The Communication Conundrum


There are many, many barriers to clear communication. It seems even more significant today when our conversations are over so many devices and they are compounded by masks & PPE.

And yet, how often do we truly hear what is being said or see what is in front of us?

How often do we hear something completely different to what is being said?

We take in a conversation in so many ways.
Firstly through our filters of which there are many.
We have filters of preconceived ideas, filters contaminated by assumptions and filters composed of previous experiences.

And of course we weigh different phrases according to our own sensitivities at any given time.

It’s a wonder we have any peaceful places in our world at all!

Different views, different slants, different strengths, different vulnerabilities.
And yet we are most powerful when we act in UNITY.

There is no mistake that we were designed with differences.

The collective sum of those differences creates a powerful force when united!

Going even deeper… each one of us is

different from one day to the next!


We had better get comfortable with change & difference & uniqueness!


Our future depends on our ability to do so!

Embrace inner changes… nurture them.
Embrace the differences in our world around us, allow them.

Division & separation are actively being encouraged to stop the empowerment of collective UNITY!

Meanwhile we know in our hearts that we need to unite…
Be mindful, & take every opportunity possible to stand up for unity!

& regarding communication?

Be aware,
Aware of;
One’s own sensitivities,
One’s own response,
This will be revealed in tone, posture and words.

And listen,
Truly listen.
& be compassionate to one’s own inner world.

This will be reflected outwardly to the individual you are communicating with & ease the passage of words which are only a tiny fraction of the skill of communication with another.

Monitor the quality of your exchanges.


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