Living an Empowered Life as a Woman

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Transcript of the interview The council of 12




my name is Sarah Hauch,

I am a modern mystery school healer guide, and I am here at to speak to these powerful and amazing women of the modern mystery school, so they could share with us their wisdom, I’m going to quickly introduce everybody, and then I’m going to jump right into questions, coz I have lots of things I want to ask,


first we have Divina doctor Kate Bartrum brown, international teacher and head of MMS UK and EU, thank you for being here,


on the telephone we have Divina doctor Ann Donnelly, also an international presenter and head of MMS Ireland, thank you for being here,


and we also have the wonderful Divina Lisa, international teacher, extraordinar and head of MMS Brazil, thank you for being here Divina Lisa,


at the bottom row, we have Divina Doctor Rita, medical professional and head of MMS South Africa,


in the middle we have Divina Franca Lanyon, and she has her hands in every single project in the mystery school, she is the head of the Rosarium, she is the president of the Modern Mystery School International, she is one of the plate holders of the Wicca, she’s our Alchemy teacher, she is everything,


and then we have the amazing and incredible Divina Doctor Teresa Bullard, alchemist, the presenter of the Gaia TV show mystery teachings, international teacher, PhD in physics, and so much more,


I don’t want to spend too much time gushing about you, cause I will, but let’s get right into our questions, say hello everybody, these are my teachers my heroes my mentors and I am so honoured to be able to ask you questions today, we’re going to start with Divina Kate.


Davina Kate, the word “queen” gets thrown around a lot, and when we talk about empowered women, could you share what being a queen means to you? and how to live a royal life?


great question, The thing is about royalty is that, living a royal life and royalty is really about managing your energy structure, it’s not so much to do with the clothes, the cars that you have and the castles that you might live in, all that’s by-product of somebody that’s managing their energy structure, and actually conducting their life as a royal being.


so you can often tell when somebody has, they have mastered the art of  their energy structure, in terms of their emotions, their feelings, their thoughts, the words that they’re saying, and everything around them will feel very royal, just by looking at them in the fruits that are in that their lives,

it’s often really amazing to me, because the first thing that we learn when we come to the mystery school,   we’ll take this class called Empower Thyself, some of you may have already taken it, and we learn right away how to be a royal being right there and then, and this is where you learn how to manage your energy structure ,and you learn how to stay balanced, you learn how to live your life from a higher vibration,


As a royal being, as a queen, we want to look after our Camelot,  for those of you that know me I love King Arthur and Merlin, Camelot is a great example of your community , what are you doing in your community, how are you looking after your community,


A true queen who is in charge of her Camelot, her Kingdom her queendom, she might be ruling it with her king or she might be on her own,  but a true queen is taking care of her community,


she’s powerful, she’s strong, she’s intelligent, she’s kind, she’s compassionate, she’s nurturing, she’s boozing that love for everybody in her Kingdom, and everybody is welcome in her Kingdom.


I feel from a mystery school perspective, that is something that I’ve always aspired to be, and certainly the teachings share that with us ‘as within so without’ and all of the microcosm and the macrocosm,


so when we start to look at metaphysic, it’s really about the way they were managing ourselves, is the way that we live the royal life.


incredible thank you so much Divina Kate Next up we have Davina and who’s joining us from the telephone hello Anne,


could you please speak to the power and importance of coming from our hearts as women? and share your tips on how we can do this?


a very powerful question, if we think about our heart, the structure of the heart, the energy and qualities that the heart embodies, we as women are in a prime position to be able to flow the energies of the heart, that includes things like nurture, love, purity, compassion and kindness comes from the heart, and beauty we can embody,


sometimes as women we can be quite emotional about this, and it’s really important for us to discern where our emotions are coming from, what motivates us, what gives us that passion and drive in life,


think about the heart in particular, we have to discern, when we discern, it would become basically a vessel for light,


when that light streams through us, it can sometimes be uncomfortable, because it brings up for us all the areas in our lives that needs healing, those areas of our lives that really need our attention, our love, our nurture, our own healing, this is where the tools of the mystery school are completely ingenious,


because within our healing path in the mystery school, we are also taught to be warriors, to deal with the negative ego, those parts of ourselves that come from the wounded us, that part of us that we can acknowledge, see, and start flowing from,


when we are flowing from the heart, when we’re that vessel for light, when that light comes through us, we’re coming from a really authentic place, of the process of healing, and process of service, that process of service to others,


the true meaning of service is to acknowledge, and to embody the divine first of all within us, so that others can truly know the divinity within themselves,


when a person is coming from that divine place, anything is possible, any level of healing, and indeed we can start to come from ourselves, from the heart of us that is the heart, that is the true essence of who we really are,


certainly in my own experience within the path, within the lineage of king Salomon,

yes we have all the paths, we have the healers path, we have the warrior path, and we have the path of the Kabbalist who brings that energy of balance of both into every aspect of our lives,


so when we have that aspect of severity, we have that aspect of mercy, and each are in balance, that is when the true essence of the heart comes forward for all to witness, for all to embody,


Our school the modern mystery school represents the heart chakra, represents that desire for peace in our world,

and it gives us that opportunity to truly live and come from the heart.




thank you so much, through a computer through a phone I could feel my heart opening thank you so much for that answer, OK moving on we have next Davina Lisa.

for so long I personally have felt alone as a woman, I grew up in the mean girl generation, I was taught that other women are competition, and that being mean to one another was an active superiority and how we got by, when I got pregnant, I felt the sister hood for the first time, could you speak to the importance of sister hood as an empowered woman?


this is a big one, very good questions here,  I think this is so important the moment that we are living right now to think about supporting each other as women, we need to first start healing, I think the most important thing for us to be able to trust one another is to open up, to heal ourselves, because when we are together, like you must have experience like you said,


when you became a mum, it’s very easy to go to another mum, like oh this is happening with my baby what can I do,  why is it so easy to exchange and help each other as mothers, and not when it’s with ourselves, why do we need to compete and close ourselves, and thinking like I be the best I can, you cannot be the best you ca ,we have this thing about, if I’m the best then there is only one best ,there is only like, we cannot all be bests,


this is such a wrong way to think, because as women we need to elevate each other, we need to open up to work together, because when we work together, we gonna go further and faster to get where we want to get together,


it’s us helping each other, and we’re going to do this healing through talking, we can’t guess what you’re thinking, I don’t know what you like or what you don’t like, maybe I said something that you didn’t like, but I’m never gonna guess if you don’t tell me,


so we need to communicate, because this communication here, Geburah and Chesed and the throat chakra, we’re going to express who we are through this communication, and we going to heal ourselves through working in our issues, if we have an issue with somebody we need to work through it, we can not just pull under the hug and pretend that this is going to go away, it’s not going to go away, we need to work.


if you have a problem with somebody we need to talk to that person, you need to open up and lower the guards,  we as women we walk like with our guards up thinking like you said,  I need to be better, I need to be…


but if we lower our guards, and we unite, we going to be able to elevate each other, and we all gonna be shining together, I like to think about like a night sky, we see night sky and we see all these stars shining, and so bright, and we see a couple that are not shining as bright, don’t we want to help that star to shine as bright as all the other stars, so the night sky is going to be beautiful with all these stars shining super bright,


that’s my hope and my desire to see all of us shining together, because we can all shine so bright, and we’re going to be so much more beautiful, as a night sky shining and my shing is not going to mess up your shining, we can all shine, and we can all elevate each other, to be this sisterhood that you’re talking about, to have this love, this connexion that we need, and it’s going to help us move so much faster to shamballah, to this world of peace that we talk ,


SH: thank you, that was deeply profound I really appreciate hearing that, thank you so much, next we have the beautiful Davina Rita,

as women we’ve been told that we’re naturally nurturing, could you speak to the role of nurturing and service as an empowered woman, both to self and to others?


Out there in the world in the mainstream, you can come across many debates about nature versus nurture, this is a big thing for me,


but what if we can just agree for tonight, that our nature is nurture, and that all women are born to nurture, it is who we are,  and Davina franca has said on occasion in her videos interviews before that,  we are the receivers and givers of life, birthing manifestation through our energy structure, through our wombs, but I would like to explain nurture a little bit, qualify what it is ,


nurture is to support, to encourage, to train, to educate, to develop, and protect someone or something, and for what purpose? to cultivate growth, to help, to assist, to cherish, to nourish,


that nurturing care that is essential for growth on all levels, physical emotional mental and spiritual,


to take care of, but for me personally herein lies the misunderstanding:

taking care of does not mean to fix,

it does not mean to enable or take away anyone’s choice,

it means to direct, to guide, and most importantly to alarm for one’s direct experience,

not taking away from the lessons that one needs to experience,


to be nurturing requires humility, love and affection, it also requires clarity, tough love, and setting firm boundaries, and then holding those boundaries firm,


the main reason why I personally find the teachings of the mystery school so rewarding, we are a school of empowerment, empowering one to make informed decisions, for one’s own life, and to develop into one’s greatest potential,


and the most crucial aspect of development for me, is following the creators design, to manifest, to create, to live a self-steered life based on the foundation of true wisdom and purpose,


without a solid foundation, even the castle will crumble,

so it’s important when we know who we are, and we seek guidance from the correct place, then we won’t be forced into a mould that we were never designed to fall,


nurturing has a purpose, in this to me brings us to the definition of service, lending a helping hand, helpful acts of assistance to others, the greatest service that you can do for another or yourself ,is to awaken to your true nature, and service to others mean to empower them to have the knowledge, the confidence and the ability to do things for themselves, and to make decisions for their own lives, to grow into their fullest potential, to direct and manage life based on discernment and knowledge of our own divinity,


what we would want for a great life?

so there’s no greater honour than seeing someone rise to their greatness,

the purpose of life is to grow into the best human being that you can be,

I will leave you with this little challenge:

What if defining your success based on what you have achieved or acquired,

you define your success on how much growth you facilitate everyday in yourself and others. thank you


wow I’m so I’m touched I can’t wait to go back and watch the replay of this so that I can take my own notes, thank you so much Divina Rita, next we have the incredible Divina Franca.

Divina franca you teach one of my favourite classes in the mystery school, the alchemy of beauty cleopatra’s beauty secrets, to me a beautiful and empowered woman is something that comes from within, it’s an essence and inner power, can you share with us some of cleopatra’s Egyptian magic and how it relates to living an empowered like an empowered woman today?


thank you Sarah, this is a great question, and a lot of what the other Divina Kate and Divina Ann, Divina Lisa, Divina Rita so far have said, believe it or not,


this our inner beauty, so this question about cleopatra’s beauty secrets and Egyptian magic and beauty in our lives, I can really relate and flow with everything that all the other Divinas have talked about,


when we talk about alchemy, it’s about raising our vibration, and yes as women we can say the inner beauty is within, and yes this is true, although as within so without, we should be able and should want to show that beauty on the outside of us,


we saying well I have inner beauty therefore I don’t need anything else, is almost saying I settle where I am, and I shall do no more, but yet we have greater potential,


Cleopatra beauty secret teaches us that inner beauty within ourselves comes through and shows through our skin, meaning that inner beauty shows on the outside of us,


as women, to what Divina Rita was saying, that nurturing part of us, we are born with this nurturing part of us, and because of that oftentimes we’re always caring for others,  we’re always caring wanting to do so much for others that we forget about ourselves,


when we look at the Egyptian magic and when we look at the archetypes of the Egyptian patheon, the goddesses, the high priestesses, the Queens, when we see them they have a common theme, and that is beauty.


it is beauty it is passion it is joy is it is love it is nurturing it is all these wonderful things, and they can show it on the outside of them, it’s because they have a self care, and they have put time into themselves, they have used that magic in their life to show it on the outside,


because when we showed on the outside, when we take the time to take to care for ourselves, to comb our hair, to put it in a certain way, to put makeup on, to put a dress on, to put beautiful clothes on, whatever it maybe, that’s helping us heighten our vibration,


yes about that empowered woman, and that beautiful woman, and sometimes it’s not about the glimmer glam, that’s not what I’m talking about, it’s not about the glimmer and glam, because beauty comes from simplicity, and we need to have that self-care that is us, that means that it really shows who we truly are,


it’s the way we walk, it’s the way we talk, it’s the way we hold ourselves, we can be beautiful, have this inner beauty, but if we’re hunched over and we have a sad face, and we really didn’t take care of ourselves that day, that inner beauty is really hard to see, it is very hard to express, it’s really hard to share with the rest of the world,



oftentimes because I can relate to this a little bit, first of all for women it’s a common thread, there’s many times where we kind of let ourselves go, we forget about that self- care, but it’s extremely important that we start to nurture ourselves,


see that nurturing is not just for other people, is not just for those surrounding us, it’s not for those we love, it’s also for ourself, because we should be loving ourselves as well,

and bring in about the beauty of those archetypes, of those Queens like Kate said, we are the queen of our castle, no matter how big or small, we are the queen of our castle,


so how is that queen going to heighten the vibration of that queen energy, queen of life, the queen of your life, how are you going to heighten that vibration?


and it is to really bring in that self-nurturing, so you can show it, it can come in and come through your skin, you can show it through your skin ,you can hold yourself up proud, you can feel empowered, you can feel that your life is in control, you’re on top of the world, and this is just for you,


and oftentimes as mothers, and this is the part I can relate to, because when we have children, our world kind of turns upside down inside out, and we don’t have a script to what we’re supposed to do with this little human being that now has entered our life, so everything changes for us,


one of the things that happens is that we can either lose ourselves, forget about ourselves, because we’re putting all our energy into this child, we kind of forget to nurture ourselves,  and then what happens is, we let ourselves go,


for some women we let ourselves go, we don’t nurture ourself, we don’t take care of ourselves, we don’t comb our hair, we don’t put on nice clothes ,we don’t carry yourself, we carry yourself exhausted, so all these things,


so even though we have that inner beauty within us, all that love, all that compassion, all that nurturing, even though we have it within us, we need to look at ourselves and say, but we need to show it on the outside of us, we need to carry yourself in beauty, we need to carry our self in joy,


because what is wrong about it, what is wrong to wanna be a beautiful empowered woman, and like Lisa said, all the stars can shine, and us women we will always shine together, in our own way, in our own beauty, but we need to show it on the outside,


I need to really thank founder Gudni of the modern mystery school, that gave me this opportunity to bring Cleopatra beauty secrets to the women in the school, because it is a very simple class, but it is a place that is safe, but it is also a place where women walk in vulnerable,


because we come within so much, and what we want to do is just express beauty,

and this Cleopatra beauty secrets was influenced by his mom, founder Gudni’s mother, whom was a beautiful woman that no matter what was happening in her life, she always carried herself as an empowered woman, with grace, with beauty, she always took care of herself, she always had that self care,


so I think it is very important that we do that, that we bring that magic into our life, that we look at these archetypes,

because it is Cleopatra beauty secrets ,the Egyptians were so good about knowing and delivering and expressing that beauty in so many different ways, it definitely helps with the empowerment of a woman, definitely,

for us in the modern mystery school, and all of us have experienced it, and wanting to show our beauty and what it means,


when we gained the knowledge,

when we have this knowledge,

and the understanding through all of our teachings,

and when we just experience it, it really shows us what we can become, and it really gives us, shows us how powerful we are.


I’ll leave you with something, just try it at home, try it,

there has never been a time where I haven’t worked with a woman that has taking the experience of just taking care of herself, dressing up, looking beautiful, and feeling good,

there is never the experience that the woman did not feel good in putting the time in magic into herself,


so if you haven’t done it yet, if you haven’t taken the class, if you haven’t done it in your own life, please try it, and see how you feel,

and see how your vibration of the incredible woman that you are,

just feel it, let it out, and express it, so that’s what I have to say.



so many keys thank you, I hope all the ladies take that nice and raise their vibration with beauty, thank you Davina Franca.


Divina Teresa I am excited for this what you’re going to say,

I have felt so much pressure in my life to be perfect as a woman, and I’ve heard this from almost every other woman I have had in my life, to keep a perfect house ,to have everything clean, to look perfect, be perfect in school ,have the perfect rear, or be the perfect partner I nearly died trying to reach these undefinable standards,

can you please speak to perfectionism, and how we can live as authentically as women?


so yeah so perfectionism, this is something I can also really relate to, because it was a pattern that I struggled with earlier on in my life, and what it ultimately comes down to, which I think really ties a lot of the themes that we’ve been talking about together is,

it comes down to our worthiness, a lot of women in general in the world, we’re programmed with so many things that make us feel not worthy, not lovable enough, not good enough, you should be ashamed, guilds ,


all of these things and we hold, it dampens our spirit, and it dampens ourself image,


and so perfectionism is one of those ways that people will kind of try to cope with this sense of unworthiness within,

they feel that they have to prove themselves worthy,

if we’re trying to always prove ourselves worthy,

it’s about what we can demonstrate, what we can make happen, and so we’re having to control every little thing, and we nitpicking, we get critical about every little thing , in trying to be perfect,


if it’s perfect then I’m worthy,

and so perfectionism is at its core is a sense of unworthiness, and so as women in particular, the masculine energy at some level it is demonstrative,  it wants to produce by its fruits, it wants to achieve, it wants to attain,


but women I felt personally that, yeah I was working so hard to fit into this sort of more to prove my worthiness, more masculine way of being ,


and what I learned through my journey with mystery school and studying Kabbalah and the women’s empowerment that happens here within the modern mystery school ,


is that the worthiness of the feminine is innate,

we don’t have to prove ourselves to be worthy,

we are worthy because we are embodiments of that divine feminine energy,


we are gods and goddesses, we are innately worthy,

if we can start to recognise that worthiness within ourselves again,

and change the script that’s going on within our minds about weather worthy or not worthy, weather we’re good enough or not,


then we will start taking better care of ourselves,

then we will start living more into our royalty,

then we will start to unite more rather than compete,

and we will express our beauty and our full creative flow, because we won’t be holding anything back, because we know we’re worthy to express that,


so in the end it really comes down to reprogramming the mind from this sense of lack and not good enough, into the sense of I am a divine being, I am an embodiment of God or goddess, I am worthy innately, and there’s nothing that I need to do to prove my worthiness, I am worthy,


and then from that place of worthiness, it’s not about me proving myself, it’s about me expressing my full beauty my full creativity my full divinity my royalty my care my nurture and my desire to Co- create with others,


so that we can all bring this world to be a better place, that helps us really feel like yeah this is our Camelot, this is our shambala, this is our Kingdom, that we have created together from our highest expression, that is what we deserve, it is our birthright ,


so that would be my coral thing to pull that together,


wow mind blown,

I think that that was so beautifully formulated all six of you your messages just hide perfectly together,


the council of 12 in the modern mystery school these are the leaders of our school,

so we have the incredible 3rd order who really holds energy for us,

and then we have the council of 12 , 12 different women in our school who are birthing the ideas, birthing the energy, who are the president of the mystery school, and who helped make decisions in our school,


in the modern mystery school, there is this beautiful divine union of both masculine and feminine energies, for our mission of World Peace, and the progression of humans, and helping people to know themselves, and to find the happiness that we so much seek,


the modern mystery school changed my life, and now I travel all over my country teaching as do all these women here,


my favourite thing about the council of 12 both you amazing six women and the six women in the east is that,

everyone I know can find themselves in one of you, so we all it’s something to aspire to,

we reconnect with one of these 12 archetypes, and it’s so wonderful to have you,


I’m gonna ask one more question, if one person wants to answer, or all of you like again let’s just will keep it as short as we can,


but I think it’s so important to talk about how the tools of the mystery school has helped you personally, or how you’ve seen it helped the women in the school, how the tools and teachings of the modern mystery school helped you to become that empowered woman?




what I love about the tools of the mystery school is that, we learn through experience,

so since the first class and all the classes that we take in the mystery school, we experiment the energy, and we get to know the subject through living it,


it’s about life, so when we go by our lives, and we applied those tools, apply those rituals, we apply the knowledge that we learn through our experience, we gonna make our lives better, we’re going to deal with the problems that come to us in a way that it would different if we didn’t have those tools,


in my life I could apply all the tools that I’ve learned throughout this whole path, that I’ve been working and still am, and I could deal with things that came in a much different way than I would if I didn’t have,


so the teachings are about life,

that’s what it’s the beauty, because we can live the tools,

we can experience our lives in a different way,

the tools are alive, they grow and they expand as you grow and expand,


you can start finding more of who you are,

as you find more of who you are, you find your empowerment, as a woman as a man ,so the tools help you to get empowered by finding who you are,

Know Thyself.



I wanted to add to divina Lisa is saying in regards to the tools and the teachings,

these tools and these teachings they help you expressed by coming out of that box,

coming out of that box that we have put ourselves in, a society has put us in through whatever programming, through whatever upbringing, and those tools gives us perspective, and it gives us many many different perspectives,


and within that, the tools also gives us the understanding of service, and that service to ourselves, and that service to others, and that very one thing there helps us become empowered, it helps us find who we are, who are who am I, who are you, who are you Sarah, all of these tools works with us differently, but it is meant to empower us, it is meant to empower us, it is meant to pick us up, and really drive us up to our potential of why are we here, and what are we here to do, because we all have a purpose, and this is what the tools do,


these tools gives us that opportunity to have responsibility, because we take these tools and we can go out into the world and use it, we can go out into the world use it for ourself, use it for others, awaken other souls, and truthfully and that’s empowerment,

service is also empowerment,

the tools are magical,

and it and it just having that knowledge and having that opportunity to really get out of that box, what society has put us in ,and what we put ourselves in, and when we get out of that box, it gives us the freedom to flourish, so the tools are incredibly important, it has made huge difference in my life and I know many others, so I am so very blessed and grateful for that.



I’d like to just have one little thing, very much like Divina Franka was saying, which is that getting out of the box,  and Divina Lisa was saying about you know the direct experience,

I’ve personally found that, the mystery school has really helped me to peel the layers of the onion, to get to know the multiple layers of myself ,the multi dimensionality that we are, and peel the layers away of the indoctrination from falsehood that we’re programmed with in the matrix ,


whether it’s religion, or media, or whatever it is, peeling those layers away so that as we get more and more to the core, overtime we really come to be our core authentic self,


I’ve found so much empowerment in the mystery school, so much encouragement, so much infusion of courage to step out of that box, to step out of the mould, and really forge my own path, versus the path that others have said, oh this is how you do it, this way you should do,


it’s really gives us a lot of courage, a lot of empowerment,

to be really searching within, what is my purpose, what are my gifts, what do I want to do, what is my joy, and how do I really start to create that in my life, how do we become the creator of our life,


how do we become the person who not only takes responsibility for what we’re creating, but also proactively recognises that we are at the centre of our creation,

and no matter what’s happening in the world outside, we have choice in what we do with that, how we respond to that, what do we make of that,


do we let it identify us, we let it stop us, or do we allow it to become like those challenges to become the opportunity to cause us to rise up, meet the challenge head on, and through that process of overcoming those challenges, we become stronger, we recognise the power within,


and that I feel it has been the most important piece of training that I’ve received in the Mystery School, it is so empowering, for us as individuals, for us as women men, everybody have seen that’s come onto this path with the mystery school has become more and more empowered and more and more an authentic self.



the miraculous thing for me with these tools of the mystery school, is the ability to Pierce through the obvious challenges, the obstacles, the suffering, the struggles, and to really go into that hidden lesson,


that hidden sometimes so obvious and yet so missed perception that we have, these hidden lessons where our empowerment lies, once we can strip away those obstacles, we can see the blessings in disguise, and for me personally and for my patience for my clients that is the one thing that I have recognise, that is where people can step into living life alive, and finding they enjoy,



the hugest thing for me in the mystery school has been, no matter which book of life we are in,  no matter what we do in life, no matter what our belief system is, no matter where we’re coming from, these tools work,


I have seen them work for myself personally, for my clients and patience,

for that peace within,

it’s like that turning lead into gold, but spiritually, inside each one of us,


so we are able to transform whatever it is that we want to work on in life, and to really bring that divinity force in us, as we challenge ourselves, as we work with whatever it is that we want to bring to the table, it’s there for us,


and the mystery school has the tools that can really really bring the depth of understanding, that depth of compassion, that self love and love for others,


and in that sense of unity,  the sense that we’re all in this together,

and that we have that aspect of common light, common love that comes through each one of us, despite every single difference,


in our world right now, is the difference is that people are shouting out about,

but when you come into the tools of the mystery school, you realise the qualities that give us that connexion, that gives us that flow of spirit through us,

so yes the mystery school is a true embodiment of what is possible,


DK: I’ve always believed in magic, yet the world around me didn’t really acknowledge magic,

but when it came to the mystery school, it confirmed everything that I hoped and dreamed was the world was really all about, that this world is full of magic, and magic to me means that you can achieve anything that you want, is unlimited potential, is a blank canvas, whatever terminology you want to call it, it means that you can reach for the stars, you can live on the stars, You Can Dance with the stars, it means that you can live the fullest joyous loveliest nurtured gorgeous life that you absolutely want to live, and everybody has that that potential,


and for me I can’t think of a better place to come and study and to learn and to grow with a group of people that all believe that we all have that potential within us, so for me it’s a childhood dream, I’m literally living my childhood dream, and that’s why for those that you know me I get a tad excited when I get to share these tools with other people,


I think like everybody else are on here, so we all get to live a magical life, and that is how we are empowered,


thank you so much all of you amazing women for your words, I don’t think I’ve even done justice to the path at each of you have walked on personally to be in the places that you are, not only are you mothers, your professionals, your creatives, your inspirations, you’ve achieved so much in your physical life, your professional life, and most importantly in your inner worlds, but I want to acknowledge how much you mean to all of us, and just how we all know how hard it’s been for you to get where you are, and you have driven a path forward for all of us to find our way, and so thank you so much for being here today,


and allowing us to have this conversation for anyone watching please checkout the modern mystery school websites the international website has the links to all the different Ireland the UK eu Brazil South Africa Japan all over and find a certified practitioner in your area and this is absolutely you’re looking for all of the things that these women have talked about then we want to help you get there because you deserve it thank you so much everyone

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