Kabbalah and How it Works in Your Life


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What is a Kabbalah Ascension Program?

What is Kabbalah in the Mystery School? Why study with the Mystery School versus study it on your own?

In the Mystery School tradition, we ‘ascend’ the Tree: you can read the concepts, philosophy and history of Kabbalah but until you apply it to the study of YOU, your relationships; apply it to every area, to nature, to the Universe … only then, are you LIVING Kabbalah.

You can talk about it, read it, observe it, but it is all outside of you. In the Mystery School lineage tradition, it is all about you, and the glyph of the Tree of Life is ON you through the Ascension process. With this glyph, you get a focus point for where you are, where you are going, what you want to do, and how you want to clean yourself up.

It is a re-boot of your entire system! It is cleansing and re-setting.

It has been said that studying the glyph is the equivalent of 10 years of therapy!

What would Kabbalah do for me? Is it applicable for everyday life?

You will receive the keys to full manifestation … You want to bring your goals INTO the physical and the study of the glyph of the Tree of Life is about manifestation, the manifestation of all your desires…

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