Drive for impoverished children: Yadiksha, Colette and Cassandra
  • Chepostow Foodbank: Weekly donations of the max meditation proceeds from Annie
  • Regular homeless support package deliveries in London: Kodo
  • Migrant festival: support through guided exercises and chi-work by Kasia and Yadiksha

If any of the above projects inspire you or if you want to donate or get involved feel free to reach out. We can all make a difference in our communities.


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