Changing diet and exercise alone won’t prevent mental and emotional health issues


We know from modern day science that everything is energy, and therefore everything has a frequency. From this, we can conclude that nothing is separate from the other. In other words, we are all one. If we are all connected, this suggests there is quantum consciousness, yet we don’t account for this concept when considering our whole health.


At present, when one is ill, we are asked to change our lifestyle by exercising and changing our diet. Many allopathic doctors prescribe this as a remedy to physical illness, as well as improving mental health. Certainly this does have an effect, but it doesn’t create whole health. We have only looked after the physical aspect of ourselves. Yet if we believe there is quantum consciousness, then there must be more to us than the physical aspect because we are all energy. In order to truly understand how to be balanced and have whole health, we must take a step into ancient teachings on how the human structure works.


Ancient mystery school systems explain in detail how our human energy structure works. These teachings help us understand why we haven’t prevented depression or many other mentally and emotionally related diseases.


In simple terms, we have three bodies. We have the physical body, the soul body, and the spirit body. The soul acts as a communicator between the spirit, which is infinite, to the physical, which is very dense. The soul is connected via seven main chakras, which are energy vortexes along the central core. They are responsible for our functioning at optimal levels. Chakras have been mentioned in many ancient systems for thousands of years and are the gateway to health and wellbeing.


The soul and spirit are energetic parts of us and need nourishment just as our physical body does, but what do we do to nourish these parts of us? Most of us don’t do anything, and over time, this shows in our physical, mental and emotional health.


We can use universal law to better understand this energy structure. Universal law says that “like attracts like.” We see this with magnets. If our energy is vibrating high, then we will attract high, positive things and people into our life. If we are low, then lower frequency things come to us. You may have likely heard about the “Law of Attraction” and understand this concept, which is taught in quantum physics and has been practiced by mystery school students for thousands of years.


Of course, this subject is huge, but here are a few ways to keep your energy levels high so you can begin bringing balance and harmony into your life right away.


1.) Sustenance. Consume the best food and water. All food and water is energy just like us. Remember what you consume will effect your own energy levels. Is the food or water you are having the best you can afford? You don’t need a lot of it, just good quality.


2.) Movement. Move your physical body. Trauma and illness can get stuck and create blocks in our energetic structure. When we move, we help chi (or life force energy) to flow through our body and push out stagnant energy. The martial arts are based on the concept of chi.


3.) Environment. What is your home like? Is it clean and calm? Do you have plants, music, candles, or crystals to support you? These items can raise the frequency of your home, and in turn, raise your frequency. Remember how a song can make you feel better, or how fresh flowers can lift your mood instantly.



4.) Self-talk. Are your thoughts and words poison or fuel? If you wouldn’t say it to your best friend, then don’t say it to yourself. Be kind. Your words lift your vibration and keep negative moods at bay. Think about a friend who is positive and one who isn’t. Do you feel energised or drained after being with them? This is the power of our words. Use them wisely. “Abracadabra” means “I create what I speak.”


5.) Salt baths. Taking salt baths or showers can help you keep your energy clean. You already take a bath each day to keep physically clean, but what are you doing to keep your energy structure clean? Salt baths and showers are one way to help this.


6.) Meditation. If you don’t have time to mediate for one hour then make sure you meditate for two hours, as the saying goes. You will change the way you think by this simple method; Start with just five minutes of meditation per day. As you build your meditation muscle, extend your practice a few minutes at a time. Be patient with yourself, and make sure you are relaxed before you start.



7.) Energy healing. You may have physical symptoms that just won’t shift. Seeing a good energy practitioner who can work on the energetic parts of you will help you to raise your vibration. I recommend King Salomon Mystery School healers. They have been trained, and dealing with mental health issues is their specialty. They will guide you on how to walk the path and learn how to manage your own healing. Each day is key to whole health.


Using these techniques and tools will begin to nourish all parts of your body. The next step is then to learn how to monitor the frequency you are at and raise it accordingly. This is how the ancient shamanic nations, our ancestors, worked. I’m thankful they handed down these systems for us to navigate whole health.


We can reprogram our DNA, using epigenetics to rid ourselves of critical illness and mental illness. How do I know? I have done it, and I have also helped many people around the world do it also.


It’s not easy. It’s not a quick fix like taking a pill. It is an understanding of how you work on a deep level, walking a path that has been tried and tested over thousands of years. All one needs is a little discipline and application to be open and aware to the invisible world that holds the hidden mysteries to whole health.


Dr Kate Bartram Brown

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